5 Ways To Properly Dispose of Your Used Mattress

5 Ways To Properly Dispose of Your Used Mattress


Even the best mattress isn’t meant to last forever. 

Eventually, the mattress that you love so much will start to suffer from dips and bumps. This will make it impossible to sleep on them. The only option that you might think will work is to throw away the mattresses. 

Approximately 18.2 million mattresses are thrown away in a year in the United States, among which 50,000 mattresses end up in landfills every day. 

To help cut down on waste, mattress owners should look for different and eco-friendly ways to dispose of their mattresses. 

Did you know, typically, the average lifespan of a mattress is around 10 years? However, this number may vary from person to person and the type of mattress they are using. 

Replacing a mattress largely depends on how often you use your mattress and how well you take care of it.

So, are you wondering how to dispose of a mattress properly? Well, we are here to help you!

Leaving the mattresses on the curb is not going to help it and taking them to the dumping area can be stressful. And of course, not disposing of your mattress properly can get you in trouble and cost you a hefty fine, hence it is important to do your research first.

So, how do you dispose of a mattress properly? And what things should you consider before throwing your mattress away?

Things to consider before throwing the mattress away!


Sometimes, throwing away a mattress can seem like a stressful and exhausting task. You might get confused and couldn’t understand where to start or how to even think about throwing the mattress away.

There are various things you should consider before you think of throwing away the mattress. What if you throw the mattress that is not even in a bad condition? 

Or what if you try to donate a mattress that has holes and tears in it? 

Don’t worry, we are here for your rescue!

We have put together the top 3 things you need to consider and ask yourself before disposing of your mattress:

Does your mattress need to be replaced?


Sometimes you replace the things that don’t need to be replaced. Mattresses are one of them, especially if they are in a good condition, almost like a brand new one. 

Of course, when your mattress gets old and worn out, it is time for its replacement. But asking this question to yourself will help you take the first step to make sure mattresses stay out of landfills. 

It takes about 80 to 100 years to fully decompose a mattress. Other than that, the materials inside a mattress, from oil to spring can leak into the soil and groundwater. These chemicals can be toxic to the environment. 

Hence, taking the first step and considering the urgency of needing to throw a mattress is very important.

What condition is your mattress in?


This is one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself before throwing your mattress away. Depending on the condition of your mattress, it might get difficult for you to recycle it. 

Keeping your mattress in a good condition and unsoaked is the best way to save your money, as it often costs more to recycle a wet mattress than a dry one. 

If your mattress has bed bugs, you need to take a few specific steps before you give them to a transfer station or recycling center. This is due to cross-contamination and facilities working to reduce the spreading of pests.

Nobody would want to come near a mattress that has bed bugs in it, right? Hence, before you think about replacing a mattress, store your old one in a clean and dry environment.

Check your mattress’s warranty before getting rid of it


Warranty is a time frame in which the mattress company will replace your mattress if it gets damaged. Usually, the warranty of a mattress is anywhere between 5 years to 10 years. However, it can vary from company to company. 

You might want to check if your mattress is still under warranty. If so, you can replace or remove the mattress and get a new one from the company without paying any extra money. 

However, if the warranty period is over, you will have to get rid of the mattress on your own. 

Stressful right? 

Once you’re done with your research, it’s time to dispose of your mattress. Don’t be confused! We have prepared a list of options for you to consider to dispose of your mattress.

Option 1: Recycle it


Well of course! The best and most eco-friendly way to dispose of your mattress is to recycle it. Throwing your mattress in the garbage will eventually lead to end up in a landfill. This will add to more toxicity in the environment. 

Did you know that more than 80% of mattresses can be recycled? So why not try and recycle yours? This way you can even take a step further to save your environment. 

To check if your mattress can be recycled or not, conduct a quick Google search using your zip code to see if there is any mattress recycling center in your area. 

Usually, these centers will be able to pick up your mattress at a very low cost. Many centers also offer free mattress pick-up services. 

There might be situations where you can’t find any mattress recycling centers in your city, but there are various other resources that can help you with that.

