Sleigh Beds


      Sleigh beds were traditionally made of heavy wood with scrolls, side rails and curves which gave them a bulky impression. However, over time they’ve become more modern and new materials such as steel and iron are used to make them. It led to less exaggerated curves and a more appealing look, which is something that helped people see their real beauty. Even today they have a scrolled or curved headboard and footboard, but it makes them unique and special pieces of furniture. 

      Although the majority thinks that sleigh beds have an un-adjustable style and can’t be incorporated in some bedrooms, they are available in many different colours, styles and materials. Wooden sleigh beds are, in fact, the most common, but can also be made of metal, or even upholstered. 

      Their ornate design is perfect for elevating the atmosphere of the room and attracting the attention of anyone who sees them. Sleigh beds are therefore the right choice for simple bedrooms and neutral colours, as transforming the room from boring to never-seen-before is their job.

      Sleigh beds prefer bigger bedrooms. However, they can come in various sizes, which makes them easily adaptable and fits them into any bedroom size. You also get to pick its colour, material and storage room. What more do you need? It’s time to check out Neva bed, Opus bed, Ivory Chesterfield bed, and many more!