How to decorate your bedroom for Christmas?

How to decorate your bedroom for Christmas?


‘Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…’

Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is finally here. And it’s that time of the month where you need to decorate the cosy corners of your home with the vibe of elegance and cheer. It’s the time to welcome the holidays and unwrap the essence of Christmas.

Decorating your room to wake up the next day in the joy of winter fun and watching your home slowly come together to represent the Christmas theme is such a moment to remember for the year and the next.

Feeling the Christmas spirit already? Choosing a minimalist bedroom design in the colours of red, green or taking a step further and going with blue and silver, the excitement is true. But did we hear that you are hosting the Christmas party this year?

Now that’s a stressful scenario. You need to wrap your home under the decorative blankets of ‘Santa’s theme’, while also bringing the winter wonderland effect. The more merry and bright your home is - the more creamy and delightful your feast will be!

So, how do you achieve a perfect Christmas look for the year 2021? We are here to help you with the same. Keep reading today’s guide and we will present you with all the tips and tricks you need to vibe that even Santa comes to appreciate.

Go for festive bedding

Be it a scenario where you just want to snuggle into your festive bedding collection with a hot cocoa mug and ‘Squid Game’ on Netflix or maybe you want to take your bedroom decoration to the next level with the beddings that support your seasonal spirit…

Christmas bedding sets are one of the simplest ways of making your bedroom look festive and photoshoot ready in just a matter of seconds. The choice of perfect linens and pillows can transform your bedroom into a little Christmas space without spending too much on decorations.

What’s one more advantage with these festive beddings? Christmas beddings prevent your bedroom or guest room from getting cluttered with excessive decorative goods and also can be used on repeat year after year.

You can choose bright colours like red and white or blue and white combinations, or you can use neutral colours like all white or grey beddings with some detailed Christmas decorations here and there. You can also go a step ahead and buy matching pyjama sets for your family.

Now that’s something Christmassy and who doesn’t love that? Even if you are not a fan of all matching materials, you can go for a certain decoration type on pillows and slightly varying styles on the duvet.

Now that your Christmas bedding set is sorted, let’s get into the next fun step.

Get Christmas throw pillows

Pillows give all the cosy feel that one expects to get from a bedroom. Well, are we a bit biased about pillows? Maybe, but our pillow obsession will surely help you to make the best out of the best Christmas pillow purchase ever!

Adding plaid pillows, or pillows with red, green, or silver coloured patterns can amp up your festive look by 10 folds (No, we are not kidding!). You can decide to arrange the pillows in odd numbers like 3, 5 or 7. 

If you choose to go for 3 pillows, choose one lumbar pillow, and two small pillows which can lay side by side to complement the look will be a great idea. If you want to go with the middle number, which is 5, you can add some variations.

You can go for 2 euro sham pillows as the first layer, 2 standard sham pillows as the second layer, and finally, add one lumbar pillow to complete the look. And finally, there is the number of 7, but according to us, this can be too overwhelming.

So, in this way, throw pillows can easily add more spice to the Christmas decorations. After the bedding selection, make sure to add throw pillows to your bucket list, because Christmas might be incomplete without them.

Decorate headboard with garland

Incorporating greenery in your bedroom is one more way to add more ‘Christmas’ vibes to the whole holiday decorations. A natural and nostalgic feeling is what everything craves during this winter festive season, and pine greenery looks especially dedicated to bringing this feel. 

And do not have to lift boulders or use shovels to bring this look. All you need to do is drape your headboard with a garland. You can either choose to leave the garland as it is or decorate the garland by hanging some ornaments.

Adding holiday ornaments to the garland as we do with the Christmas tree can bring colour and extravagance to the room. But make sure that the colour of the ornaments go well with your beddings and throw pillows.

A coordinated look will bring more character to the whole area. If you do not want to go with a headboard and garland look, you can also display your garland on window frames, ottoman benches, walls or dressers.

Aside from decorating your room with garlands, you can also choose Christmas wreaths. Christmas themed wreaths can be hung on room doors, on the dressers, on either side of your bed, or even on the headboard itself.

Use Christmas lights

What is that which can change the overall aesthetics of a bedroom in a fleeting moment? Of course, lighting and candles. Christmas is all about creating natural and cosy holiday vibes while bringing magical moments together.

And this can only be achieved with the presence of Christmas lights. A Christmas themed bedroom can look like a boring ‘just festive’ type of room without the addition of string lights. Moreover, clear white light lights give a more warm look.

But if you want to take a deep dive into the Santa theme, choosing multi-coloured lights like green, red, or even blue can do the job. But where do you hang these lights? There are several ways you can do that.

