Pocket Sprung vs Open Coil Mattress - The ultimate comparison

Pocket Sprung vs Open Coil Mattress - The ultimate comparison


Mattress shopping is not as easy as you think. People generally lack information about mattresses and get confused when terms like pocket sprung and open coil mattresses are put in front of them. 

If you invested your money in the wrong product, it will become a long-term headache for you as you don’t change your mattresses every other day. Here is a complete guide for you, which will help you to learn more about open coil mattresses and pocket sprung mattresses and will aid you to make the best decision.

When it comes to a good quality mattress, we expect them to be comfortable, quality sleep-providing, durable, and budget-friendly.

In short, if you have a good budget always go for pocket spring mattresses as they are the most comfortable and luxury sleep providing. Only choose an open coil, if your budget is tight.

Now, let's understand the differences between open coils and pocket sprung mattresses in more detail.

What is an open coil mattress?


Open coil mattresses are the most common, widely available, and cheap mattresses available in the market.

Open coil mattress is often known by different names in the marketplace like

    • Open coil mattress
    • Continuous coil mattress
    • Miracoil mattress
    • Cage sprung mattress
    • Bonnell sprung mattress
    • True coil mattress
    • Interconnected coil/spring mattress
    • Orthopaedic sprung mattress
    • Helical spring mattress

Open coil mattresses are made up of a long single wire coiled up and spun together which looks like a collection of the large number of springs connected. There is no independence of movement within that spring system.

The thicker the wire used for making cage sprung mattresses, the more firm it will be. The term ‘gauge’ is used for describing the thickness of the wire. Lower the number in gauge-meter, the more thick the wire is.

A 12 gauge mattress is very hard and firm but a 13.5 gauge Bonnell spring is on a softer side and widely purchased.

Most of the work in production is done by machines and there is little to no use of man force. There is not that much effort put in during production for placing upholstery on the top of it. Because of their easy production, open coils are mass-produced and easily exported. These are also the reasons why you pay low while buying them.

Is an Open Coil Mattress for Me?

Pros of open coil

    • An Open coil mattress is lightweight and easy to transport. If you are thinking of carrying a mattress in your caravan, an open coil is the best choice.
    • Open coil mattresses are firm mattresses. It is highly recommended for a person with back pain and poor posture issues to sleep in a firm open coil mattress. That is why an open coil mattress is also called an Orthopaedic sprung mattress.
    • If you are looking for good comfort on a low budget, an open coil with a memory foam topper.

Cons of open coil

    • Springs in the open coil are attached in a certain way that they keep on passing their momentum to each other. It means that if you jump on one side of the mattress the other end of the mattress will bounce too. It will keep on rolling and bouncing like a trampoline.
    • Open coil mattress has low life as compared to the pocket sprung.
    • Open coil generally tends to dips in the centre after using for 2-3 years
    • Open coils are not good in the body weight distribution. If your sleeping partner is heavier than you, it will support his weight and will lean towards him.
    • Due to the large gaps between springs, its upholstery keeps on travelling between the springs and it causes great discomfort.
    • Over time you may start hearing some squeaky sounds from the mattress because coils start to rub together.
    • It provides zero-edge support. You will easily get tipped off from your bed if you are in the habit of sleeping on the edge.

Open coil mattresses available in the market 

Open coils are generally available under different names mentioned above in the guide. Some companies have renamed them as `traditional spring mattresses` as part of their market strategies so that they can compete with pocket springs. You have to be aware!

Open coil mattresses are usually available between 200-450 euros. They are also available in the high range but it is not worth investing more than that in open coil mattresses.

Examples of some great and widely popular open coil mattresses available are

    • Quebec mattress
    • Turner Traditional Spring Mattress
    • Sealy Activesleep
    • Dreams & Bensons Beds has an open coil in different ranges.
    •  Silentnight Ortho Dream Star Miracoil Mattress
    • Sealy Posturepedic Pearl Ortho Mattress
    • Classic Gold Ortho Mattress
    • Sealy Posturepedic Pearl Luxury Pillow Top Mattress

Let's understand in detail why pocket springs are superior, luxurious, and more comfortable than open coils?

