Guide to arrange furniture in your bedroom

Guide to arrange furniture in your bedroom


Designing that space of your home which is extremely personal to you, the place that is both relaxing and rejuvenating, the space which will be the lap for your sleepy head for years to come, and the place that will account for all your emotions…

Yes, we are speaking about bedrooms - Arranging furniture for which will put your creative mind into work, or sometimes forces the interior designer in you to pop out!

And while you prepare yourself to bring the best out of your bedroom space, numerous questions might boggle the mind. 

How do I decorate a bedroom without a headboard? How do I decorate the best corners of my bedroom? What if my bedroom is irregularly shaped? Will I need an extra wardrobe to store things? Where would this extra furniture go?

We understand your questions and concerns and we are here to solve them with our best furniture arrangement tips.

Even if you are not an expert interior designer, it is still possible to bring the best part of your bedroom to the limelight and make it a gorgeous, welcoming place for yourself and your guests with our furniture arranging guide.

Ready to think out of the box and experiment with new styles and ideas? Let’s go and have some fun while doing so!

Begin with necessary furniture


Of course, this is your bedroom and you might want to include all the furniture in the store that might please your eyes and seems to cradle your vision regarding your bedroom. But do not hurry.

Because our interior design experts are preaching otherwise! Adding more and more furniture to your bedroom will only clutter the space and make it look overwhelming, to say the least.

We need to comprehend that there is a huge difference between ‘things we could have’ and ‘things we need to have'. So, you need to begin your interior designing journey by selecting only those pieces of furniture that are needed and will add value to your room.

And this step will become extremely vital when it comes to decorating small apartments and small bedroom spaces. Using less furniture in small rooms will ensure that the room looks spacious and also brings the air of cosiness and comfortability with minimal effort.One more trick to add to the list is that when you are decorating an extra small bedroom area, try to use tall shelves and dressers which helps you to achieve a spacious look while consuming the least space out of your bedroom.

Everything needs to have a function


Yes, you need to use very few furniture pieces to not make a mess out of your room. But how would you decide on the most important piece of furniture? How would you classify the furniture into crucial and functional furniture vs not so essential furniture categories?

And that’s where the trick of finding the purpose behind your furniture comes into play. This is the best way to only add the necessary goods into your personal space. 

What are you going to use your bedroom for (Other than sleeping)? What needs will arise in your bedroom? Based on the answers to these questions, you can design the space of your room.

For example - If you are an avid Television person, and you enjoy your bedroom time by watching some TV shows or series, you might want to find the perfect layout that works the best for including the TV in your bedroom.

Or if you are an Instagrammer, a fashionista, or a fashion designer, you might want to consider adding more mirrors to your bedroom or try to incorporate a mirror in a way that you can dress up and immediately be present in front of the mirror to admire the look of the day.

So, depending on the association of your bedroom with the functionality, you can create a look that serves your purpose.

Make a drawing


If it’s hard for you to visualize the final product that you want to achieve from your room space, the best method is to sketch the idea into reality on a piece of paper. 

Of course, this might seem odd in the beginning, but as you keep drawing your ideas on paper or your sketch board, you will better figure out the meaning behind this activity.

Also, it’s way easier to simply make a rough sketch of your bedroom with the furniture in different places rather than moving the furniture here and there to achieve your final look.

Believe us, this trick will save you a lot of time and effort, while also preventing you from committing all the major or minor errors. 

Because, when you think that your dresser might fit the corner better and you move the furniture to the place, but it doesn’t look the way you wanted it to, then, not only do you have to move the dresser back to its original place, but also worry about scratching your precious floor!

You can also measure your furniture items like bed, shelves, dresser, nightstand, and more while also measuring the dimensions of the room to get the sketch done accurately and with very few options. 

Bonus tip - To make this process easier, you can check out an AR app like Home Design 3D for an iOS/ Floor Plan Creator for Android, that can do the artistic job for you.

IIrregularly shaped bedrooms


This might be a household problem. Most of you might be dealing with an irregular-shaped bedroom, maybe your room has extremely tall walls or the complete opposite, or maybe your walls are at a non-perpendicular angle.

Even if you do not deal with any of these problems, you must have had a small, nooky corner that didn’t fit the need of the hour. An unusable and annoying little corner that stole your ideas! 

So, how would you decorate these oddly-shaped bedrooms? 

Here are a few steps to follow -

  1. Divide the room into zones and then conquer the zones with furniture - Separating your odd-shaped wall and fitting in some furniture like a TV, or placing a fireplace can simply solve the problem.
  2. Use custom-made furniture to bring the best of the odd-shaped space.
  3. Turn that little nook into shelves to store your favourite books, or place a pot with a plant to implant greenery.

Once again, you need to use the sketch method to try these few tricks and see what works the best for your bedroom. Investing in the above tricks without visualizing the final image may go wrong!

