Best Budget Mattresses

Best Budget Mattresses


Although the mattress industry witnessed the negative demand shock crisis during the Covid-19 pandemic, it nonetheless never lost its sheen. Because mattresses are one of the most common furniture of every household, the mattress market is only projected to grow in the future years.

So, what does this mean to common mattress lovers like us?

The surge in the bed-in-box mattress types, gaining its popularity because of its convenience and ease of shipping for retailers, new mattress types being launched every now and then into the market according to the demand, and due to the mattress purchase made easier through the online intervention.

All these factors combined actually make it equally straightforward yet extremely hard to buy a new mattress that fits into your budget.

Not having high-end budgets for mattress purchases doesn't mean you need to compromise on the quality and comfort of your sleep. Even with a tight budget, it is possible to make the best mattress investment and expect a good quality mattress to join your bedroom furniture collection.

Now, you do not need to worry about researching multiple websites and going through the painful process of reading online reviews by customers to know what mattress suits you the best. We have made the process exceptionally easy for you.

Through this guide, we would like to present some of the best mattresses that will not be a heavy whack on your packet! We have done all the research and other time-consuming processes just to make sure that we have the best of the best mattresses in our collection.

So, what are you waiting for? Get straight into the guide, and by the end of the guide, we are sure that you will be ready with a mattress option!

CraftedBeds Luxury comfort 2000

The first one in this list, and the first choice of our customers, CraftedBeds Luxury comfort 2000 is a sumptuous mattress that is tried, tested, and perfected by UK handcraft experts to provide a 'no-compromise sleep experience to the UK residents.

This is a double-sided mattress that has the most carefully chosen micro-quilted premium fibre fillings to provide the most comfort and luxurious sleep to almost anyone with any special preference. 

What's more special? As the name suggests, our luxury comfort mattress has 2000 individual pocket springs, which are specially designed to relieve pressure from pressure points like joints and hence promote quality sleep and refreshed mornings.

With all the qualities combined, our luxury comfort 2000 mattress makes it the perfect choice for anyone who is a total sucker for comfort and for scenarios where one wakes up with pleasure instead of pain. 

Curious to know about the price of the mattress? Well, this beauty, which is both hypoallergenic and fire-resistant (Conforms to BS7177), is available for a price that is below $300!

We know you are blown away because for a mattress that is made with the finest materials available in the UK, for a mattress that has so many benefits of natural materials that can improve anyone's sleep quality dramatically, this price is literally a 'steal a deal' option.

With the added luxury of free delivery, our CreatedBeds Luxury comfort 2000 mattress is ready to join you in your sleep journey and make you feel the extravagance of a modern bed at the most affordable and economical prices. So, haven't you decided yet?

Emma Original mattress

Widely known and popularised as the UK's most awarded and best-selling mattress, Emma's original memory foam mattress is known primarily for its exceptional comfort and breathability. Made with the finest, premium quality, durable materials and fabrics, the Emma mattress passes the test of time and assures a 10-year warranty for its customers.

Just like our CraftedBeds luxury comfort 2000 mattress, the Emma mattress offers medium firmness (neither too soft nor hard mattress), which strikes the perfect cord for many sleepers. The medium firmness level of this mattress ensures spinal alignment and offers great support.

This super cool memory foam mattress uses Airgocell technology with an original Ultradry cover which aids the sleeper to have sweat-free nights. And when it comes to support and comfort, the Emma mattress is constructed with five zones that adapt well to the different parts of the body. And regardless of the sleeping position, the Emma mattress produces great pressure relief.

What about the durability and stability of the mattress? Emma mattress providers have taken care of the same as well. Emma's original mattress is known to have a firm bottom layer that doesn't sag and also promotes undisturbed sleep.

Once again, Emma mattress too has a free door-to-door shipping option and also has easy return policies, which facilitates the buyer if they are not satisfied with the product in any case. So, what is the price of this 'all in one combo? Less than 300 pounds! Yes, you read it right, and hence this belongs on our mattress recommendation guide.

Eve lighter hybrid mattress

As the Evesleep says, ""Light, but not less mighty!""- And we think that this pretty much sums up everything that we need to know about this mattress. This mattress is referred to as the light mattress because the Eve lighter mattress is 20 cm when compared to the original 25cm hybrid mattress version.

But don't mistake its lightness for being too soft. The mattress is a strong seven on the firmness scale, which is the ideal firmness level for almost all types of sleepers. And the specially designed contour zones allow varying levels of ""sink-ins,"" ideal for back pain relief. 

Made of over 650 pocket springs with a 25 mm memory foam perimeter, the mattress stands true to its claims of comfort and stability. The well-spaced springs evenly distribute pressure, relieving your shoulders and hips. And whether you sleep on your sides or your back, the soft and comfortable foam gently hugs your natural contours. It also restricts motion transfer, meaning no more sleepless nights due to your partner's movements.

