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      One of the most common problems people have while designing their bedroom is having enough space for all the clothes, as well as for sheets, towels, toys and covers. There’s no better way to finally have that space than to put an ottoman bed in your bedroom. Even though you might think ‘’Well, how am I supposed to lift the whole mattress by myself?’’, don’t panic, as there’s the simplest solution ever – a finger-lift system. That way all you need to do is press the button! And don’t be scared of the mattress falling down on you, as they have a counter-balance system that allows it to stay put upwards. 

      For those who have irregularly shaped bedrooms or for whatever other reason can’t fit the ottoman bed in their room, there are a lot of variations of design, such as models that open from the side. 

      Aside from storage space, other great advantages of ottoman beds are their strength and their airy construction. Their airflow is created by porous holes on the bed bases and it prevents your clothes from turning stale.

      The solution that makes ottoman beds an even better choice is that they come in various sizes – from single and double ottoman beds to king-size ottoman beds. You can also choose from different materials, such as leather and linen. Finally, to add some sugar on top of everything, you can even pick which colour you want your ottoman bed to come in. That way there’s simply no reason you could think of to not be able to start looking for your perfect ottoman bed today!