So, make it a point to use AR apps, or just make a rough drawing to get the most accurate idea about the final design you want to fixate on.

From bigger to smaller furniture

Once the furniture set is decided, the immediate step is to arrange the furniture in the room to complete the look. Arranging the biggest furniture first and the smallest furniture at the end will ease the process.

There is no rule book that you need to follow when arranging the furniture. What works the best for you is something that you need to go for. But here is a simple order that we would like to follow when arranging furniture -

Bed position

The bed is the most vital part of your bedroom (Of course, we all need to knock out that extra sleep!). So, let’s start from the bed. 

The most popular type of arrangement you might have come across (maybe in movies or magazines) is placing the bed to the centre of the wall, across the door. 

This style makes a statement that your bed is the focal point of your room. If you do not have a central place to arrange the bed, you can follow along with the longest wall of your bedroom to do the same.

Here are some pointers to consider while placing your bed in the bedroom -

  1. If you do not have a room with a central wall, or the longest/main wall to place the bed, or if you have multiple doors or windows in your room preventing your bed from becoming the focal point of the bed - You can still place the bed off-centre along the wall that doesn’t have doors or windows. 

  2. If you have two windows along the same wall, you can place the bed between the windows, but be careful about wind drafts when you want to keep your windows open during the summer months.

  3. Try to position your bed in a way such that it leaves space for you to get up and get back on the bed easily. If you are sharing the bed, then you need to consider leaving space on both ends.

  4. If you want to place a headboard in your room, make sure that it doesn’t block the natural wind or light from the doors or windows.

The dresser

The dresser will be the next piece of furniture on the list to be arranged. The dresser can be placed directly across the bed to even out the room space. If you have wide and large walls, you can opt for wide and low dressers to fill the space.

Consider referring to these pointers when in confusion -

  1. If you are a Television person, wanting to watch TV from the comfort of your bed, place the television on top of the dresser, across the bed. 

Or if you are an avid reader, you can use your dresser as a storage space for some of your favourite books.

  1. If you have a small room to decorate, use tall dressers which take less space but provide maximum storage.
  2. You can also place your dresser directly under your window to see if this looks spacious for your bedroom.
  3. Consider placing the dresser inside the closet if your closet is big enough and you do not have any purpose for the dresser outside the closet.


Nightstands fall into the small furniture category, but they are an extremely crucial piece of item to fulfil the look of the room. 

This furniture can hold your most necessary items like the alarm clock, candles, lamps, water bottle, cell phone, battery, and more. 

The nightstand goes to stand alongside the bed if the bed is right next to the wall, or on both sides of the bed if the bed is in the centre. 

Consider buying a nightstand that is of the same height as your bed to complete the look more effectively and also for more convenience. 

Remember - Nightstands are available in different colours, shapes, and sizes to suit your bed size and shape. Thinking about the purpose of the nightstand will ease out your selection process.

Choose the nightstand according to your needs. Do you need drawers to put your books, or do you need shelves to put your pillows inside? Think about your requirements and then proceed to buy the nightstand. 

Include furniture you already have

We know that it can be extremely tempting for you to buy new furniture and add more accessories to your bedroom. Maybe you want to buy a new mattress, or you need to go for a headboard that will fulfil the look of your bedroom.

But wait! While we understand that it can be tempting enough to add more items to your room, we suggest that you include furniture that is already existing. Take all of them into consideration and arrange them before you decide to move along with new furniture.

We know this might seem like random advice, but believe us, many people buy things before they even think about the need or the requirement of the new purchase. 

Arranging the already existing items in your bedroom makes it fairly easy for you to decide what more items you need to add to your buying list and where you need to put them in your bedroom, while also knowing what not to consider buying.

This will also make you understand the dimensions and the style of the furniture you need to get to enhance the look of the room. So, it’s a good thing to consider arranging the already existing furniture before looking at Crafted Beds for more bedroom furniture and accessories!

Add your personal style

Of course, you might have come across hundreds of articles (maybe more) on how to design your bedroom, and how to arrange your bedroom furniture. But all those guides are for reference and not something that you ‘must’ do!

Remember there is no right way or wrong way of decorating the bedroom. If the method, style, and look make you happy, there is no second opinion about it! So, always make sure to add a pinch of your style to the decoration.

Although following the guides will always give you a good idea about how you need to approach the process, you need to take the inspiration and make it yours. The style must always resemble your personality and character. 

And with that, we have made it to the end of the guide.


That’s all about the ‘Guide to arrange bedroom furniture'.

We hope that you loved the context of the blog and that it helped you to get inspiration and ideas to approach your bedroom decoration under new lights.

Lastly, we encourage you to always be original, inventive, and to be yourself when you apply our design and decoration strategies. This will ensure that you will get the bedroom that will be the perfect reflection of your vision.

So, be patient, be creative, and let the design unravel…


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