Top 6 headboards you'll fall in love with in 2022

Top 6 headboards you'll fall in love with in 2022


Whether you go for minimalist designs or extravagance - Headboards are the style statements, the focal points of any bedroom.

Although many people debate about the use of a headboard in the 21st century, headboards are still the go-to option for anyone looking to transform their bedroom into a masterpiece in decoration and design.

And we can only say one thing here - Chef’s kisses for all those beautiful bedrooms with the headboards!

So why do we (All the interior design enthusiasts) love headboards so much?

Because headboards are the only piece of bedroom furniture that can transform the look and vibe of the room with minimal effort and while consuming as little space in the room. What more? They offer the best back support and protection to the wall.

And that is why, today, we have compiled a list of 6 headboards that will please your eye and will make your room look majestic and elegant. Ready to make the new year 2022 a success?

Well then, you can start here...

Headboard sizes


Many headboards are included in a bed frame which is why many people do not need to find the individual sizes of headboards. 

But for people who want to replace their existing headboard with a new one, or need a new headboard to add to their bedroom to uplift the aesthetics of the bedroom may find the topic of headboard sizes perplexing.

Even those people who want a custom made headboard, or are pondering about how to attach a headboard to a bed frame, might find themselves in a dilemma about the size of the headboard they need to choose for their bed.

But why does the size of the headboard even matter, you may ask…

The size of the headboard matters because it impacts the functionality and compatibility of the headboard with the mattress. Too big or too-small headboards will fail to support your mattress properly.

So, you need to determine the right headboard size before proceeding to make a purchase. And to make the process easier, we have made this guide to help you choose the perfect sized headboard for your mattress. 

Further down the guide, we will also look at the top 6 headboards of 2022, which will surely make you want to buy them even if you are not a headboard person!

Single headboards

Single headboards are 3ft wide. So, a single headboard perfectly matches the width of single beds. But single headboards vary in height, which means you can either go for a tall fabric headboard or a small and simple chic wooden headboard according to your preference.

To make sure that you purchase the perfect sized headboard for your mattress, you need to measure the dimensions of your bed before visiting the store. 

So, what are the types of headboards available in single-sized headboards?

Here is a breakdown of the same -

1. Metal headboards - Looking to give your bedroom a modern feel? Metal headboards are the sleek and modern headboards that you can find in the marketplace. 

But if you do not want to confine yourself to a modern design, they also come in a traditional and intricate design, so you can be extremely picky with these headboards.

2. Wooden headboards - A cosy and comfortable headboard type for sure! With a variety of options like oak, or mahogany, you can easily find that one that suits your style and purpose.

3. Fabric and upholstered headboards - These are our go-to when it comes to single headboards. Fabric headboards are designed to give a luxury and plush look and they are also extremely easy to clean and take care of. 

Small double headboards

Small double headboards are 4ft or 120cm in width. Over the past couple of years, these headboards have become a hot option for people due to the rise in the number of small houses and apartments. 

At 120cm, these headboards are approximately 15 m smaller when compared to a standard double-sized headboard and hence suits small bedrooms perfectly.

Types of headboards available in small double headboards -

1. Wooden headboards - Rattan, pine, beech, oak, high gloss finish and many more varieties are available in the wooden headboards type.

2. Metal headboards - They are available in varieties like brass, chrome, nickel etc.

3. Upholstered or fabric headboards - Faux leather, suede, and crushed velvet etc are the types of fabrics available. 

Double headboards

Double headboards are 54 inches/ 4ft 6 inches in width and 75 inches in length and hence match the width of a double bed. Double headboards vary in height so you can always look for something that matches your style.

Once again these headboards are available in metal, wooden, and fabric or upholstered varieties, so, anything that you need, double headboards have them for you.

King-size headboards

A king-sized headboard is designed for the king-sized mattress (One of the widest types of mattresses in the market). The headboard has a width of 78 to 84 inches to perfectly match with the king-size bed.

Super king-size headboards

Super-king size headboards are the most luxurious type of headboards and they help take the look of the bedroom to new heights. They are 6ft wide and are suitable for king-sized beds. 

Once again available in all kinds of varieties, these headboards will ensure to take your sleeping place to new beauty definitions. 

Best colour for headboards


Now that we understand the different sized headboards, let us comprehend what colours might suit us the best.

Here are a few colours that Crafted Beds recommend for their customers -

  • Grey - The king of neutrals, the choice of all interior designers, this is the ultimate colour that makes the headboard look at its best self. 

You might have come across many luxury bedrooms boasting grey headboards and there’s a reason for that. Grey is the colour that brings the luxury out of the headboards and hence is chosen by the trendsetters.

