Grey Ottoman Beds

Free UK Delivery and Handmade in Yorkshire. Looking for a stylish bed to enhance the look of your room? Look no more then! Our Grey Ottoman Beds are designed to turn your bedroom into a stylish haven of comfort and fashion. So, upgrade your sleeping experience and achieve maximum comfort by choosing your dream bed today.

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      90cm x 190cm

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      180cm x 200cm

      Disclaimer: These are the standard sizes however sizes can vary due to style of the bed, so please check each size on the product page.

      Growing Popularity

      Crafted Beds leads the market with its astonishing features by offering customisable beds in a wide range of colours and shades. Our beds are made of high-quality materials and come at affordable prices which provides you long-lasting comfort and ease. We stand behind our promises and deliver on our commitments, which has won us the loyalty of millions of satisfied customers.

      Get Storage Benefits 

      We offer bed frames that come with seamless lift-up options to save you valuable room space. These lift-up options allow you to put your belongings underneath the bed by turning your storage needs into fulfillment. Simply pull out the bed frame, place your belongings inside, and push it back in. This way, you can enjoy a dreamy, organised room without compromising on comfort or style. Our bed collection also offers a thrilling mix of headboards, mattresses, and ottomans making it easier for you to find the perfect match for your room.


      What Is An Ottoman Bed?

      The Ottoman bed is not only practical but also a stylish solution for you because of its sleek design and space-saving features. It has a storage capacity underneath the mattress where you can hold your belongings and save room area.

      Do They Come With A Mattress?

      Ottoman beds typically do not come with mattresses, but at Crafted Beds, we offer both. You can choose the bed frame you prefer and pick a mattress that suits your personal comfort. Our beds and mattresses are designed to help you sleep better and lead a healthy lifestyle.

      What Shades Of Grey Do You Sell Beds In?

      We offer a wide range of Grey shades that include Plush Grey, Naples Seal Grey, Naples Silver, Coniston Armour and Coniston Charcoal . So, now you have the freedom to select any shade that you like. You can even order free swatches to get a better idea about the shades and materials being used in our beds’ collection.

      What Type Of Fabric Do You Use?

      We take pride in using only the best quality fabrics for our ottoman beds. Our collection includes a variety of fabric options such as Plush Velvet,  Naples, Linen, Crush Velvet and Coniston. Each type of fabric offers its own unique texture and appearance so that you can choose the one that best suits your style and preferences.

      How Prevalent Are Grey Ottoman Beds?

      Grey Ottoman beds are quite popular due to their versatility in use and aesthetic appeal. They cater to the modern decor requirements of your bedroom and provide ample space to move around. Crafted Beds offers a wide range of options in terms of colours, shades, sizes, and customization choices to meet the needs of you and your family. So, you can get the perfect bed for you and your family.

      Why Should I Choose Crafted Beds?

      Well, choose us, if you’re looking for a better sleep experience. We offer a range of ottoman beds in various colours, sizes and styles suitable for all ages. Moreover, we value our customers. Therefore,  our quality is unbeatable, and our prices are very competitive. So, order with complete confidence by knowing that you're making a great investment in your sleep and comfort