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      While thinking about buying a new bed, one important question arises – where am I going to store all of my sheets, clothes, towels, child’s toys, etc. And believe us, this is the number one problem for anyone in the process of designing their bedroom. The storage really does matter. That’s why storage beds are made, to give you plenty of space, while still being super comfortable and luxurious. 

      The most important thing about storage beds is their size. Don’t forget to pick the size that will give you the space for storage you really need. Otherwise, all your things will still have nowhere to be. Make sure you think about this twice, as you get to choose from single, small double, double, king-size and super king-size storage beds.

      The mechanism is very simple in storage beds. They can have pull-out or lift-up drawers, which means they can fit into any type of room and leave enough space for other furniture. At the same time, storage beds are very stylish and never go out of fashion. You won’t even notice there are drawers under your bed. Whenever you need to, you can effortlessly take out things you want and push the drawer back. 

      All of our storage beds, such as Diamond or Geneva Divan beds, come in different colours, sizes, and materials. That way you can add your personal style and design your bedroom like you always wanted!