8 Best Sleep Apps

8 Best Sleep Apps


Sleeping peacefully has become challenging nowadays, thanks to the numerous distractions and stressful life in general. While keeping your phone far away when you sleep is recommended, certain apps can also be the key to better sleep at night. 

Sleep apps are apps that are specially designed to monitor and improve the quality of your sleep. While some apps track your sleep using sound and motion sensors, other apps use sound therapy to lull you into sleep. 

We have tried some of the popular sleep apps and curated a list of the best apps that help you rest better at night. If you struggle to fall asleep or stare at your ceiling for hours before you close your eyes, then you should give these apps a try.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle beats your traditional alarm clock to gently wake you up at the perfect time. The app monitors your movements through your phone’s microphone and wakes you up when your sleep is the lightest. All you need to do is choose a window of time, and the app makes sure you are fresh and lively after your slumber. The alarm melodies aren’t abrupt and are designed to carefully alert you without jolting you out of sleep. 

What’s even better? The Sleep Cycle app also gives you insights into your sleep quality by tracking your sleep patterns throughout the night. The dashboard presents easy-to-understand statistics that provide a thorough analysis of your sleep. If you have been trying to improve sleep quality, then the app’s daily sleep reports are the best for you.

The app is free with some in-app purchases and is available on both Android and iOS. In the free version, you can access the smart alarm and sleep analysis. The paid version gives in-depth analysis and also provides info on how sleep affects your cognition. Overall, the Sleep Cycle app uses a scientific approach to promote healthy sleep and wake habits. If you want to wake up fresh after a good night’s sleep, then this app is for you.


Used by the likes of J.K.Rowling and Roy Hibbert, the Pzizz app helps you sleep at the push of a single button! The app uses a mix of sounds, music, words, and binaural beats to create a sleep track for you. Depending on the duration you choose, the track modulates itself to suit your sleep phases, helping you wake up refreshed. 

You can choose to listen for anywhere between ten minutes and ten hours. Every time you push the button, the app creates a different mix of sounds that relax your brain. Though the technology is simple, the sounds can be mixed in around 10 billion ways. This is like an inexhaustible music library catering just to your sleep. 

Pzizz has a dedicated Nap module for shorter slumber durations. The track can be designed for any duration, making it a great choice for those who prefer an ideal sleeping environment during daylight.

If you are easily distracted and want to concentrate on your work, the premium version offers a Focus module. It contains carefully curated soundtracks called “focuscapes” as opposed to the ones for sleep, called “dreamscapes.” Pzizz offers a 7-day sleep challenge that gives you a free trial of the premium version.


Using the Pillow app, you can know your sleep like the back of your hand. Using movement and sound detectors, the app provides a complete analysis of your sleep. It highlights various stages of your sleep through statistics and also creates a diagram for better understanding. 

The Pillow app also has an alarm clock that wakes you at the right time. It uses the data from sleep tracking to detect your lightest sleep phase and gently wake you up. This feature isn’t just for your night’s sleep. The app caters to all types of sleep, right from power naps to longer 2-hour naps. 

Instead of your phone, you can also use your Apple Watch to track your sleep cycles. Pillow syncs with the Apple health app to collect other information such as your height, weight, and blood pressure. This helps the app give you a more detailed analysis of what affects your sleep hygiene. 

Currently, Pillow is only available for iOS users. The sleep analysis feature is available in the free version of the app, which also gives you a breakdown of the time spent in each sleep stage. The premium version, which comes at a fee of $6.99 a month, unlocks a range of great features such as the power nap mode and sleep recording exportation.


Headspace promotes mindfulness and overall mental wellbeing, which is also a prerequisite for sound sleep. The app has podcasts for meditation that help with different issues ranging from anxiety to sleep problems. Guided meditations specially designed for better sleep are dubbed as “sleepcasts.” These range from 5 to 45 minutes and help you unwind your thoughts and feel relaxed at the end of the day.

But don’t limit the app’s usage only to bedtime. The app has some wonderful guided meditations that help you restructure your thoughts at any point of the day. You can also use various settings to tweak the sessions to be louder or softer. Whether you are being stressed due to work or simply want to relax, Headspace has something for your requirements. Moreover, a worry-free mind throughout the day contributes to better sleep at night. The app provides long-term solutions that work towards better sleep quality and better life in general. 

