Leather Headboards

Leather Headboards


What is a headboard?

Well, here’s a non-textbook definition. Headboards are a choice! A choice to make your room beautiful, an ultimate choice to make your room look royal, luxurious and cosy. 

Headboards are among one of the favourite to-dos of an interior designer. And an aesthetics lover will surely go for a headboard, either to use up the space of the wall behind the bed and make it more lively or just to give the bed a much nicer look and make it resemble something straight from the dreams.

Headboards aren’t essential to every household. However, they do have their benefits. They not only give warmth to the back when compared to back resting on cold walls during winter but also provide support to your bed and avoid damages to the wall.

Moreover, it is more comfortable to read a book propping against a headboard rather than a bare wall, isn’t it? And it is more beautiful to have a room with a headboard that gives off the aura of luxury, what do you think?

If you are tuning in to every sentence we have tried to convey until now and have decided to go ahead and buy a headboard for your room, you need to make the best choice. As you are aware, buying a headboard is a long-term investment, thus the choice you make needs to be thought upon well. 

Hence, please read further down the article, where you will get a good insight into two main types of headboards and the characteristics of each. This will surely help you make a much better decision.

The two types of headboards we are going to address today are – Leather and Fabric. We know, the name itself will convey the image of the headboard and how each of them can improve the look of your bedroom. So, without further ado, let’s help you make your next best headboard decision.

Leather vs. Fabric Headboards: What's the difference?


Leather headboards and Fabric headboards - both have their respective pros and cons. However, before you are to choose your favourite, you need to think as to what is the main purpose of fixing a headboard. Is it for comfort purposes or just to present the bedroom, in its best shape, to yourself and maybe your next guests?

For example, if you are planning to fix a leather headboard in your room, you may proceed to choose your favourite colour (maybe brown or black) and then install the headboard in your bedroom which makes your room look dazzling. 

However, this leather headboard might be hard and can give you backache, and maybe you needed comfort along with beauty. So, now your purpose of the purchase is lost. Hence, it is important to understand your requirement first before confirming your preference.

Leather and Fabric are two completely different materials just like clothing. Each has its benefits and its drawbacks when it comes to headboards. Continue reading to find out more about each one of them.

What are leather headboards and why choose them?


Leather headboards are made from leather (obviously) and have the advantage of providing your room and bed with an elegant and classy look that your room might have missed before. 

As per our research, a common suggestion that goes well with leather headboards is a white mattress that aids to give prominence to the headboard.

Leather headboards can come in different colours ranging from shades in brown, white, cream, red, or even black. These are the colours that will stand out when you step into the room and take a first glance towards the room and its aura.

If you are looking to buy a leather headboard for your bed, do give a read below on the benefits of choosing it.

    • Colour versatility – As mentioned above, the colour range of leather headboards are such that they can stand out as separate furniture, however, can also match other furniture if you decide to go with the colours of similar shades. You can combine other furniture along with it and would not have difficulty in designing a theme for your room.
    • Quality – Leather is the supreme quality in general. It’s not just a classy furniture piece but provides maximum value for the money spent.
    • Designs - Leather headboards come in various designs and hence there must be no difficulty in choosing them for an extra classy look.
    • The softness of leather – This material is soft and is comfortable to provide a feathery tough experience when you sit propping against it.
    • Does not retain heat – Leather headboards will not retain a lot of heat unlike fabric material and this is a good advantage when you want to lay against something less warm. Or if you are living in a warm city and don't want extra warmness in your room.

Easy to care for

When it comes to leather headboards, it is easier to look after. The effort required to clean the leather and keep it shining is minimal.

How do you take care of leather headboards? Simple! Keep note of the points given below.

    1. Stains on leather headboards can easily be cleaned off, unlike fabric headboards.
    2. Use a fabric protector to prevent water or any other liquid from seeping within the leather.
    3. Do a monthly clean-up on your leather headboard. This will help you to always keep the headboard material shiny and classy.
    4. Do not apply any random cleaning product to leather. Use only leather-related cleaning products.
    5. Cleaning should be done immediately if your leather board accidentally got some stains on it. Nobody wants a lasting mark on them, so, take precautions and dab the stain rather than wiping it to further prevent the staining across the headboard.

Allergy protection

If you are someone who has allergies to dust, then having a leather headboard is going to be your little lifesaver. On a regular day, fabric-related furniture can catch dust, and when it comes to cleaning time, your every move will create dust to spread around giving you horrible sneezing and irritation effects.

This is not the case if you are to choose leather furniture. When comparing leather and fabric, leather holds very little dust and it’s easier to clean the dust away. Leather headboards will not hold dust mites either as the dust mites are unable to stick around the leather material.

