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      The sleigh bed is not just a piece of art but also a piece of history, fit for a king. A product for sale since the early 19th century, inspired by the imperial designs of ancient Rome, this bed gained popularity in countries such as France, where the sleigh bed was rumoured to be Napoleon's choice of frame in centuries past. More than a bed frame, the Sleigh bed truly is a piece of luxury furniture which can define a room.

      Since then, these beds have been considered a status symbol that brings an individual flair to the homeowner's décor. In fact, due to the beds ornate design, people would place the sleigh bed in the centre of the bedroom as a decoration in itself.

      You’ll be happy to hear that the sleigh bed design comes in all shapes and sizes from kids, to double and even storage bed frames. Mattresses of any kind will pair nicely with the regal design of the sleigh and it's storage options are second to none. 

      Difference Between A Sleigh Bed And A Regular Bed  

      The key difference between sleigh beds and a regular bed frame is the curved foot and head boards which are part of the frame itself. The down-sloping bed frame resembles a sleigh, hence the name. The traditional wooden beds are often carved from a single piece of wood, making the bed frame a work of art in itself and a fine addition to the house decor, outshining any other piece of furniture in sight. 

      Is There a Price Difference Between a Sleigh Bed and a Regular Bed?

      Usually, due to the craftsmanship required to create the stylistic design, the sale price for a sleigh bed is higher. Here in our shop, however, we pride ourselves on the sale price of our affordable beds and bed frames, regardless of style. You can end up saving on a sleigh bed - for example, if you're trying to build a kids room and fill it with furniture. Due to the storage options available to a sleigh bed, you may be able to forgo other pieces of furniture such as a set of drawers. You can effectively double the space in a small room as the bed frame only takes up slightly more room than a traditional wooden bed but can pack well over double the storage.

      Sleigh Beds: Tradition V Modernism 

      Sleigh beds were traditionally made of heavy wood with scrolls, side rails and curves which gave them a bulky impression. However, over time they’ve become more modern and new materials such as steel and iron are used to make them. It led to less exaggerated curves and a more appealing look, which is something that helped people see their real beauty. Even today, they have a scrolled or curved headboard and footboard, but it makes them unique and special pieces of furniture. This piece of regal furniture didn't always come with storage space, but not we have storage options on both single and double sizes.

      Is A Sleigh Bed Really An Un-Adjustable Bed?

      Although the majority thinks that sleigh beds have an un-adjustable style and can’t be incorporated in some bedrooms, they are available in many different colours, styles and materials. Wooden sleigh beds are, in fact, the most common, but can also be made of metal or even upholstered. 

      This beds ornate design is perfect for elevating the atmosphere of the room and attracting the attention of anyone who sees them. Sleigh beds are, therefore, the right choice for simple bedrooms and neutral colours, as transforming the room from boring to never-seen-before is their job.

      Does A Sleigh Bed Take Up More Space?

      Sleigh beds are a larger piece of furniture/bed frame, so sleigh beds prefer bigger bedrooms. However, they can come in various sizes, which makes them easily adaptable and fits them into any bedroom size. You also get to pick its colour, material, storage space and size. 

      Many of our sleigh beds have optimal storage, easily accessed below the mattress. Place your spare sheets and pillows beneath where you sleep to avoid clutter. With this addition, the sleigh bed not only fits your space but creates more of it. What more do you need? It’s time to check out Neva bed, Opus bed, Ivory Chesterfield bed, and many more! 

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      A sleigh bed at John Lewis can cost up to £1500. A single unit price for a Crafted Beds sleigh bed can be as low as £379.99, depending on size, but these aren’t our only great value items! Browse through the wide array of mattresses, king size and more. Regardless of needing an ottoman, a bed frame or a memory foam mattress, you’ll get the best value here. Simply tap any of the category pages. 

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      We also offer ottoman storage boxes and, currently, the one Stylus Chaise Lounge sofa. Beds remain to be our top priority, along with bespoke headboards and orthopaedic mattresses. Regardless of what bed frame you want, you’re more likely to find your preference here at Crafted Beds than anywhere else! 


      Our online shop delivers beds all across the country. Our ‘crafted beds’ can take up to 3 weeks to arrive and are worth waiting for! We won’t just show up at your door, either. Here at Crafted Beds, we arrange the perfect delivery time for you, so you won’t have to worry about missing a delivery. We also offer the ‘in-room’ assembly of your bed, all the more reason to shop with us. 

      We pride ourselves on taking the time to build the last bed you’ll ever need. Such a task takes time, so for that reason, we do not offer next-day delivery. However, If you do need the bed before 7-21 days, we can accommodate it. Just contact our customer support, and we’ll make the arrangements to get your bed to you as quickly as possible. Delivery is free for anyone residing in the mainland UK.

      Free Samples and Sizes Available 

      One of the bonuses of dealing with Crafted Beds is the level of customisation possible for each bed. For example, if you view our ‘Ivory Chesterfield Bed’, you will see the various sizes available for sale. Sizes included are the Single 3ft, Small Double 4ft, Double 4ft 6, King 5ft and the Super King 6ft for this particular model. 

      Along with that, we also offer an extensive amount of colour options. If you’re struggling with choosing a fabric or colour for your bed, click on our free samples page and have the samples you’d like to choose from delivered to you free of charge!

      How To Pick The Right Sleigh Bed For You

      From the sleigh beds we have, each one offers its own style, size range and storage space. Better yet, all are customisable! Are you hoping to add a little flare to an otherwise muted space? The pronounced slopes and vibrant colours of the Opus bed frame can add that needed splash of colour and texture needed to bring the room’s decor together. 

      Perhaps you crave a little regality, the sleek black velvet of the Ivory Chesterfield Bed might just add a little extra class to your sleeping space. Alternatively, you may want to stick to the ever-growing trend of minimalism, in which case the Carrington Chesterfield Bed is the one for you. 

      Or, you may want a taste of luxury with a truly bespoke masterpiece! If this sounds more like you, the Oliver and Sons collection will far from disappoint. The exquisite craftsmanship of each bed frame juxtaposes the affordable price, ensuring that you don’t have to break the bank to sleep well.  

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      This short guide is meant to aid in finding the perfect sleigh bed for your taste and lifestyle. But you’ll get double the info you need if you click on a bed frame above. Furniture is important, especially furniture you sleep on. So treat yourself like a ‘king’ and pick the bed frame of your sweet dreams!