What is a pocket sprung mattress?


Pocket sprung mattresses are some good quality mattresses. They are made up of 600 to 6000 individual springs unlike an open coil (which is made of a single long wire). Higher the spring count, the higher the support. A good quality pocket spring always has more than 1000 pockets/ springs.

These springs are coiled up into their own little pockets as the name suggests – pocket sprung. They are arranged in such a way that the movement of one spring does not affect the other.

Pocket sprung mattresses are stuffed with upholstery made of organic as well as synthetic materials like lamb wool, synthetic cotton. The spring arrangements in pocket spring don't allow upholstery`s distribution to get uneven and hence allow consistent and even surface to sustain for a long period.

Pocket spring mattresses are handwoven to ensure maximum comfort and therefore are on the expensive side of the spectrum.

Is a Pocket Sprung Mattress for Me?

Pros of pocket sprung

    • Due to the independent working of springs, they don't bounce along with each other, unlike an open coil which makes sure that any movement on one side of the mattress doesn't cause any chaotic movements on the other side. Pocket sprung mattresses offer more personalized support.
    • The independent pocket spring model allows the body weight to distribute properly in the mattress.
    • The pocket sprung mattress allows micro-adjustments to be made based on your sleeping position and body weight making your sleeping experience more relaxing.
    • The pocket sprung models allow great edge support making it comfortable for you to sleep on the edge of your bed and reducing the chances of tipping off.
    • Pocket sprung mattresses have a long life span due to strong spring foundations lasting between 8 to 10 years.
    • The upholstery of the pocket sprung system is firmly fixed inside. This gives the pocket sprung mattress`s surface a consistent and smooth feel for a long period.
    • Zip and link pocket spring mattresses are highly flexible due to the large number of pocket springs embedded inside. It is a 2 in 1 mattress as it can be used by the person who requires firm support while sleeping as well as by a person who likes to sleep on a softer side and likes the springy feeling.
    • Pocket sprung mattresses are easy to maintain for the long term. To stretch its life span keep on flipping its face every month. This allows the mattress to improve its shape and avoid faster wear and tear.
    • Pocket spring mattresses regulate your body's temperature. Your sleep quality is adversely affected if your body's temperature rises past some normal temperature range due to environmental factors. Despite a large number of layers of springs and upholstery, pocket spring mattresses allow the proper ventilation between body and mattress and hence creating a cooler atmosphere.

Cons of pocket sprung 

    • Generally pocket sprung mattresses are made up of allergy-aggravating materials like lambswool. If you are allergic to certain materials do check carefully before buying a pocket sprung.
    • Pocket sprung mattresses are heavy to turn and not very easy to transport due to the high density of their fillings.
    • Pocket sprung mattresses are generally not budget-friendly. They are a little expensive but their quality is worth their price.

Pocket sprung mattresses available in the market

In the market, you won't get a pocket sprung for a cheap price. If you are getting a pocket sprung for less than 350 euros then definitely it is the fake one. The basic pocket sprung starts from around 600 euros with synthetic stuffing and spring count between 800-1000.

In around 1400 euros you should have mid-range pocket spring models.

Calico encased pocket springs which are the highest quality springs are available from 1000 euros onwards.

Pocket sprung models with Natural fibres should start from around 1500 euros.

Pocket sprung mattresses are even available in the very high range of 5000 euros where you get a hand-made system with the world`s most luxurious natural fibres and high spring count.

Examples of some best and less expensive pocket sprung mattresses available in the market are 

    • Century Mattresses 8 Inch Memory Foam Pocket Spring Mattress
    • Springer Ortho 6-inch Pocket Spring Mattress
    • Boston Hotel Comfort 6 Inch Pocket Spring Mattress
    • Duroflex Icon 6 Inch Single Size Pocket Spring Mattress
    • Centuary Mattresses Sleepwell Pocket Spring Mattress:
    • Boston Basics Bonnell Spring Single Size Mattress
    • Wake-up Medium Firm Pocket Spring Mattress


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