10 ideas for a grey bedroom

10 ideas for a grey bedroom


Want to achieve a subtle and neutral look in your bedroom, but don’t want to be confined with the same old black, white, tan colours?

We understand your taste and why you want to go for the grey paints! Grey has been the colour of neutral lovers and will continue to be without doubt. 

And when it comes to home decor, grey simply beams with pride as it is chosen by interior designers over and over again for its depth and sophistication.

But can a grey palette suit your bedroom? 

Well yes, because grey is not just a single colour. It’s a plethora of colours, shades, and combinations that can suit anyone and any place.

And when you search for grey platelets on Google, you understand what we mean by its diversity! 

There are vibrant shades of grey just to create the perfect dramatic moment in your bedroom, while there are subtle designs that suit the mood of a reader, or could match the aura of a romantic candle-light dinner!

So, with so many options and varieties, it can feel overwhelming to choose one shade or two to go with your ideology and your vibe.

Be it a combination like steel grey with a hint of blue welcoming visitors with a sultry vibe or soft shades of grey alone to bring the look of light and vibrant imaginations, we are here to help you with your choice.

This guide will give the necessary design inspiration to decorate your bedroom with the perfect shades of grey. So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your notes and let’s get on this amazing journey of inspiring colours and themes that you could apply to your home.

Creating grey bedroom decor


Bedroom decoration mostly boils down to the four most important things, and they are - The wall paintings, the wallpapers, the furniture, and the flooring.  

So, shall we discuss them in detail? Fine then, let get into each one of them -

1. The wall paintings - Firstly, it’s the walls that create the vibe of the entire bedroom. So, one needs to be extremely picky when choosing the perfect grey shade for the bedroom walls.

You can pick moody, dark, and dramatic grey colours that feel cosy and comfortable and pair them with white beddings, and white furniture to settle the look. 

Or you can choose a light grey wall - and no, they are not a snooze fest when done right! 

For all the different combinations and shades of grey, read the further sections of the blog which will give you a broad idea about the same.

2. The wallpapers - Do not want to go with a wall painting look? Wallpapers are your saviours! Grey wallpapers add more fun, rustic, or modern look to the room. 

To add a touch of style and sophistication, you can choose wallpapers that are a mixture of light and dark grey shades. And these types of wallpapers allow your furniture and other decorations to stand out.

Or if you love a calm, peaceful, or serene look, you can choose light grey wallpapers as well.

3. The furniture - Furniture makes the bedroom space more beautiful, elegant, and aesthetically expressive. Also, choosing bright colours of grey for bedroom furniture can make the bedroom look chic.

Choose only necessary furniture that adds more brightness, and serenity to your room. No matter what colour or design you choose for your walls, grey furniture like grey beds or grey nightstands will make its own style statement.

4. The flooring - Tiled or carpeted floor? Whichever you choose, grey is the colour you can go for with confidence. Grey creates a striking bold look that your bedroom can proudly call its own!

And to add a more luxurious, magnificent look, you can pair the flooring with white accessories. Or if you want an all-grey look, make sure to choose contrasting grey for the wall and the floor. 

Mix grey with beige


Mixing grey with beige might feel so strange and unnatural! Maybe because we always pair two opposite colours and not two neutral colours. Or maybe because one tone rubs the vibe of cool earth, while the other one is a warm tone.

We understand your hesitation to try this pair but believe us, grey and beige can coexist peacefully and can do a great job at that as well. They are fun colours and definitely go well in your bedroom.

If you do not want to pair the colours on your walls, you can simply paint the walls grey, and then pair the walls with beige fabrics around the room. Adding dark wood tones, and a golden accent to the bedroom will take it to another level.

The look we just described clearly gives a traditional vibe yet it doesn't feel old or dull. The neutrals complement each other very well and do not make one stark. The overall colour scheme is stylish, calming, and sophisticated.

Use eclectic grey


Eclectic style is unlike any other style. And the speciality here is that this particular style doesn’t stick to strict rules and trends. So, this is the perfect style or decoration for the experimenters. 

Characterized by variety and unpredictability, the eclectic style involves different styles and style statements from different periods. Although there is no guidebook to follow certain rules in this type of decor, we have compiled the best practices for ease -

    1. Mixed patterns - The hallmark of eclectic grey themes is the combination of different patterns, matched perfectly, and combined with purpose. 
    2. Old and new - A vintage vibe, a new home! Mix the vibe of the old period and the modern style.
    3. Global trends - Are you a traveller or an explorer? Then this is the perfect theme for you. With many worldly decors and inspirations, they please your soul with ease.
    4. The most unexpected - Do not want to create the same style guides? Go for an unexpected look. Turn a trunk into a coffee table and pair it with a clear stool at your dinner table.

