8 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

8 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress Last Longer

"That night of great slumber after a Saturday night party, or that Sunday morning breakfast on bed served by loved ones...every chapter of our life, especially the pages where the subject of sleep is mentioned, seems to revolve around our mattress. A mattress is a significant purchase that we make in our lives. And we spend huge money on this product not because we want to but because of how we associate a good mattress with a night of good sleep.   Thus a mattress not only makes for a huge investment but also contributes to peaceful sleep, something that every one of us needs to have a better and productive lifestyle. And henceforth, we all want our mattress to serve us for a long time. Although a mattress can last anywhere between 6 to 10 years, the mattress’s life expectancy completely depends on the maintenance and the extent of use. So, what can one do to extend the life of a mattress? And that is the question CraftedBeds is going to answer in today’s guide. The way you look after your mattress can define the period of life it can live. And the way you maintain your mattress can tell how long it can be that comfortable place you always retreat to. With that being said, we would like to provide you with all the information you need to make your mattress reach the top bar of its life expectancy. So, without further ado, let’s get into the 8 tips that will promise a longer mattress life.

1. Use a mattress protector

Since mattresses are likely to get damaged, scratched, or stained easily due to everyday use, a mattress protector or a mattress topper can save the daylight of this situation.  A mattress protector is one of the best ways to defend your mattress against unwanted occurrences that can reduce the lifetime of your beautiful mattress. And a mattress topper also adds to the life expectancy of a mattress.  Be it dust mites, skin cells, sweat, dirt, pet dander or any other stains that could happen during occasions like morning breakfast or night binge-watching, a mattress protector can easily be the physical barrier against these for your mattress. There are several types of mattress protectors in the marketplace, and if you decide to choose a waterproof mattress protector, it can change the game in seconds! Because spills and stains are not only common in a home full of kids, but adults make this blunder as well. And cleaning a mattress that is stained with oil or juice can knock the daylight out of any individual. So, a waterproof mattress protector can easily prevent these from occurring and give you that peace of mind. Moreover, if you co-sleep with your children, it would be a no-brainer option to opt for waterproof mattress protectors which can protect the mattress against bed wettings. We all agree that life can give us melons and it can be messy. But going a step ahead and choosing to protect your mattress can keep the mattress fresh and clean for years to come. With a myriad of mattress protector options available in the beddings market, you can easily pick one that suits you and your family. The reason we mention this as our first option in our guide is that it is one of the best you can do to protect your expensive mattress from any external damage. So, make sure you are ready with a mattress protector, and let’s get into the second-best choice.

2. Make sure to have proper mattress support

Do you think your mattress doesn’t have the right foundation? This is one of the most significant aspects that can reduce the life expectancy of your mattress. So, if you think that’s a problem, make sure to read this point. Why do you need a solid foundation? That’s because your mattress needs maximum support against your body weight from a box spring or a bed frame that can sustain the weight of both you and your mattress. And not all foundations fit all kinds of mattresses. So, make sure that you are getting the right kind of support for your mattress. If you are completely unsure of what kind of support you need to go for, you can easily contact your manufacturer to know more about the proper support for your mattress. Using a bed frame or a box spring will not only provide maximum support to your mattress but also help your mattress be off the floor, which further protects it from dirt and dust. And these both can work in combination to prevent your mattress from dipping and sagging.   Now that you know you need proper mattress support, we can also discuss other steps you can follow to ensure a long life for your mattress.

3. Wash sheets regularly

We are human beings and we can get as clean as we can but we can also get as dirty as we can as well! Sleeping on the mattress while sweating profusely, eating breakfast or dinner on the bed and getting some food all over the place, or even our skin cells, dandruff, and hair… All this can sound gross but that’s what we are all made of or that is what happens repeatedly in life. A normal life occurrence. And all this can potentially turn our bed sheets dirty and messy.  So, what can be done? The simplest solution here is to wash the bedsheets or beddings regularly to prevent this debris from seeping deep into the mattress. Take some time out of your schedule to wash your bed sheets regularly. And if you are using a mattress protector, make sure to clean and wash your mattress protector from time to time. Remember, the longer you go between washes, the more grime and dust gets collected and then might get clinging to your mattress. While the recommended timeline for washing your bed sheets is once every week, the mattress protector can be washed once every two months. Washing your bed sheets and mattress protector can save your mattress from building up dust and thereby provide longevity.