And that is the reason we have kept this colour on the top of our lists. Want to make a grey headboard choice? Head over to our website soon. 

  • Cream - Is cream still the colour that is in trend? Yes, it is, and it will be! If you think otherwise, you need to check our cream headboard collections for sure!
  • White - Is there anything that we need to speak about here? White has been the choice of people who simply love the accent of luxury and extravagance. 

Although it might be a little tough to maintain the headboard, it still makes the most opted option because of its elegance and style statement.

  • Pink - Wait? Is this a word suggestion? No, just glance at our pink headboard collection and you will understand why we keep this colour in our list of recommendations.
  • Blue - Don’t want neutral involved with your headboards? Blue is the colour that speaks of a bold accent and brings the look of tradition in the 21st century. 

Chesterfield winged headboard


Chesterfield winged headboards (also known as wingback headboards) are upholstered headboards that are simply gorgeous and boast two wings on either side of the headboard, which wraps the bed from both sides!

The winged elements are attached to the main headboard and are an integral part of the bed. But this is just the case with the common upholstered headboards.

Chesterfield winged headboards are headboards that feature diamond patterns throughout the surface which makes the surface look as if the surface is curved on both ends, and hence they are also known as curved headboards. 

So, why should you buy a chesterfield winged headboard?

Chesterfield winged headboards are the perfect definition of elegance and comfort. These headboards will bring cosiness and classic features to your room without a doubt!

The sophisticated and extra look that these headboards provide to the bed is worth every penny. And hence these headboards are the main choice for luxury hotels and have their presence in all luxury bedrooms.

So, if you want a headboard that is both simple yet luxurious and sophisticated, visit our crafted Beds website to buy the best chesterfield winged headboard available in the markets.

Panel headboard


Panel headboards fit any type of bed and style, and that’s the speciality of these headboards. 

Available in 32 fabric colours and with a price starting at 149 pounds, the 9-panel headboard style from Crafted Beds is the perfect choice for anyone who loves luxury but also expects unparalleled comfort.

With so many colour options, you can create the perfect style statement that you always wanted in your bedroom or guest room. 

Moreover, our sumptuous 9-panel headboard is handcrafted by artisans breeding in the heart of Britain. So, you can expect the perfect style of Britain lovingly handed into each part of the headboard.

So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to make your bedroom special - Speak about a better new year gift!

Hatton headboard


There is a reason why Crafted Beds is ranking on the first age of Google for the ‘Hatton headboards’ keyword! These are, definitely, one of our most recommended and the comfiest styles available in our list of headboards.

Once again available in 32 fabric colours and made with the best materials available, this could be the choice that finally makes you and your family happy. 

With the advantages like providing the most comfortable back support and with the unbeatable beauty and aesthetics this Hatton headboard offers, this becomes the perfect choice for anyone who wants to build a style that is simply gorgeous.

Check out our website to see the different colours and make your choice because the best options don’t wait!

Cove studded headboard


Cove studded headboards are a great way to add a bit of drama and also add some bold accent to your bedroom. A cove studded headboard mostly suits well to a luxurious or an elegant hotel-style bedroom.

So, if you are someone who is a fan of hotel-style bedrooms and if you want to create a look of elegance, then the cove studded headboards are definitely the choice to make. They also never fail to create a  modern and chic vibe in your bedroom, so that’s something to consider as well.

Confused about where to look for the best of the best-studded headboards? Where else? Crafted Beds is once again the place that you need to look for. Why? Because we always answer ‘no’ to ‘Are headboards expensive’ sort of questions!

Out crafted beds, the price starts from 149 pounds and is made to fit the budget of every person. Our headboards are also made to fit every type of bed including, king, single, double, and super king.

Cube headboard


The perfect definition of classic, luxury, and comfortability. Also, you can find a pinch of contemporary look if you search on our website for this headboard! Our crafted beds’ cube headboard features a squared-off 3D cube panelling that is both comfortable and stylish.

And we promise that’s a rare combination to find anywhere! This bold, modern, beautiful, and traditional headboard can be customized according to your taste and style and will be perfectly delivered to your home.

So, why not give yourself a cube headboard this Halloween? Or why not give this to someone who you love the most? Well, we can assure you, this will become your most admired choice for the next years to come!

Lina headboard


The last but surely not the least - Lina headboard.

These headboards feel as if they had come straight from a luxury dream! This headboard creates a focal point in any bedroom and snatches the attention of your guests or visitors in seconds.

With the padded and stitched pattern visibly making the best style statement, these headboards are the symbol of elegance and beauty.

So, are you someone who likes to make your dreams come true? Do you want to design your bedroom and make it the epitome of style and comfort? 

Then Lina headboards are the go-to style that you need for the hour.


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