Dark grey for smaller bedrooms


Dark grey walls, especially in small rooms, make the room feel less like a room and more like a cosy, warm nest that you will have no problem falling asleep in! 

Combined with white bedding and wood furniture, the room is no less than a majestic but comfortable place.

Maybe this look might feel too much like a dungeon for some people, which is why we recommended pairing this look with white furniture, or beddings and fabrics to even out the look. 

And wood furniture or shelves will give a striking contrast to the grey walls.

Airy and light grey


Do not want to get fixated on moody, dark, near to black shades of grey? 

Worry not because the airy, light grey might be the perfect fit to create your dream look in your bedroom. Airy and light grey walls are not only soothing to the eye but go well with any other colours.

The subtle look these light grey colours exuberate is surreal. With the perfect lighting, they can make the room look heavenly, warm, and welcoming for anyone. 

You can pair the light grey walls with white bedding if you are looking for a complete subtle look. Or you can choose dark blue or dark brown fabrics to even out the tone. Thereby making a striking balance between the light and the dark colours.

Furniture in grey


Grey walls are not the only choice for your grey love! You can make grey the dominant colour in your room by choosing all grey accent furniture. 

You can also go for a complete grey look for all furniture, bedding, fabrics, and decor accents while choosing the walls to be other colours of your choice. 

But if you are confused about what looks good with grey furniture, you can blindly choose white walls from our recommendations. Because white walls make the most perfect and the beautiful contrast with the grey furniture set.

This will also ensure that the place doesn’t look all dull, and gloomy, instead, the grey shades paired with the white or any other light coloured walls will look bright, light, and soothing to the eyes of any person.

Grey accents


How about pairing light walls with dark grey accents or dark grey walls with light grey accents? The first idea is best to centre the look of the room on the accents of the room more than the walls of the room. 

The light grey walls will make for the perfect neutral backdrop, allowing all the other things like bed, fabric, and the furniture or the accents to become the main focus of the room. It simply pops the accents like a butterfly out of a cocoon. 

The second look, that is, pairing the dark grey walls with light grey accents, brings all the attention of the visitor to the dark, majestic walls of the bedroom while keeping the accents light and normal, yet aesthetic. 

Both the options make a good choice of bringing the perfect balance to the room, while not making anything look out of place or giving a ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ vibe to any part of the bedroom. 

Dramatic grey on walls


Can dark grey walls like bluish grey, or blackish-grey, bring a too vibrant effect to the room? 

We know, many people might have this particular question that puts them in a dilemma or puts this option off the track for most of them.

But believe us when we say that dramatic grey walls are the most comfortable, and wonderfully creative idea for any room with enough natural light. 

We say natural light because the light from the outside will help make this look feel less dreary and cosier.

Even if you do not have the right lighting facility for your room, you can still go for this look by pairing the bedding in a white, natural colour that brightens the room tenfold. 

You can also add bold colours to the nightstands and the furniture to go along with the wall aesthetics.

What more? Adding beautiful chesterfield headboards, or headboards in grey can pull off the look in an unimaginable way.

Grey wallpaper pattern


The perfect look that compliments a modern, classic ideology is a grey wallpaper pattern added to the room. Grey wallpapers keep the look neutral while pulling off the looks of your dreams. 

You can combine the rustic look of the grey wallpapers with black accents and white beddings to pull the look of a 21st-century room that still holds the beauty of tradition. 

If you are someone who wants to mix unexpected things or bring different styles to one place, grey wallpapers are one that picturise the difference neatly.

Blue, brown and grey combination


Once again, all these colours are unexpected colour combinations and are not mostly chosen by the people who don't want to add the ‘all neutrals’ look to their bedroom. 

But with the right method and the right idea in place, these colour combinations can unravel the magic of beauty and aesthetics in the most pleasing way possible. 

You can choose the walls of your bedroom to be blue, the rugs, drapes, and the pillows can be grey, while the floor mat and the headboard can be brown (if you want to mix all the colours), which means that the look is balanced.

But it doesn’t have to be the way we have suggested it to be. You can choose any of the two colours or all of the three colours and add them to your bedroom decoration to bring most of your bedroom.

Choosing these colours if you want to add more personality to the room, while also keeping the look of the room minimal, relaxing, and comfortable. 

Shades of grey


Is grey the neutral tone that helps other colours pop, or is it the show-stealer? 

Well, grey is special because it adapts to both roles extremely well. Grey can be the neutral backdrop, staying silent, but it can also be the star of the show without much effort.

Using several shades of grey in your bedroom can bring an interesting, cohesive look to your bedroom. And there are many shades of grey to choose from. 

You can start with a light marbled shade on walls, a light shade of grey on the ceiling, and highlight the bedroom with icy grey coloured headboard. 

Check out this website to understand the versatility between the several shades of grey.


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