Thus, if you are allergic to dust, leather is your option to choose. Regular cleaning of your leather headboard can keep you allergy-free and keep your headboard classy and shiny all day long and for the future as well.


Leather headboards are considered the best headboards because of their durability. Leather does not wear fast and has always given the impression of long-lasting quality to its customers. As mentioned above, buying a headboard is a long term investment, so if you choose leather, you are making a long-term investment as it takes years and years to wear and tear giving the elegant look for many years to come.

Although leather falls into the expensive brackets, they have their quality that justifies their pricing. Good quality in furniture always comes at a high cost, but, if you see value of money, you will not be disappointed. Of course, we all like to spend money on something that returns the value in the long term, and leather is one such type.

One other advantage is that since this is a long-lasting product, even if you renovate your room or redo the interiors, you will find that the leather products with their current colour shade will still be able to blend into your new theme of the room. Cool, isn’t it?

What are fabric headboards and why choose them?


Fabric headboards on the other hand are a whole feeling altogether. These headboards have distinct features when compared to the leather headboards that we explained above. Fabric headboards can be manufactured with different types of fabric including synthetic fabrics or natural fabrics such as linen or cotton, velvet, and many more. The choices are sometimes overwhelming.

If you are someone who would want your room to be interior designed according to a particular theme or according to a certain mood, fabric headboards are the best choice for you in most cases. 

For example, if you want to decorate your child’s room with a theme that resembles that of an animation movie like “Frozen”, just imagine what more you can do just with a beautiful fabric headboard. You can buy a headboard that can be in the shade of velvet blue with white bedding. The headboard can also be in shades of blue with ice crystals stitched around. 

We think that just the imagination is so fascinating. 

This is just one reason to have a fabric headboard. What else? Read on.

    1. Comfortable – Fabric upholstered headboards come in great quality and will give you the feel of comfort. The fabric makes the headboard look cosy and comfortable and will attract any person to stay longer in the environment.
    2. An affordable option – Yes, the upholstered fabric can wear and tear over time, but this can be considered an advantage. Because you now have the option to change the fabric which will be a cheaper and affordable option when considering changing the entire headboard.
    3. Prevents damage to the wall – The headboard will be fixed in one position not allowing the wall to get damaged due to constant propping against the wall.
    4. Helps in sound control – If you live in an apartment and you have a loud neighbour or maybe you always find yourself getting disturbed easily due to the outside noise while you sleep, your headboard can drain out some % of the noise due to its hard material. So, that’s a great benefit as well.
    5. Cleaning is easy – This can be done in a simple manner where a vacuum can run through the fabric to make it look fresh and clean. You can also use a dry cloth to dust it off vocationally.

Temperature stability

Since the fabric cannot conduct heat, it will give you a cool feeling during warm months. It also gives you the comfort where your back can relax on the headboard and prevents you from getting affected by cold walls during winters.


As most cloth fabrics are comfortable, even fabric headboards are soft and comfortable and will give you the feeling of soft cushions when propped against them. They are cosy and soft, making the environment around you the way you would like to feel and will aid you to get a good night’s sleep.

Even when you sit back, your back gets the ultimate comfortable back support and hence no backaches whatsoever. This can help you when you want to have breakfast in bed, or if you want to study in bed. So, the fabric headboards are an option to consider if you are often tired from propping against a wall while doing certain activities like watching movies.

Various designs and variations

Variety – Apart from the custom-made options, you can also give fabric headboards a personal touch that will suit your style. If you are a person of peace, you may have light colours or if you are a person who loves dark themes, you can have dark colours. Thus, you will have a huge variety to choose from. Apart from colours, there are many designs, textures to get you into the mood of decorating your headboard. You can get your custom-made headboard where it can have the theme of something new or something more ancient that interests you.

The disadvantage of getting a fabric headboard

One vital point that you need to keep in mind is when comparing with leather, fabric headboards can get dirty faster, and hence regular cleaning is required. Apart from that, fabric headboards can attract germ magnets. Thus, it requires high maintenance. You can consider using a good quality scent spray to avoid foul smells if any, but do not use any harmful chemicals.



So what do you choose in the end? It is totally up to you. Your wish will aid you to decide what’s best for you. Understand your primary requirement and also keep in mind the tasks that you need to do to maintain the quality of whichever headboard you choose.

If you require an elegant and classy look with cleaning being an easy job, go for leather. If you want customised headboards to make your room pretty and dainty, choose fabric, but do understand that they require efforts to maintain the glamour.

We hope the above information has been useful to you. Do take your decision wisely. Whichever option you choose, it is guaranteed to make your bed and your room shine in style.


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