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      Do you want to feel weightless? Memory foam mattresses were originally designed for astronauts. Their amazing ability to follow our body’s curves ensure the most comfortable sleep you can imagine. Find the best affordable memory foam mattresses, available in all sizes!

      Understanding Memory Foam Mattresses

      Want to get the perfect nights sleep? Memory foam mattresses are the solution for many people. This original material was invented by NASA, but it has now found it's way into our bedrooms. What makes it stand out? Its adaptability and the way it supports our bodies. Instead of the sleeper adjusting to the mattress, the mattress is sculpted by the body's unique shape each night. It doesn't matter if you're a side sleeper, a tummy sleeper or a back sleeper - memory foam technology has your back.

      If you share your bed, you get an extra advantage - your ability to feel a partner's movements are drastically reduced. If your partner tends to toss and turn in the night, memory foam will keep their kinetic energy at bay so you can get a restful nights sleep. Durability is another advantage of memory foam mattresses - they often surpass the lifespan of other mattress types. Moreover, allergy sufferers may find their symptoms reduced due to foam mattresses hypoallergenic nature. That's a lot of benefits for a mattress. These benefits are totally unique - but the list doesn't end there. As foam mattresses are so unique, it's worth exploring their advantages to see if making the switch may be the right decision for you. Read on to see if a foam mattress could benefit your sleep.

      Pressure relief

      We often wake up feeling stiffness in various parts of our body. Traditional mattresses are often the culprit for this (especially the softer types). Uneven weight distribution is compounded with idiosyncrasies in posture and injuries, leading to the dreaded morning stiffness. Enter memory foam. Memory foam will absorb the heat from your body and that is how it's able to respond to your bodies unique shape. It will mold perfectly to you, offering uniform support from head to toe. The result? Problem tightness and problem stiffness are tactfully addressed. Morning rejuvenation becomes the new norm.

      Personalized support

      No two bodies are the same; each person has a unique shape and needs support in different areas. Many mattresses offer a one-size-fits-all solution but this mattress type stands out in terms of adaptability. By adjusting to the sleepers individual body shape, foam mattresses can be an excellent long-term purchase. Every evening, the back feels supported as the foam mattress adapts to the contours of the sleepers body. Gone are the days of waking up feeling cramped and sore; get ready to wake up feeling well rested.

      No motion transfer

      For those sharing their beds, a partner who moves a lot while they sleep can cause interrupted sleep. Memory foam massively assists in this regard due to it's ability to absorb kinetic energy. Your partner may be reenacting a Broadway show in their dreams, but you won't feel it! This, alongside back support, is one of the main reasons to consider buying a memory foam mattress.

      Foam mattresses are excellent for for back health

      Speaking of back support, a healthy back is integral to living a good life. Especially as the years tick on. With back issues a serious epidemic of our times, the right mattress becomes one of your most important options. We spend close to 1/3rd of our lives on a mattress. Memory foam's adaptive nature ensures the spine's alignment is maintained. In order to protect our sore spines, on a standard mattress, we will subconsciously hold less than optimal positions through the night. The result - stress on back muscles and pain in the lumbar region of the spine. Over time, users of memory foam mattresses often report a noticeable decline in back pain. Again - we may spend 30% of our lives on a mattress. This could be one of most important things we ever buy.

      Hypoallergenic properties

      Foam mattresses are known for being very inhospitable for common mattress-based allergens. Dust mites, mold, and mildew will not accumulate (and will not disturb your sleep) on a foam mattress due to it's unique structure. With fewer places to assemble, these irritants cannot thrive. With that being said, the sleeper must take care of their mattress. An original foam mattress is not a license to ignore common maintenance and cleanliness - these pests can live in your rugs too!

      Safe for children

      Due to the hypoallergenic properties just mentioned, a memory foam mattress is arguably the safest option for our young ones. Memory foam mattresses, with their inherent resistance to allergens, make for an excellent choice. Fewer allergens translate to fewer health issues.

      With ever-growing choices in this arena, memory foam emerges as a strong contender. Making the switch to memory foam could be an excellent idea - it's more than just changing a mattress; it's about embracing a lifestyle of improved sleep and improved postural health. They feel great too.

