10 Amazing Solutions to Decorate a Bedroom Without a Headboard

10 Amazing Solutions to Decorate a Bedroom Without a Headboard

"Headboards are a luxury to own, aren't they? They come with a lot of benefits. We agree many such thoughts might be running through your head at the moment. Headboards do come with a lot of benefits and also add a bit of majestic aura to the room. Who doesn't want to own a bedroom (space where we spend a lot of our time) that is spectacular and a festival to the eye? Headboards do facilitate our vision of having a luxurious bedroom.  And maybe you might have already come across a lot of blogs around the web explaining the need for a beautiful headboard. So, are you convinced enough to buy one for your bed (maybe a beautiful wooden headboard)? Wait a second!!! Headboards aren’t the most required thing to have in your room! Although a bedroom without an upholstered bed may give away the vibes of a dorm, there are plenty of ideas that you can use to make your room break the traditional norm and even beat the major headboard vibes! Ready to discover some fresh bedrooms without headboard ideas to decorate your room? Let's dig in.

Use bold wallpaper patterns for walls

Image Credit: Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash What a perfect bedroom to tuck yourself in a cosy blanket, reading 'Harry Potter' while sipping a hot mug of coffee or buttermilk and watching the rain pouring down the window... The imagination couldn't be better. The above bedroom depicts the statement of being simple yet sophisticated. The bold wallpaper pattern all across the room is stealing attention. Wallpapers instead of headboards are a great idea because:
          1. wallpapers are affordable. 
          2. Wallpapers provide the look of your tastes without much hassle.
All you need to do is spend some time thinking about the look and the feel you want to create across your room and then choose the perfect wallpaper. That's it, and the magic gets unravelled. Think about it, when you take the time and effort to beautify your wall with a fascinating piece of wallpaper, why even hide it behind a headboard

Hang a tapestry

Image Credit: Photo by Andrik Langfield on Unsplash Not a fan of murals? Well, no worries. You can opt to hang a tapestry behind your bed to give a more detailed look to your bedroom. Also, there is an enormous advantage to adding tapestry to your cart because if you do not like the vibe of the room, you can replace the tapestry and try a different look. Meaning it is easy to change the decor of your room more often with tapestries because there is no sticking or peeling. It's an easy idea and replaces the need for a standard headboard. We hope you liked this idea, but if you didn’t, we have a bunch more ideas in our basket. So, let's move on.

Paint the wall with a dark colour

Image Credit: Photo by Rhema Kallianpur on Unsplash Want to get more creative with your bedroom? Thinking about paintbrushes and paint? Then pick a can of dark paint and splash the walls of your room in some of your favourite colours. This doesn't need to be as easy as we said, but you get the point. We choose bold accent paints because most of the beds come with light-coloured sheets and thus the entire look feels more balanced. The above picture is a great example of the same, even though it has a basic headboard, you can easily imagine it without one.  The bedroom above tickles our brains because of the dark and quite dominating look of the wall behind the bed. But you do not have to go for the dark theme only, you can also go for a peach look or even a feminine pink look. All that matters is your comfortability around the aura your room exuberates.

Set stickers on the wall

Image Credit: Photo by Jelena Mirkovic on Unsplash We bet you don't come around this advice a lot, but we have included this idea because it works wonders for your bedroom if done right. Also, it costs much less than buying a traditional headboard. So, why not give it a try? The only downside with stickers is that there is a whole lot of variety and you are bound to get confused about which one to choose. But let us simplify it to two things:
          1. Do you want stickers with words?
          2. Or stickers that justify the thirst of an artist?
You can even choose both styles and drive the attention of the visitors to your bedroom walls instead of a headboard. How about that?

Use curtains and fairy lights

Image Credits: Photo by Boris Ivanović on Unsplash Well, does this need to be explained? The look and feel of a bedroom filled with curtain fairy lights are just like a picture straight out of a fairy tale! The above picture is no exception. It's perfect for a shoot or a YouTube background, or for someone who always falls for the aesthetics. No matter if you have a bed with a headboard or a bed without one, curtains and fairy lights are the mood lifters. The dreamy effect they provide is well within the budget and also gives the 'I cannot take my eyes off of this' effect to your visitors without a doubt.

Geometric shapes

Image Credit: Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels Who doesn't love geometric shapes? We know you do, so we have included this suggestion in our blog. Even if any of the other ideas don't work for your room, we are pretty sure that this can't go wrong. Because geometric shapes, be it wallpapers, picture frames, or even shelves, will go with any or every aesthetics. No matter if you are designing your room for your kids or your office use, geometric wallpapers behind your bed can save your pocket from buying the headboards. So, this idea is worth trying out. What do you think?

Try the brick wall pattern

Image Credit: Photo by Andrea Davis on Unsplash A brick wall is something that doesn't have to be hidden, especially not behind a headboard. Brick walls seem like they don't show off the appropriate look, but that is not true. Brick walls do look simple, but are enough to quench the thirst of the eyeballs looking for beauty. It is a good option for someone who wants to keep their bedroom clean yet beautiful. Even if you have already painted the walls, you can use brick wall wallpapers to bring the look back into your room.  No matter if your room is extra large or small, brick walls bring the usual aesthetics. They welcome the visual look and feel that other costly things fail to do. This is the best option for someone who wants to feel lost in a quiet space.

Chalkboard Paint Idea

Image Credit: Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels We recommend this lovely chalkboard idea to people who want to keep evolving with designs. You may think that this chalkboard idea might be more suitable for a small kids room, but you may want to change your mind! This artful piece is not only beautiful to look at but is also very practical and functional. For example, you can write your reminders, to-do list, inspirational quotes and many more things on the wall. This type of wall gives major 'student or hard worker' vibes for the room. It's such a fun idea to decorate your room with black canvas and add a little quote every day to wake up to.

Draw a large circle on the wall

Image Credit: Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash Once again, we are back to a can of paint containing your favourite colour. What's the idea, you ask? It's simple, you can draw a circle behind your bed instead of using a headboard. You could even try experimenting with different colour schemes and shapes. It could be soft colours, a decent blue colour, or even a bold colour. It's an easy trick but takes the need off of a headboard. It's a great idea and doesn't need much spare time and perfectly suits someone trying to decorate their bedroom within a budget.

Entire gallery wall

Image Credit: Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash Looking for a more complex look for your bedroom? You can consider adding an entire gallery wall above your bed and convert your bright space into a more sophisticated look. You can add any form of art ranging from simple typography to album photos that remind you of your childhood or your marriage. This is the perfect scoop of an idea for someone who loves integrating something complex but cute into a bedroom space. And with this idea, we conclude. Still reading? If you are, we want to thank you and we hope that you have enjoyed the list of 10 amazing 'bed without headboard' ideas we created for you to get some inspiration. Each idea we have listed strives to quench the thirst of every person who loves to decorate this adorable space without much effort and money. Bedrooms are spaces meant to be spent to relive some moments or create the moments that we want to relive or live. So, it's worth the effort that we put into decorating each art piece that belongs to this beautiful space. Be it a circular paint or wallpaper of your choice, each statement piece deserves its attention. And each idea that we have curated strives to improve the versatility of your bedroom space. So, we hope that all the ideas please you to an extent, if they did, we are more than happy about the efforts we had put in."

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