But memory foam layers heat up, right? Not with Eva Hybrid Mattresses. With a highly breathable foam combined with pocket springs, the mattress has plenty of air circulation to stay cool. 

Like other mattress companies, Evesleep also gives the free delivery-to-door option. But in addition to that, they also offer to pick up your old mattress and recycle it. A complete service that's not only convenient but also environment-friendly!

For all their customers, Evesleep gives a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial. That's one hundred nights to see if you like their mattress. If not, you can return it through their easy return policies, but we don't think you will need that.

Nectar mattress

Nectar's ""better sleep for a happier life"" has turned into reality, thanks to its plush and comfortable mattresses. The company's journey started with an aim to create the most comfortable mattress, and today, Nectar Mattress is one of the best. 

The all-foam Nectar Mattress is 12-inch thick, comprising three layers of high-quality memory foam. But don't mistake Nectar to be just another mattress. The three layers are carefully designed for superior comfort and equally good support. 

The three-inch memory foam top layer offers medium firmness and even contouring. Though it is not soft, the mattress lets the sleeper sink in just right. While the first layer is designed for the best sleep experience, the lower layers add to the structure of the mattress.

The top layer is followed by a 2-inch polyfoam which adds to the structural strength. If you are worried about sinking in too much, the polyfoam layer will hold you up without compromising on comfort. 

Your partner moves too much in their sleep? A Nectar mattress is built for motion isolation. This means any movement on one side of the mattress won't disturb the other side. With a Nectar mattress, you can count on undisturbed sleep all night. 

While Nectar has other variants, such as the Premier and Premier Copper, the classic Nectar Mattress is still one of their most popular models. This high-quality mattress comes with a 365-night trial period and a lifetime warranty. The makers are confident that you won't need either, and we believe that too!

Silentnight 3 Zone

Awarded Britain's Choice for 15 years in a row, Silentnight is known for producing some of the best mattresses. Their mattresses cater to everyone's needs and aim for the best sleeping experience.

As the name suggests, Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam mattress has three different zones. But what are these zones for? Unlike most mattresses that have a single firmness level, Silentnight 3 Zone has three firmness levels throughout the mattress. 

The top part, Zone 1, is soft as our head and upper back require softer support. It hugs your shoulders and back just right while making sure that you don't sink in too much. The second zone is the firmest part, as our back arches in the area and needs extra support. But don't think of it as too firm. The mattress still sinks in, so you don't wake up with a sore back. 

Just like Zone 1, the lower third zone is also soft. Our legs and feet require more contouring, and the soft support makes sure that the mattress doesn't hold up your legs too much. Overall, sleeping on the mattress is not just sleeping, it's an experience!

Silentnight 3 Zone is specially engineered to support the four natural curves of the spine. From maintaining ideal sleep posture to alleviating pain, the mattress has multiple benefits. 

For a mattress this good, the price should be quite high, right? But the Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam mattress costs slightly less than 200 pounds. The mattress is a value bomb at the price of a regular mattress. What's more? Silentnight gives you free door-to-door delivery and a 5-year warranty.

Simba hybrid

With a 4.8 star review, Simba Hybrid makes an excellent choice if you are on the search for a quality mattress. Made of memory foam and micro springs, Simba Hybrid comes in three different models--Simba Hybrid, Simba Hybrid Pro, and Simba Hybrid Luxe. 

The original Simba Hybrid mattress is made of five layers and offers a medium firmness. The makers claim to have created it after collecting data from over 10 million sleepers. The mattress aims to suit all types of sleepers by balancing support and comfort. 

The top hypoallergenic and breathable cover, combined with the next layer of coils and foam, promote airflow and keep the mattress cool throughout the night. Below these layers are Simba's titanium Aerocoil micro springs, which provide support, bounce, and also isolate motion. A 4.5 cm support foam layer and another 16 cm of high-density foam form the base of the mattress.

A special feature is its seven-zone base that has varying levels of firmness depending on your body's requirements. Softer shoulder support and a firmer middle section keep your spine naturally aligned. 

If you are all for sustainability, you will love this mattress. Simba Hybrid is environment-friendly and free from pollutants. It is also made in zero wastage factories and is completely recyclable. 

Simba Hybrid Mattress comes with a 10-year guarantee and a 200-night trial period. Like other mattress companies, Simba also offers free delivery up to your room and easy returns.


Before buying a new mattress, we need to understand that a mattress is a balance between the right price and personal preference. And when the market has hundreds of options available, the decision isn't easy. We love all of the six mattresses we mentioned above for their wonderful features and pocket-friendly prices. All mattresses have similar warranty and trial periods. What really differentiates them is the type of material and making of the mattress.

But when it comes to buying mattresses, there is no ""one size fits all."" For us, the Crafted Beds Luxury Comfort 2000 and the Simba Hybrid Mattresses stood out among the options. But the other mattresses are also excellent, and it all boils down to what you prefer. Ultimately, a great sleeping experience and quality beat everything else. We hope that our thorough guide has helped you narrow down your choice.


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