      Choosing the Right Memory Foam Mattress for You

      Considerations based on sleeping position

      Everyone has their preferred sleeping position. Most people are either stomach sleepers, side sleepers or tummy sleepers. However, not every mattress suits every position. For side sleepers, a softer memory foam is often recommended. It lets the hips and shoulders sink in a tad more. Back sleepers? A medium to firm mattress such as our luxury orthopaedic memory mattress is your best friend as It supports the natural curve of the spine while still maintaining that comfortable feel. For the brave souls sleeping on their stomachs, firmer mattresses help. They prevent the hips from sinking too deep, which can arch the back uncomfortably.

      Foam mattresses - their sizes and suitability

      Size is an important consideration when it comes to your foam mattress, luckily the majority of our mattresses come in all sizes from 3'0 single mattresses (perfect for kids and confined spaces) to 6'0 superking size mattresses, best suited for master bedrooms and larger spaces.

      If sprawling out on the mattress is your preferred sleeping position, king or superking sized mattresses are going to be best for you to get a comfortable nights sleep.

      For the youngsters or the guest room, a small double or even a single might be the right fit. The size of your mattress not only dictates a room's aesthetic but also impacts the quality of sleep. So, while shopping, it's worth considering both the room's dimensions and personal comfort preferences.

      Factors to consider when buying a cheap vs. premium foam mattress

      There's a saying: "Buy cheap, buy twice." Budget-friendly mattresses can be tempting and are often ok enough for temporary or infrequent use. Vendors will get their prices down by compromising on density or depth of the memory foam layer, however. This can mean your mattress won't last as long or won't confer the health benefits mentioned above.

      Premium mattresses, on the other hand, often boast higher-density foam, more layers, and added features like cooling gels (such as our Gel Flex 2000 foam mattress). Premium mattresses are designed for longevity and comfort feel. A higher price tag doesn't always guarantee a cloud-like sleep, we pride ourselves in providing luxury mattresses at an affordable price.

      Foam Mattresses vs. Other Types

      If you want that memory-foam feel, the choice is obvious - go for a foam mattress. If you want the enhanced back support that comes from the foam layers of a foam bed, choose a foam mattress. If you have many side sleepers in your household, a collection of foam beds could be suitable.

      Navigating the bedding industry can feel like a buffet, so make an informed decision based on the factors which apply to you. Traditional mattresses may bounce back with their internal springs, but will they hug your body's curves the same way a foam mattress does? Water or air beds give you the feel of floating, but will they have that foam firmness you'll find in our foam mattress shop? Air beds are commonly used as guest beds, but they are notoriously fragile and are not a firm mattress type. They can be ok for a quick outdoor camping trip

      The Magic of Cooling Memory Foam

      Feeling the heat at night? Consider a cooling mattress - purchase our Gel Flex 2000 mattress from our shop. Traditional memory foam has a bit of a reputation for getting warm. Thankfully, cooling memory foam mattresses exist to combat this issue. These original, hybrid mattresses have taken the classic comfort of memory foam and combined it with cooling technologies.

      These cooling mattresses ensure better airflow and draw heat away from the body. What does that mean for you? It means a bed that adjusts to and supports your body while also providing a cooling effect. Cooling memory foam ensures a night of restful sleep, keeping things comfortable, regardless of what kind of sleepers you have in your house.

      Foam Mattress or Regular Mattress - Making Your Final Decision

      Memory foam distinguishes itself among different varieties of mattress type. Ultimately, the decision rests on your sleeping preferences.

      If body and back contouring support and minimal motion transfer are the goals, memory foam is the best choice for a more comfortable sleep. However, for those who prefer a cooler temperature to sleep (and don't want to try a cooling gel mattress), alternative mattress types might be more appropriate. It's essential to understand that the quality of sleep is influenced not only by the mattress but also by one's comfort on it, which comes down to striking the correct balance of components such as support, feel, what kind of sleeper you are and so on. Research, and knowing ones current body aches are recommended before making a final decision.