Headspace is available for both Android and iOS. The free version of this app gives you access to basic meditation sessions. With a price of $12.99 a month, you can access the complete Headspace library along with their meditation tracker.


Noisli is an app that uses soundtracks to help you sleep better. But unlike other apps, it lets you mix a bunch of sounds to create your own sleep track. Everyone’s preferences are different, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to sleep.

The app understands that and includes a choice of relaxing yet popular sounds such as thunderstorms, coffee shops, and even wind. You can mix and match these sounds to create music that specifically caters to your sleep. If any of your creations become your favourite, you can save them for later use. 

Apart from improving sleep quality, it is also good for reducing stress while sleeping and also gives relief from anxiety, de-stressing while building concentration. The app has an easy-to-use interface that keeps up with the simple idea of Noisli. It also has a website-based white noise generator specifically designed to help you focus.

The app has a free version that includes all the above features. And for a small price of $1.99 a month, it gives you access to offline soundtracks and a range of white noises. You can also set a sleep timer that fades off your melody after a certain time.


Slumber is a combination of all the best ways that help you sleep. From story series, meditation sessions to even nature sounds, the app has it all. You can either choose to sleep off to a guided session or play a sound for up to 10 hours. 

The app is designed to help you fall asleep and sleep better throughout the night. The sounds are relaxing and create the perfect sleep environment every night. The app introduces new stories and guided sessions with every update, which happens once a week. 

Apart from the usual sounds, Slumber also uses some advanced sleep techniques such as therapeutic hypnosis and ASMR. You can also combine these sleep sessions with soundscapes to create the perfect combo for you. Customization of tracks such as adding and removing sounds and changing the volume of each help you create a more personalized experience. Slumber keeps in mind their young users and has a dedicated section of stories for kids.

Just like other sleep apps, Slumber offers both free and paid versions. The unpaid app gives you access to a limited number of sleepscapes. For advanced sleep techniques, guided meditations, and unlimited access to new stories, you need to upgrade to the paid version.

Relax Melodies

Relax Melodies brings you all of the benefits of a sleep app, plus a community of over 35 million users. The community makes it easier to navigate the app through wonderful recommendations from experienced users.

The idea of Relax Melodies is simple. It helps you relax through a mix of beats, sounds, and sometimes even guided meditations. But instead of the app curating these melodies for you, you get to create your own. It doesn’t have a dearth of options, and you can create several mixes by combining various soundtracks. Already have a favourite melody to sleep to? You can import the track through your music library and combine it with in-app sounds.  

Apart from melodies, the app also has Sleep moves. These are a series of guided exercises that help you relax and deal with insomnia. These professionally approved exercises are done using a pillow. The app also has sessions of multiple durations ranging from single sessions to five-day-long series. 

The upgraded version of the app lets you access around 124 different sounds and various guided sessions. The five-day programs and Sleep Moves are premium features that you can enjoy for a small price every month.


The simple and relaxing app interface stands true to its name--Calm. It is one of the few meditation apps that also makes its place on our list of best sleep apps. The relaxing sounds combined with the large library of meditations and podcasts will help you get quality sleep every night. 

No matter what your needs are, Calm has something for everyone. Their meditation sessions range from 3 to 30 minutes, so you can’t excuse yourself citing lack of time. The app encourages mindfulness, which is known to reduce stress and anxiety. Another feature, “Sleep Stories,” has relaxing narrations designed to help you fall asleep. These stories are not just for adults but also for kids. 

Just like other meditation apps, Calm isn’t only meant for sleep. Any moment you feel overwhelmed or want to relax, you can play a guided meditation session and unwind yourself. The short session durations are ideal for people who want to relax despite their busy schedules. 

The free version lets you access a few stories along with the first session of most programs. By going premium, you can unlock the vast library of guided meditation and sleep stories.


With the wide range of sleep apps available, it is natural to have a question or two. To clear your doubts and help you sleep better, we have answered some of your frequently asked questions.

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