Grey Chesterfield Beds

Free UK Delivery and Handmade in Yorkshire. Let's transform your ordinary room into a luxurious haven with our Grey Chesterfield Beds. The refined tufting, detailed upholstery, and beautifully designed beds elevate your style and comfort level. Learn more below to get one for yourself today!

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      90cm x 190cm

      Small Double


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      135cm x 190cm

      King Size


      150cm x 200cm

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      180cm x 200cm

      Disclaimer: These are the standard sizes however, sizes can vary due to the style of the bed, so please check each size on the product page.

      Growing Popularity

      The popularity of Chesterfield beds is due to the combination of versatility and elegance they offer. The unique designs and royalty of these beds make them highly sought after. With its popularity growing, Grey Chesterfield beds become the top choice for you if you want to add a touch of luxury and sophistication to your bedrooms.

      Get Storage Benefits 

      Our Chesterfield beds are equipped with built-in storage options. So, you can opt for the lift-up option similar to an ottoman bed which provides ample space to store your belongings. When placing an order with Crafted Beds, you can also request a gas lift-up mechanism that offers an additional 5cm length. Our Chesterfield beds come with flexible spacing which allows you to keep your room clutter-free while making space for other uses.


      What Is A Chesterfield Bed?

      A Chesterfield bed is a type of luxurious bed that comes with tufting upholstery. It usually has a royal headboard designed with a luxurious upholstery look. The bed has a low footboard that can also be tufted or left plain, depending on the design. It gives your room a timeless elegance with its royal designs. 

      Do They Come With A Mattress?

      Usually, Chesterfield beds do not come with a mattress. However, Crafted Beds offers an excellent combination of bed frames and mattresses that can improve your sleep quality as well as your room's decor. We pay close attention to ensure that the bed and mattress are a perfect fit for your comfort and style. It will save you time and hassle from searching for a compatible mattress separately. 

      What Shades Of Grey Do You Sell Beds In?

      We sell a variety of shades of grey, including silver, light, slate, steel, ash, dove, and more. You can also get free swatches to learn more about shades to style your bedroom with elegance and royalty.  

      What Type Of Fabric Do You Use?

      We use high-quality fabrics for our Chesterfield beds to ensure durability and luxurious comfort. Our fabric choices include Plush Velvet,  Naples, Linen, Crush Velvet and Coniston options. Each fabric offers its unique feel and appearance. It allows you to choose the fabric that best suits your preferences and style.

      How Prevalent Are Chesterfield Beds?

      Chesterfield beds are prevalent due to their classic designs and ultimate comfortable royal headboard and footboard. Crafted Beds also add practical significance by adding storage options to these beds so that you can have a clutter-free bedroom. 

      Why Should I Choose Crafted Beds?

      We understand that everyone has different preferences. That's why we offer a wide variety of bed frames with different facilities, designs, storage options, and unbeatable tufted upholstery. Moreover, our bed frames are not only super cool but also affordable. We believe that you deserve the best rest possible, and that's why we offer genuine sleep solutions that cater to your specific needs. So, choose us if you want the best quality, variety, and affordability when it comes to your bed needs.