Pink Ottoman Beds

Free UK Delivery and Handmade in Yorkshire. Searching for a new stylish bed? Crafted Beds is here, with a top-notch exhibition of pink ottoman beds. So, now you can choose the ultimate comfort and modern looks for your bedroom with our pink beds. Find the details below to grab one for yourself today.

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      90cm x 190cm

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      135cm x 190cm

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      150cm x 200cm

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      180cm x 200cm

      Disclaimer: These are the standard sizes however, sizes can vary due to the style of the bed, so please check each size on the product page.

      Growing Popularity

      Our Ottoman beds are popular due to their space-saving features and appealing designs. Because we prioritize your comfort with the ultimate commitment to serving you the best quality and style within a reasonable price. So, these reasons earn us unbeatable acceptance in the market.

      Get Storage Benefits 

      Ottoman beds offer extra storage benefits with lift-up options to keep your belongings under the mattress. Our bed frames come with flexible spacing options to acclimate your storage needs. So, you can place an order confidently because we guarantee you will find the best match for your requirements within our top-notch collection. 


      What Is An Ottoman Bed?

      An ottoman bed is a type of bed that has a storage space underneath the mattress. The top of the bed can be lifted and provides access to the storage compartment. It offers an easy and convenient way to store items without taking up extra space in your bedroom.

      Do They Come With A Mattress?

      Nope, ottoman beds usually do not come with a mattress. However, you can order a bed frame with a mattress from Crafted Beds. Placing an order of both from one point eliminates imperfections and elevates your sleep to the optimal level. Better sleep leads to better health, and that's what we work for with every customer.

      What Shades Of Pink Do You Sell Beds In?

      We sell two shades of pink: Plush Pink and Coniston Pink. Plush Pink is a soft velvet material, while Coniston Pink has a powder effect soft velvet finish. Both shades offer an elegant touch to any bedroom and add a pop of colour to your space. 

      What Type Of Fabric Do You Use?

      Our pink ottoman beds are crafted with premium quality fabric that is durable and comfortable. We use materials like Plush Velvet,  Naples, Linen, Crush Velvet and Coniston.  Each of these fabrics offers a unique texture and appearance. So, you have the freedom to choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

      How Prevalent Are Pink Ottoman Beds?

      Pink ottoman beds have gained popularity recently as more people seek unique and stylish bed options. With their versatile storage features and attractive designs, they offer practicality along with aesthetics. So, those who like vibrant colour choices with unique aesthetics and prefer using customised options to keep their belongings love using pink ottoman beds.

      Why Should I Choose Crafted Beds?

      Well, choose Crafted Beds if you prefer quality over quantity. Because we design the ultimate comfort and style within a competitive price range. We offer a range of designs, colours, shades, upholstery choices, and flexible sizes to fit within your bedroom space. So, whether you seek the ottoman bed for yourself or for your family, our ottoman bed is the best fit for all your needs.

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