4. Keep your mattress clean

Now that you know that you need to clean your beddings and mattress protector regularly, we recommend you follow the same routine with your mattress. Cleaning your mattress periodically can also promote the same cause of helping increase life expectancy. As per the expert recommendations, a mattress should be cleaned every twice a year, but you can simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions and can do it more often if the instructions allow for the same. Different mattress materials need different types of cleaning techniques and hence referring to the instructions or contacting the manufacturer regarding this information is a vital step. Follow the recommended cleaning method to ensure that you do it right. Most mattresses can be either vacuum cleaned or spot cleaned. Vacuuming helps you to remove dust particles and debris accumulated on the mattress, while the latter can fix stains and common accidents. But be sure to use the right materials for spot cleaning. Using strong chemicals can harm the materials of the mattress and hence cause more danger than good. Once again, going through the mattress cleaning instructions can save you from a lot of blunders.

5. Rotate and flip mattress regularly

Sleeping on the same place of your mattress for a long time can cause uneven dips in your mattress due to uneven pressure applied on this part of the mattress. And this can be prevented easily by rotating (180 degrees) or flipping (360 degrees) your mattress from time to time.  And this simple process can dramatically extend the longevity of your mattress by preventing premature damage. Rotating helps to spread the wear and tear that happens because of sleeping in the same position for a longer time. Rotating a mattress also helps to change the position of the heavy pressure points, meaning the points where our hips, shoulders, and other body parts press into the mattress. This helps to even out the pressure points. Also, consider flipping the mattress from time to time but remember that not all mattresses can be flipped. Most modern mattresses can be rotated but not flipped unless stated otherwise by the manufacturer. Because most of the mattresses are one-sided, flipping can be of more harm than advantage. So, do consider the type of mattress that you own before deciding to flip the mattress. If your mattress is double-sided, then flipping can be the best option to protect and improve the longevity of the mattress.  But remember that a double-sided mattress can have different firmness levels which means you need to make sure that the other side of the bed also suits you and provides a comfortable sleep routine. Ultimately rotating or flipping mattresses can reduce sagging and dipping, so this is a great way that can be done to extend the lifetime of a mattress without actually spending a dime on anything. If you do not want to dispose of your used mattress early, you need to follow this method.

6. No bouncing on the bed

Maybe you would have always heard your parents shouting at you when you were jumping on your beds when you came back from school. Probably they were never wrong! And we know you understand this now. Being hard on the mattress can dwindle the flames of life left in the mattress. Most commonly, spring beds, air beds, and water beds are most prone to damage and hence you need to be extremely careful with these. Being rough on your mattress, like bouncing and jumping regularly can only cause premature wear and tear to your mattress but also damage your foundation and frames. So, we also recommend that you always follow the protocols with your mattress. If you are a mother or father of cute little humans, you might understand it’s impossible to prevent them from causing havoc on a bed, and during these situations, you might want to make sure to follow the other tips that we have mentioned above to strengthen the life of your mattress.

7. Don't let pets in

We know this might sound harsh. And we also understand how emotionally bonded you are to your little fur babies. As a pet owner, you may want to let your cute little pets sleep with you on your mattress. But you have to comprehend that pets like dogs and cats can make your mattress dirty over time with their fur and animal dander. This can prematurely age your mattress which you do not want to happen. But if you still insist on getting your pets on your bed while you read or sleep, you can always opt to get a mattress protector for your mattress. As we have mentioned earlier, a mattress protector is a great way to enhance the life expectancy of your mattress. Mattress protectors can defend your bed against external soiling and protect your mattress even if you consider sleeping with your pet. But if you do not want to consider adding this to your cart, here are the next steps. The other way you can choose to deal with the situation is to wash your beddings often to make sure that it is kept clean and fresh or maybe provide your pets with their blankets and cushions to lie on when they hop on your bed. Pets are prone to have accidents and hence ensuring to have this extra barrier of protection can help you prevent your mattress from unwanted stains and odours, and also have peace of mind even when you have your pets by your side.

8. Be aware of bed bugs

Bed bugs, a subject of a nightmare! Once these little creatures infest your mattress, protecting your mattress can become almost an impossible task. Bed bugs can be brought to your home from other places like hotels and Airbnb’s. So, make sure to check the mattress for any signs of bed bugs and also never keep your luggage on the floor. Also, these are not the only causes you might have bed bugs in your home. If you live in an apartment, these critters can be easily spread to your home through others. What can be done now? The first step is prevention. You can choose to buy a bed bug-proof mattress protector that comes with uniquely designed zippers to keep the bedbugs away. Frequently washing your mattress and beddings can also protect you against these tiny monsters. But if your mattress is already infested with bedbugs, there are very few options to save your mattress. Either you can call bedbug ridders to get the job done for you, or you must resort to buying a new mattress altogether.


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