What is the Best Size Ottoman Bed to Get?

What is the Best Size Ottoman Bed to Get?

Do you want a bed that saves space and has hidden storage, but you're not sure which ottoman bed size to get? Before you decide, think about how many people will use the bed, the size of your room, and how much storage you need. 

These factors will help you choose the perfect size of the ottoman bed that matches your needs. 

So, let's discuss in depth, what's the best size ottoman bed to get? Explore the options to find the ideal fit for your convenience and comfort!

Ottoman Bed Sizes - A Breakdown

Here's the breakdown of the ottoman bed sizes and dimensions:

Single Bed

The small ottoman bed, 3 feet wide and 90 by 190 centimetres long, is great for various needs. Because of its size, It's ideal for rooms with limited space. Although it's small, the single bed style offers ample sleeping space and hidden storage. It's a smart and handy option for any bedroom tight on space.

If you're looking for a bed for one person, this is the best choice. It's ideal for guest rooms, box rooms, summer houses, children's rooms, and even for teenagers. This size is comfortable, and the additional benefit is it doesn't take up too much space.

You can check out the best single ottoman bed here!

Small Double

Furthermore, we've got a small double ottoman bed. It is 4 feet wide and almost the same length as the single bed, at 190 centimetres. This size ensures there is a balance between space-saving and roominess. It is a brilliant choice for people who want a more sleeping area without a fascinating room.

The small double ottoman bed is spacious enough to accommodate solo sleepers who want extra space or couples who want a cosy space-efficient bed. Its hidden storage feature adds to its practicality, making it a perfect choice for those who want both comfort and functionality. 

If you're interested in finding the perfect small double ottoman bed for your space, visit our best small double ottoman bed collection here!

Double Bed

Next, we have the classic double ottoman bed. This bed is quite common, measuring 4 feet 6 inches wide and the same length as the smaller ones, at 190 centimetres. It's a good choice for couples.

With a great amount of sleeping space, it is an ideal option for two people without making them feel crowded and suitable for many master bedrooms and homes across the UK. Its hidden storage under the mattress is a bonus, giving extra space to store clothes, bedding, or other essential things, making the bed and the room more useful.

If you're fascinated by the versatility and practicality of the double ottoman bed, explore more modern-style beds and find your perfect match here!

King Size

Now, let's talk about luxury with the king-size ottoman bed, which is a lavish 5 feet wide and stretches 150 by 200 centimetres in length. It is a very popular option for couples who want to upgrade their sleeping space for a comfy sleep without compromising on style.

With some extra height, king-size beds are perfect for tall people or those with larger builds, providing them with ample space and comfort. Its hidden storage adds extra space for your other items, helping to tidy up the bedroom and make it more organised and peaceful.

You can check the best king-size ottoman beds here!

Super King

Finally, we present the super king-size ottoman bed, with its expansive 6-foot width and the same length as the king-size, at 200 centimetres. A bed that offers the absolute ultimate in extravagant comfort and pure luxury, giving you the greatest space. This size is ideal for larger bedrooms or for those who need extra room to stretch out and relax in luxury.

This bed is wider than a king-sized one, providing exceptional comfort and space for a truly luxurious sleep. Its hidden storage compartment is practical, giving plenty of room for clothes, bedding, and other household items, keeping them neatly tucked away. 

Now, elevate your bedroom with comfort and functionality with our best super king ottoman beds!

Key Considerations Before You Buy

Remember, picking the ideal ottoman bed is about more than just its size. Though size matters, other factors also matter in finding the perfect bed for you, such as:

Number of Sleepers

One of the primary factors to keep in mind is the number of persons who will be occupying the bed regularly. 

Are you an alone sleeper, or a couple, or perhaps even a family? 

This thought will help analyse the size of the bed you need to make sure everyone has adequate space to sleep comfortably. For example, a single person may choose a smaller bed, while a couple or family may require a larger one to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Sleeping Style

Another crucial factor to keep in mind is your sleeping style. 

Do you tend to sprawl out across the bed, or do you prefer a cosy fit? 

Your sleeping habits and likings will influence the type and size of bed that's most suitable for you. For example, if you tend to move around a lot while you're asleep, you may need a larger bed to prevent feeling overcrowded at night.

Storage Needs

Lastly, don't forget your storage needs. If you're looking at a small place, you need extra storage so that you can keep your room clutter-free. So, if you need a storage solution, then you should go for the beds that provide storage solutions.

Ottoman beds have a hidden storage space underneath the mattress, that allows you to store spare bedding, seasonal clothing, or other items suitably. This way you can keep your belongings organised and make your room clutter-free.

Find The Perfect One for Your Bedroom

Now that you've thought about the significant things and have a clear idea of which ottoman bed size is the most suitable option for you, it's time to find the right one for your bedroom. Whether you need a warm single bed for your teenager's room, a big king-size bed for your main bedroom, or something in between, Crafted Beds has all that you need.

At Crafted Beds, we have multiple options for ottoman beds in various styles, sizes, and colours to match everyone's taste. Moreover, we make sure our beds are well-made, strong, yet affordable so you can trust that they'll last a long time. And guess what? 

We deliver for free all over the UK, so you can get your new bed easily and without any hassle. Plus, our friendly customer service team is always available to help you, making sure your shopping experience is fun and easy.

So why wait? Check out our ottoman beds today and make your bedroom cosy and practical! 

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