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Free UK Delivery and Handmade in Yorkshire. Experience ultimate comfort and versatility with our black ottoman beds at Crafted Beds. Our beds offer both elegance and practicality with extra storage options. Read more to discover the perfect sleeping solution today.

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      Disclaimer: These are the standard sizes however sizes can vary due to the style of the bed, so please check each size on the product page.

      Growing Popularity

      The black Ottoman bed is a winning combination of style and comfort. Our skilled team takes great pride in crafting each bed to perfection by ensuring that they are both attractive and comfortable. Our ottoman beds have a modern, classy design that can elevate any room. We offer a variety of stunning colours and shades to suit your personal taste and style. All in all, we value your preferences and work hard to provide you with the perfect bed that meets your needs and expectations.

      Get Storage Benefits 

      We provide ottoman beds with spacious interiors by offering storage space. It will keep your belongings safe while freeing up your room from closet installation. So, this can be the best way to save money and room space. 


      What Is An Ottoman Bed?

      An ottoman bed is a type of bed that has a storage compartment built into the frame. It not only provides a comfortable sleeping space but also offers extra storage for your belongings, with a variety of contemporary designs available to meet your needs.

      Do They Come With A Mattress?

      In general, the answer is no, but there is an exception for Crafted Beds. With Crafted Beds, you can easily choose a bed that you like and a mattress that fits your comfort level for a good night's sleep. When you order both from the same place, the chance of a mismatch between the bed and mattress will be eliminated.

      What Shades Of Black Do You Sell Beds In?

      We offer a fantastic collection of black shades, including Plush Black, Naples Black and Crush Velvet Black. Remember, it's not just the shade that matters, but also the elegance it adds to the atmosphere which gives your mood a happy boost. With Crafted Beds, you can choose any shade to give your room a stylish new look with the perfect arrangement of your belongings.

      What Type Of Fabric Do You Use?

      We offer various fabric options such as Plush Velvet,  Naples, Linen, Crush Velvet and Coniston to suit your style and preferences. Each type of fabric has its unique qualities and adds its own touch of style to the bed. You can choose the fabric that best fits your needs and desired aesthetic for a perfect night's sleep.

      How Prevalent Are Black Ottoman Beds?

      Black ottoman beds are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility. Crafted Beds pays attention to every detail, including design, size, colour, and storage options. Moreover, we never compromise on quality, which is why our black ottoman beds are highly sought after by customers. So, join the trend and experience the comfort and convenience of owning a black ottoman bed today. 

      Why Should I Choose Crafted Beds?

      Crafted Beds is dedicated to providing high-quality sleep solutions to our customers. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you get the best possible sleep which allows you to fully enjoy your leisure time and improve your overall health. Moreover, our beds are not only functional but also perfectly designed and available in a range of shades which can complement any decor. In addition, we offer extra storage options to help you better organise your room. So, don't hesitate - purchase your new bed today and start experiencing the benefits of a great night's sleep!