How to Make a Bed With Storage Underneath

Are you looking for a way to maximise storage space in your bedroom? If so, a bed with storage underneath might be the perfect solution. These beds feature built-in storage compartments within the bed frame, allowing you to store your belongings conveniently and efficiently. Utilising the space underneath your bed can free up valuable floor space and keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on making a bed with storage underneath, enabling you to create a functional and stylish storage solution for your bedroom. We will also share some organising tips to help you maximise the use of your storage bed.

So, let's transform your bedroom into a tidy and functional space.Let's get started!

Types of Beds with Storage

Beds with storage have become increasingly popular as people seek practical and space-saving solutions for their bedrooms. These beds provide a comfortable place to sleep and offer additional storage space for keeping items organised and out of sight.

Several types of beds with storage are available on the market, each catering to different needs and preferences. Some of them are:

Platform-style bed with drawers


On top of all storage beds, we have a platform-style bed offering functionality and a sleek design. Such beds provide a sturdy bed frame and maximise bed storage space, turning areas that would typically go wasted into hidden storage.

Design considerations for a platform storage bed include determining the size and number of drawers. These factors will impact both the aesthetics and practicality of the bed. Drawer pulls should be chosen not only for their style but for ease of use as well.

Aesthetic appeal often aligns with minimalism in platform bed designs, featuring clean lines that harmonise seamlessly with the modern bedroom decor. The bed height, critical in a guest room, should cater to ease of access while accounting for the under-bed storage.

Numerous resources and tutorials are available for those inclined toward creating their DIY platform bed. Building a DIY bed frame can be a rewarding project, and with the proper guidance, it's certainly achievable.

Platforms like Instructables offer step-by-step instructions on constructing your DIY platform bed. At the same time, YouTube channels such as DIY Creators provide comprehensive video tutorials that cover everything from material selection to final assembly.

Whether you're looking to craft a simple and functional bed or an elaborate platform storage bed with sophisticated drawer pulls, the DIY approach lets you personalise every aspect of your sleeping quarters. You can even customise the frame you rest upon to make it your own.

Consider our Rio Divan storage bed if you want a sleek and modern solution. It has built-in drawers, providing ample space for your belongings without sacrificing style.

Wall-mounted bed with storage


Wall-mounted beds with storage, commonly known as Murphy beds, embody a transformative approach to modern living where efficiency and style converge. The concept is elegantly simple: a bed frame that hinges against the wall, effortlessly folding away to liberate floor space when not in use.

This bed type has advantages, including its unmatched ability to transform a room from a sleeping area to a living or workspace. This attribute is particularly cherished in compact urban homes or studio apartments where square footage is at a premium.

These beds can feature solid wood construction, adding a touch of class and durability. The mechanisms are designed for easy use and a seamless transition between configurations.

In crafting your DIY platform bed with integrated storage, it's crucial to utilise tried-and-tested designs. These designs should ensure safety and stability, particularly when dealing with moving parts and weight-bearing structures.

By utilising such inventive designs, the once-wasted space becomes a dynamic asset, enhancing the living area's functionality and charm.

Discover Storage and Comfort in One with our Curva Divan Bed.

Materials and Tools


As we have discussed some types of storage beds, let's discuss some materials and tools required in the building process.


  • Solid wood or particle board for the frame

  • Plywood sheets for the platform and drawer bottoms

  • Screws of varying lengths for joinery and hardware attachment

  • Wood glue for additional bond strength

  • Sandpaper or a sanding block for finishing

  • Varnish, paint, or stain for the final aesthetic touch

  • Drawer slides for smooth opening and closing

  • Drawer pulls or knobs for ease of access

  • Optional items such as felt pads for protecting floors


  • Tape measure for precise measurements

  • Saw (circular saw or handsaw) for cutting the lumber to size

  • Drill with various bits for making pilot holes and driving screws

  • Pocket hole jig for creating sturdy pocket holes

  • Level for ensuring everything is perfectly aligned

  • Square to check corners

  • Sander for light sanding and finishing touches

Tips and Suggestions

Here are some tips and suggestions for using these tools and materials.

  • Begin with a detailed plan or cut list to ensure you purchase the correct materials, save extra space in your workshop, and reduce waste.

