10 minimalist bedroom ideas

10 minimalist bedroom ideas


People love unleashing their creativity through bedroom decor. Be it their favourite picture or their artwork collection, there is nothing that doesn’t go on their walls. But bedrooms are also one of those places where less is more. They need to create a serene, peaceful ambience for you to sleep in.

That’s why bedrooms are a great place for you to go “minimalist.” Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a pro to design minimalist and simple bedrooms in grey or black. The tips and tricks given below can help you create a chic bedroom with little effort.



The essence of minimalism lies in keeping only what you need and discarding anything above that. This includes artworks, decor pieces, and even extra pieces of furniture that crowd your bedrooms. 

Stick to essentials. A bed, bedside table, dresser, and chair are what you mostly need for a bedroom. Anything beyond that makes your bedroom look congested and untidy. But decluttering is not limited to furniture and decor, but also the smaller pieces in the room.

No matter how much time you spend decorating your bedroom, a pile of clothes or books can ruin the image. The key to maintaining a minimalist bedroom is to create a system for organizing your room. Avoid placing anything on the surface of your furniture. You might tend to keep your used clothes on the chair or a book on the bedside table. While these don’t look like too much, they can quickly pile up and make your room look untidy.

Instead, place a laundry basket in a corner for your used clothes. Or choose a bedside table with drawers to keep papers, pens, and other small things. Furniture with built-in storage provides a quick solution for when you need to declutter instantly.

Keep the layout simple


While it is tempting to use highly-detailed pillows or the royal carpet you saw last week, too much design can mess up your minimalist vibes. Instead, go with a simple layout and designs that speak of elegance and class. 

This does not mean you have to go all black, white, and boring. There are several layouts you can use to add your touch to the bedroom. Use furniture that has sleek, well-defined lines and skip the ones that have too much detail. Tables, chairs, and dressers that are simple and serve the purpose are your perfect choice. 

If you want to use patterns, choose easier ones like stripes and colour blocks. Stick to a single pattern throughout the bedroom. Your main focus should be on symmetry and balance. Whether it is additional pillows, pictures, or artwork, try to keep them aligned or in a specific pattern. Avoid using asymmetric designs as they make the room look disorganized.

Bring the natural light in


For a minimalist bedroom, natural lighting is your best friend. While artificial lighting is unskippable, using natural lighting during the day makes your bedroom stand out. Use large windows to let sunlight enter your room.

Instead of blinds, cover them with sheer curtains to bring more grace into your bedroom. Sheer curtains not only look elegant but also help you control the amount of light. Use mirrors to reflect light throughout the room. 

Natural lighting also works best with minimalist bedrooms due to their colour palette. Usually, such bedrooms use light, plain colours that softly reflect the light. Letting sunlight into your bedroom also has other benefits. It can bring cheerful, healthy vibes into the room and also kill germs that accumulate on your bed. 

This does not mean you skip artificial lighting. Include a chandelier and several bulbs all around the room to keep it well-lit. Use a night lamp or softer lights which don’t disturb your sleep.

Make an illusion of space


Even though you only include essential furniture in your bedroom, sometimes the room can end up looking too crowded. This can be due to wrong-sized furniture or poor arrangement. While minimalist bedrooms need to look airy and open, you don’t need a large room to create one. 

Even a small bedroom can look elegant if you arrange it the right way. Start by choosing the right-sized furniture. If your room is small, then a king-sized bed will fill up the whole room. The size of your furniture should be compatible with the size and layout of your room.

Then, you can create an illusion of space using some simple tips. Use a light colour palette for your mattress and bedding. Choose plain sheets and pillows without any fancy patterns. If you have a large room, place the bed in the middle. With plenty of space on both sides, your room will look open and spacious.

If your bedroom is small, place the bed along a wall. This opens up more space for other furniture and makes the room look airy. Keep the floor bare without any carpets. Remember, for a minimalist bedroom, less is always more. 

But the illusion of space is not only limited to furniture but also the walls. Avoid crowding them with too many picture frames and artworks. A bare wall in the room makes it look clean and organized. 

Skip buying additional furniture for storage. Instead, use beds and tables with built-in drawers. Ottoman and divan beds are excellent options with large hidden storage spaces that make your bedrooms look fuss-free. 

Add a decoration in the form of a plant

Flowers and plants are simple, dainty decors that suit any kind of room. Using blooms of a single colour or a small house plant for your minimalist bedroom can up its style. While artwork and picture frames help you express your style, they can be attention-grabbing with a neutral palette. 

If you have space, place a couple of potted plants in the corner of your room. Apart from adding to the ambience, they purify the air and keep your room fresh. Looking at the natural greenery is also soothing for your eyes and helps you sleep better.

For smaller rooms without an empty corner, place succulents and flower pots on top of the table. A single flower in a vase also adds the much-needed touch of nature in a minimalist bedroom.

Choose the artwork you love

If you used a lot of artwork in your earlier bedroom, it is time to cut down on the art pieces. Minimalist bedrooms require only one or two pieces of art. Artworks that use neutral colours or have simple designs look great on minimalist walls. Remember not to overcrowd the walls with large art pieces with fancy frames. If possible, keep the artwork frameless. 

Try to keep at least one wall bare to create a sense of space. If you want to use a signature piece, make sure nothing else looks attention-grabbing. Choose art that goes with the overall ambience and vibes of the room. Some pieces look great as standalone but may mess up the vibes of your minimalist bedroom.

Use neutral colours

Neutral, muted colours are a go-to choice for minimalist decor. This does not mean you have to paint the whole room in a single colour. Neutral combinations involving two to three colours or different shades of the same colour make the room look classy. You can use colours like white, ivory, light blue, and lilac, along with a darker shade such as brown or black to give your room a personal touch.

If you love using bright colours like pink or orange, choose a lighter shade of the same. For example, instead of orange, you can choose peach or coral. This adds life to an otherwise dull palette. This colour scheme extends beyond walls to all your bedding, furniture, and decor pieces.

Have a simple bedframe

Choosing a bed is an essential part of every bedroom. But for minimalist decor, the bed type matters as much as the bed size. An intricate bed frame with carvings or a canopy bed doesn’t exactly look minimalist. 

To keep it simple, opt for a platform bed and incorporate a headboard. Use light-coloured beddings and layer your pillows if possible. Keep the sides of your bed plain, with only one bedside table if required. If you are using a wooden frame, use the same type of wood as other furniture.

Use one shelf for personal items

No matter how much you organize your bedsheets and bedroom, there will always be some items out of place. Assign a shelf to keep such items hidden away from sight. Be it appliances, grooming products, or makeup, keep it in the designated spot. 

If these items are for daily use, make the shelf easily accessible. You can use the drawers under your bedside table or a specific shelf in your closet to keep your personal belongings. If you want more space, you can include a chest of drawers inside your closet. This way, more than one person can use the drawers for their items.

Go with a simple lightning

Lighting plays an important role in how your bedroom looks. Apart from natural lighting, use chandeliers and light bulbs to your advantage. A dimly lit room looks dull, no matter how well you have decorated it.

A central chandelier brings life to your room. It not only emits light but also adds elegance to the ceiling. Apart from the chandelier, do not use anything else to decorate the roof. Additionally, you can include several light bulbs that emit soft light throughout the room. Pendant lights and ceiling lights look great. Choose simple lamp shades without any patterns to go with the minimalist decor. 

Decorating a minimalist bedroom is simple. A few tweaks to your already existing room can create a simple, chic bedroom that speaks of your style.


Minimalist bedrooms are quite the rage in the decor industry. To help you design your own bedroom like a pro, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions about minimalist bedrooms.

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