Is it maybe time to buy a new mattress?

Is it maybe time to buy a new mattress?

"According to the National Sleep Foundation, 93% of people agreed that a comfortable mattress plays a vital role in aiding to promote better sleep! And that statistics speaks a lot about why a good mattress is still the number one priority of sleep lovers. At CraftedBeds, we believe that every individual deserves to get the best quality sleep in their lifetime. But having the wrong mattress can not support this cause. So, are you sleeping on the right mattress? Well, we will answer this question for you eventually.  But, here’s the thing, having read many guides that explain how mandatory it is to change a mattress once every 10 years, you might consider waiting till your mattress reaches its deadline. But this is just a general thumb rule and will not apply to every person. And that’s because every mattress has its lifespan. Moreover, the life expectancy of a mattress depends on the quality of the material, the care and maintenance procedures followed by the mattress owner, and the usage of the mattress. Reading different opinions online might confuse you rather than help you to decide on your old mattress. But if you stick to the end of this mattress buying guide, we will promise you that you will have the clarity you are craving for.  Through this guide, we will shed some light on the signs you need to consider before throwing away your old mattress and making a new purchase. Is it time for you to let go of your current mattress? Let’s find the answers.

Your mattress is eight years old or more

Once again, this is just a general guideline and the timeline of eight years is just an average period recommended by mattress experts. This does not consider all the other factors that impact the deterioration of a mattress. Different mattress materials have different lifespans. For example, a latex mattress can last up to 15 years, while a futon can only last up to 5 years. So, many other factors conclude the lifespan of a mattress.  With that being said, we wanted to mention this reason among others because there is a strong chance that a mattress can show signs of wear and tear or show signs of degradation as it begins to cross the mark of 8 years. By being careful and extra sensitive about these signs, you can easily identify whether you need to replace your old mattress to snag that night of peaceful sleep.  So, if your mattress is of 8 years or more, that’s a sign to keep an eye on the other factors that can be leading to your uncomfortable sleep experience.

You are struggling to get enough sleep

What does a good mattress mean? It just means a happy sleep routine and hence a productive lifestyle. Ideally, if you are spending your nights on the right mattress, you might be getting good sleep and you wake up feeling rejuvenated. Waking up with refreshment and fulfilment is something that a good mattress promises. But if you experience the complete opposite scenario, like being unable to snap the recommended hours of sleep, maybe your mattress could be the culprit. Constant tossing and turning on the bed and waking up to backaches and pains can be indicating that your mattress is not providing the right support and comfort that the body needs during the sleep schedule. Your old mattress could be the reason you are unable to fall asleep sooner. And if you observe, you might be unable to get undisturbed sleep throughout the night, and you wake up multiple times even though you have no sleep apnea condition. And this situation can be frustrating, to say the least. You might seek medical help, get sleep medications, follow the sleep hygiene and do all the things you might want to do, but still, you might find yourself back in the same loop.  If this is you, then we are confident that all you need is a new mattress from CraftedBeds and not some random suggestion from online! It’s high time to replace your little mattress who is the reason behind you losing those shut-eye hours.

You wake up in pain

You are healthy but still, you feel discomfort and wake up to backaches and body pain. This could be because you are not sleeping on the right mattress. Because a good mattress will help you sleep without pains and aches if you are a healthy individual. Your reason for getting uncomfortable during sleep and waking up with aches and pains can be because of two reasons. First, your mattress can be too compressed and is making it hard for you to roll around easily. Or the second reason could be that your mattress is too firm and doesn’t support the body properly to help relieve the pressure points. A mattress that has become too soft or too firm with time can give zero support and comfort. So, if you are feeling immediate body aches and pains when you wake up, which, by the way, disappears after some time of day hustle, you might want to give a glance at mattress stores or CraftedBeds (If you prefer online shopping) to get a new mattress for yourself. 