  • Opt for higher-quality solid wood if the budget allows, as it tends to be more robust and provides a better finish after light sanding and staining.

  • However, if cost is a concern, particle boards can be a cost-effective alternative for areas less exposed to wear and tear.

  • Remember to measure the bed height to accommodate the boxes or drawers underneath, ensuring they align seamlessly with the bed's bottom edge.

  • Invest in a good set that will last for the tools – quality counts here. A pocket hole jig is particularly handy for creating solid joints without visible screws.

  • Always select screws suitable for the material you're working with, and consider self-tapping options to reduce the likelihood of splitting the wood.

Step-by-Step Instructions

It's time to discuss step-by-step instructions for building a storage bed.

Step 1: Planning and Design


The first step is planning and design. Decide on your bed's width, length, and height and the number of drawers. Keep in mind the dimensions of your bedroom to ensure a good fit. Create a supplies list with all the pieces needed, including wood panels, screws, and drawer slides.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood

The second step involves cutting the wood. Measure twice, cut once! Cut your wood panels to size according to your design. Ensure each edge is clean and straight. Label each piece to avoid confusion during assembly.

Step 3: Building the Frame


The next step is to Construct the bed frame, attaching the foot, head, and side panels. A middle support running from one end to the other for more extensive beds will add stability. Use a pocket hole jig for a cleaner look and strong joints.

Step 4: Assembling the Drawers


The fourth step involves building the drawers separately, ensuring they are square and of equal size. Attach drawer slides to the bed frame and drawers, ensuring they align perfectly and slide smoothly.

Step 5: Attaching the Platform


The fifth step is to Lay the platform pieces across the top of the frame, leaving enough space for the mattress to sit snugly. Secure them down, paying particular attention to the corners and any potential flex in the middle.

Step 6: Finishing Touches


The sixth step is to Sand down all surfaces for a smooth finish. Apply paint or varnish to match your bedroom decor. Once dry, affix handles to the drawers.

Step 7: Installation


Last but not least, Position your new storage bed in the desired location, ensuring it's level with the ground. Slide the drawers in, then place the mattress on top as the last step.

Remember, Understanding Features like the load capacity of the drawers and the type of wood used for different parts of the bed is crucial. Such knowledge ensures the longevity and safety of your newly crafted piece of furniture.

Additional Tips and Ideas


This section will provide some extra information on how to make the most out of your storage bed.

  • Optimising the space underneath a bed frame is essential when considering Storage Creation for any bedroom, particularly in a small apartment. Utilise this area by installing pull-out drawers or baskets that easily slide under, making the most of under-bed storage.

  • Adding custom-built solid wood shelves along the outside edge for those with a platform bed can provide an elegant and practical solution to keep personal items within reach.

  • Ikea hacks are famously resourceful; they use their modular designs to create bespoke under-bed storage options tailored to fit the bed's length, whether for a king-size or a queen-size mattress.

  • In kids' rooms, where space is often limited, consider multifunctional furniture such as beds with built-in desks or wardrobes, maximising the entire wall length and ensuring that every square inch is used.

  • If crafting a new bed, consider incorporating kitchen cabinets into the design. With a fresh first coat of paint and secure fitting using just two screws, cabinets can serve as sturdy under-bed compartments.

  • Pay attention to the potential storage along the bed frame's top edge and side panels. Adding rails or clip-on organisers can provide extra spots to stash small items, keeping them off the floor and within easy reach.

  • Remember, adding a second coat of varnish or paint refreshes the look of your storage solutions and adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring durability for years to come.

If you are looking for a reliable storage solution, our Curva Storage Bed can be a great addition.

Final Words

We hope the guide you read has provided you with all the information about storage beds. If you want a designer, high-quality, well-crafted storage bed, now is the perfect time to look at our collection.

We offer a wide range of storage beds in various sizes and different storage options, such as drawers and ottomans. In addition, we also provide customisable designs that cater to your unique style and preferences. Take the chance to elevate your bedroom with Crafted Beds and enjoy the convenience and style of a storage bed.

Remember, you can easily purchase your storage bed with just a click, so what are you waiting for? Let the transformation begin!

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