You can hang the lights on walls, hang them on your headboard, drape them around the window frames, or frame them on either side of your bed - on the dressers. With a bit of creativity and coordination, you can easily ace the decoration game in no time.

Also, don’t forget to add candlelight vibes to your bedroom. A scented room that is bright with candle lights is a different world in itself. Some of the Christmas scented candles are pine, vanilla sugar, peppermint, cinnamon, and gingerbread.

Have a mini Christmas tree

Are Christmas trees only limited to decorating the living room space? Who says so? Adding a fully decked up Christmas tree can instantly convert your boring bedroom space to a cheerful Christmas room that speaks all about winter and the festive season.

But what if my bedroom is small? Well, there are Christmas trees that can fit all sizes, no matter how small or how big the area is. You can easily display a mini Christmas tree in the cosy corners of your bedroom and neatly arrange your bedroom furniture to call off a look.

Or you can place them beside your bed or next to your dresser. Clear up some space before you add a tree to make the space look less cluttered. If your room is extremely small, you can opt for potted Christmas trees. 

And decorating the bedroom Christmas tree is similar to dressing up any other Christmas tree in the home. Choose a theme for your tree and you are good to go with the decorations. Here are some of the themes for instant inspiration -

    Classic Christmas - This theme features classic Christmas characters like Santa and his reindeer. The colour scheme involves red, green or gold. 

     Country Christmas - Choose galvanized metal and wood ornaments that give rustic vibes. Pair this with warm coloured lights and buffalo plaid ribbons to complete the look.

Hang wreaths and ornaments

Adding some fun ornaments, wreaths, and Christmas accents around the room. Although these might seem like little unwanted details, you might be surprised at how these can stand together to work wonders for your room.

Your holiday theme will be tied together with these little details. Once again, you can hang wreaths on your headboard, dressers, walls, room doors, and many more places that you feel will add up to the look.

Wreaths and small ornaments will coordinate with the bigger decorative pieces like Christmas trees, and beddings and create an all-around festive theme without having to spend too much on other things.

The kind of ornaments you choose needs to go well with the other things we listed above. The beddings, the throw pillows, garlands, Christmas lights, and the Christmas tree must harmonize well with the ornaments.

The crystal balls, the stars, and the little lamps and lanterns...we know your shopping list is already full, but here goes nothing by adding some wreaths and ornaments to your buying list. We are sure they will make your room beautiful.

Bring outdoors in

We suggest you bring the outdoors into your bedroom this Christmas. And there are two steps we always recommend for our readers when they want the outdoor vibes to reflect inside their home or bedroom -

  • Bring plants that scream Christmas - 

Poinsettias that bear the beautiful crimson flowers is what we mean when we say a plant that speaks all about Christmas! Keep your Poinsettias clean and away from draughts.

Keep the plant in a place that is both warm and bright. Also, do not keep this plant under direct sunlight, just the warmth of the sunshine is fine. One more tip to take good care of this plant is to not overwater the same.

  • Natural lighting that amps up the vibe -

This is the best way to bring the outdoors indoors. Letting your home be filled with fresh air from the outdoors might not only light up the room but also light up your mood and get you prepared for the festive season.

Be it rain or shine, it all makes it good for your indoors to reflect nature when you keep your windows open. Along with this trick, you can go an extra step and add more earthy elements to design your own bedroom or home.

Have some holiday signage

With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year just around the corner, great holiday signage can prepare your home to warmly welcome guests and boost your holiday decoration in the festive season.

Merry Christmas, Holiday hours, or happy Christmas boards will carry the message of warmth and cosiness without you spitting a word for anyone in the room. Let your holiday signage speak for you.

Holiday signages are an authentic stance that is not only meant for brands and stores but also homes and rooms! And whether you are preparing your holiday signages or taking help, make sure that the message is clear and crisp.

Look through the perfect design aspects, look for the visibility aspects. Large, bold letters and vibrant colours can be the visual treat for anyone who wants to catch up with you on a Christmas morning or evening.

Always explore the options that are available and create the best for yourself and your family. And with that, we end the list of things you need to make your home appealing for not only your guests but also Santa himself.


This Christmas, we wish you all happiness, health and wealth. And we wanted to pass on the message to not stick with your living room for all your Christmas decorations. Move the styling to your bedroom and make it a part of your Christmas celebrations.

Decorate your home to reflect the Christmas warmth, bring the awe factor and last but not least decorate your home for you and your family rather than doing it for your guests and outsiders. 

Wake up to the cheerfulness and the warmth of this holiday season with the Christmas decorations that invite you to have the experience of winter travelling inside your home! With that being said, have a great holiday and festive season.


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