Problems with allergies in the morning

If sniffles or skin irritations are the prime reasons you are waking up multiple times in the middle of the night, you might be sleeping on a mattress that is triggering the allergies. Some people are allergic to chemicals that are used during the mattress manufacturing process. And some others might be allergic or sensitive to natural materials like latex and might need to avoid mattresses that are purely made of latex. Thankfully, the mattress market has many organic and hypoallergenic mattress options for allergic people.  These mattresses use gentle and hygienic materials with the sole purpose of helping allergic people to have better health and stay away from their allergic symptoms. People with asthma, allergies and even eczema can have a peaceful slumber with such hypoallergenic mattresses. But what if you do not have any allergies but are still struggling with allergic symptoms? This could be possible because old mattresses hold dust, dead skin cells, hair, and many other unhygienic materials which can be giving you congestion. If changing your bed sheets constantly or vacuuming and cleaning your mattress doesn’t get rid of the allergic symptoms, then it might be time to say goodbye to your old mattress and say hi to a new mattress.

You turn around a lot during the night

A mattress can affect our day-to-day life by depriving us of our much-needed sleep. Not many people associate their tiredness during the day with their faulty or old mattresses. Most commonly, people like to blame their sleeping habits for their poor quality slumber. Although this can be true most of the time, this reasoning can be false when the mattress is the culprit behind our sleepless nights. Waking up tired can be because you are tossing and turning constantly on your bed. Even if you can fall asleep faster, even if you improve your sleeping habits, you still find yourself waking up in the dead of the night for no reason. You find yourself being restless during the nights which lead you to doze off during your work. This might be because your mattress is causing your discomfort and you cannot quite pinpoint at your mattress for the same. Waking up tired due to restless slumber during the might is telling that you have a wring mattress that is not promoting healthy sleep. Even if your mattress is not showing any signs of deterioration, it could be the one that is causing your sleep depreciation condition even after a ‘full night sleep’. So, we recommend checking this by sleeping on a different mattress body. Identify if you can snap a restful sleep when you change your sleeping place. If yes, then you might already know that your mattress is on the brink of providing the utmost comfort to the sleeper. Changing the mattress will be your best option.

The mattress starts to creak

Do you hear cracking or any other unfamiliar noises in your bedroom? Have you investigated the mattress and found that it is coming from your mattress? What does this mean? Is it time to replace your mattress? Yes, we know you have a bunch of questions. A creaking or unfamiliar noise from your mattress means that the components of your mattress are breaking down and that you need to replace your mattress soon. But this can not be the only cause of you hearing the creaking noises from your mattress. The other major reason could be that your box spring is getting old. An old box spring can cause creaking noises and also ruin your mattress eventually. A broken box spring or an uneven box spring can cause your mattress to settle unevenly. Because box springs are the foundation for the mattress, they will cause the mattress to sit in weird positions and can disintegrate the purpose of the mattress. Hence, if you are hearing weird noises in your bedroom, you might want to double-check if the noise is from the mattress or is it from your box spring. We always recommend people to not jump on mattresses. And the reason is clear, it will not only harm your mattress but also break the box spring beneath the mattress. That’s a double whack on the wallet, for what? Enjoyment? Fun? So, however fun it might be to dance on your mattress, avoid it.

The mattress is sagging or lumpy

The sole purpose of the mattress is to provide comfortability and support to the sleeper to promote a good sleeping schedule. So, how comfortable do you feel sleeping on your mattress? If you answer that you feel discomfort, maybe your mattress is sagging and losing its form. A saggy or a lumpy mattress can be uneven in areas and hence cause the sleeper to experience discomfort and not get the full support that the sleeper is supposed to get from the mattress. But how can you tell a mattress is lumpy or sagging if you are not feeling the discomfort? If you see indentations on the mattress in the place you have slept, it can be a normal body impression that the mattress could have taken, and it might return to its original shape after a few minutes. However, if you are noticing saggings, lumps and bumps, dips in your mattress where you have never slept before, then that might be the indication that your mattress is losing its form. Sagging and lumps in a mattress can also be caused due to the ageing of the mattress. So, if you detect these changes, you are better off considering reading our tips for buying a new mattress than living with your lumpy old one which could affect your sleep and comfort. And with that being said, we come to the ending of the guide. We hope that you got an idea about whether you need a replacement for your mattress or not. If you are experiencing one or all the above-mentioned problems in your mattress, you can quickly head to CraftedBeds to make your next mattress purchase.


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