Option 2: Donate your mattress to charity


If your mattress is still in a good condition (and unsoaked), you should try donating it to a local charity or business that accepts mattress donations. 

However, it is very important to remember that not all mattresses are fit to be donated. Though there are many reasons why people buy a new mattress, some mattresses are discarded because they are worn out and sagging. 

So, how do you know if your mattress is in good enough condition to be donated? 

Every charity or organization has its standard for what is acceptable for a donated mattress. However, some of the most important things to keep in mind before donating a mattress are:

    • If it has any infestations: This should go without saying. Do not donate your mattress if it has any kind of infestations, especially bed bugs and molds. Even if you have cleaned your mattress after finding bed bugs, molds, or other mattress-dwelling life forms, you should think twice before donating it as these problems are rooted deep in the mattresses. 
    • Major structural problems: Issues like breaking or bending of your coils can make a mattress unusable. You might have noticed these issues the last time you slept on your mattress, and they are visible from outside as well. A mattress with structural problems such as sagging, dipping, irregular bunching should not be given to be donated. 

Rips, tears & Holes: No one would want to sleep on a mattress that has rips and tears in it, right? Hence, you should not donate a mattress that has obvious rips or holes in it.

Option 3: Break it down and reuse it


If you love to DIY, you can always opt to break down your old mattress and box springs yourself. Mattress can obtain a lot of useful materials inside it such as steel, polyurethane foam, memory foam, natural fibers, wooden parts, screws and so much more. 

You can use these materials for a variety of purposes such as: 

    • Home projects: The foams and pieces of cotton inside the mattress can be used for various things around your home. They can be used as carpet stuffing, insulation, filters, seat cushions, and more. 
    • Arts & Crafts: The fabric that covers the mattress can make an amazing DIY rug. Also, the foam in the mattress can be cut and used as a cleaning sponge. Screws and nails can also be used in many amazing creations in your arts and crafts. 
    • Recycling the parts: You can remove the steel parts and springs from your mattress and give them for recycling purposes. If your mattress includes cotton, wool, silk, or rayon, those materials can be recycled as well. 

If you are still in doubt, you can always go to Pinterest and check more ways to repurpose your old mattress!

Option 4: Return it to your manufacturer


Many mattress sellers have the policy to return the mattress if damaged. If your mattress is still under warranty, you can return or replace the mattress with your manufacturer. 

However, if the warranty period is not valid, you can always opt for the options stated above. Although many manufacturers do not take the used mattress, other sellers have different policies. 

You can always look up the internet and find out if your mattress manufacturer policies include return options or not.

Option 5: Throw it away


If you have gone through all your options and are unable to recycle, donate, resume or return them, then the last option, of course, is to throw them away. 

However, that doesn’t mean leaving it next to your dumpster. Many states and cities have specific rules while throwing away a mattress. 

Several cities might not allow you to leave a mattress in the trash and if done so, you can get a ticket or a fine. 

Some areas will allow you to throw out a mattress in the dumpster, but they always have specific rules mentioned. For example, you can throw a mattress by wrapping it in a plastic mattress bag. It is always best to check your area’s rules and regulations before you get rid of your mattress in a dumping garden. 

Throwing the mattress away should be the last option, and even so, if you are doing it, make sure to do it with responsibility.

How do I know If I need a new mattress?


After you have used your mattress for about seven years, you should start inspecting it. If your mattress has any wear and tear, it’s probably time to get you a new mattress. 

For your help, we have listed down the signs that will help you to understand the condition of your mattress and the need to buy a new one: 

    1. Your mattress has tears and holes in it.
    2. Your mattress has started to sag.
    3. Your mattress has started to smell bad.
    4. Your mattress makes noises and squeaks.
    5. You find broken coils in your mattress.
    6. You can feel your partner move around more than usual.
    7. Your mattress feels hard and stiff to your back.
    8. You wake up tired.
    9. You wake up with back pains and aches.
    10. Your mattress has worn out.
    11. You have difficulty sleeping.


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