A guide To Choose The Perfect Crib Mattress For Your Baby

A guide To Choose The Perfect Crib Mattress For Your Baby


Can you guess the most exciting task of the parents who are expecting a baby?

Putting together a nursery!

It is one of the most exciting yet difficult processes for every parent. While selecting the perfect shade for the walls and deciding the right corner for the bedding is necessary, safe sleeping space is the most required. Deciding the right and safe sleeping space organically starts with picking the best crib mattress for your baby.

Choosing a mattress may seem like a normal task to you, but there are specific safety measures that you might want to consider before purchasing a crib mattress for your baby. 

But you need not worry about the same, because we have prepared a unique guide to buy a baby crib mattress for you.

Just scroll down the page and you will be all ready to buy the best mattress for your child.

Types of crib mattresses


There are many considerations that you should keep in mind while purchasing the right crib mattress. 

But the most important one is to decide which type of mattress will suit your baby the best. 

There are various types of mattresses available in the market. However, The Lullaby Trust advises that the mattress used for babies should be firm, flat and reliable. 

Even a little tear or sagging on it is not recommended.

To understand which type of mattress would suit your baby, you will first need to understand and have detailed knowledge about various mattresses. 

Learning these little details would give a rough idea of choosing a baby crib mattress according to your needs while also keeping your budget in mind!

    • Foam: Foam mattresses are the cheapest. They are lightweight and provide good support. Foam mattresses generally have a PV wipe-clean material on one of their sides making it easy to clean them. 

However, these mattresses sag and lose their shape over a short period and therefore are recommended for short-term uses in a basket or a crib. 

    • Coil Sprung: Coil sprung mattresses are traditional mattresses. They are extremely popular among parents as these mattresses have a coil-sprung interior with various layers of foam and padding making them very comfortable for babies. 

These paddings allow increased airflow in the mattress to keep the right sleep temperature. 

They are supportive and are known to be firm for a long period without sagging. 

    • Pocket Sprung: These mattresses are similar to coil sprung mattresses. The only difference being that each spring is attached with a pocket for stronger support and increased longevity.  

Pocket sprung mattresses are an expensive option but can be used for years. So, if you plan to use the mattress for your baby for a long period or may use it for another child, a Pocket sprung mattress is the best choice!

    • Double-sided: Double-sided mattresses have a firmer and flat side made especially for babies. These mattresses, having two sides, can be used even after the child is older as it has softer material on the other side. 
    • Organic: Organic mattresses are made from chemical-free natural materials like bamboo. These mattresses are best for people who have allergy concerns. 

Apart from that, these mattresses offer good support and are breathable.  

Many crib mattresses have an extra outside layer to protect them from water and other substances.

Crib Mattress Sizes


When it comes to crib mattress sizes, you might want to make sure that the mattress fits inside the crib perfectly as it will carry your baby in it. A large gap between the two might cause a safety risk for your child. 

As a safety rule, when you fit the mattress inside the crib, not more than two fingers should go between it and the frame. To understand in detail, let’s talk about each mattress size:

    • Standard: Standard size crib mattress, as it says in its name, is the typical mattress size for cribs. 

According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, your standard size mattress should be around 6 inches thick and should measure at least 27 ¼ inches wide and 51 ¼ inches tall. 

A standard size crib mattress may vary slightly in its measurement and thus, you will need to make sure your mattress fits properly, which means, it is neither too big nor too small for the crib.

    • Mini: Mini size mattresses are smaller than the standard size crib mattresses. The typical size for mini crib mattresses is 24 inches wide and 38 inches long. 

While you may find mini cribs and mini cribs mattresses as well, it is still recommended for you to double-check if the mattress fits well in the crib before putting your baby in bed for the first time. 

Some mini crib mattresses are narrower than others and therefore, it is crucial to research the dimensions before making the purchase. 

    • Shaped: while putting together a nursery for your baby, you may find several options for cribs and crib mattresses. Even if you don’t like the ones already in the market, you can always choose to buy a specially shaped crib. 

Specially shaped cribs mostly come with shaped crib mattresses. If it does not contain a mattress, then you might need to measure the crib’s dimensions and make a new mattress according to it.

But keeping in mind the usual safety measures, the mattress should not contain more than two fingers gap between the edges.



While preparing the nursery for your baby, you may consider your budget many times. However, investing in some essential materials, for the safety of your baby, would be one of the best decisions you can make. 

The most important material you can buy for your baby is a crib mattress. After all, a safe sleeping space is much needed for the safety of your child. 

But finding cheap crib mattresses in the market is one of the most exhausting jobs for new parents.  

But wouldn’t you want your baby to sleep comfortably and safely? 

Special features come with a higher price tag, but they also promote better sleep as they are prepared with the best quality materials. 

If you are looking for a mattress made of strictly organic material or a mattress that has an allergen-reducing cover, you may need to keep around $200 with you.

Buying an expensive mattress is a good investment as no parent would want their child to sleep uncomfortably.

Crib Mattress Covers


Many crib mattresses come with a proper cover that helps to protect your mattress from diaper accidents and water spills. If not, then you can purchase them separately from the market. Since this layer will be the closest sheet to your baby (as the baby will sleep on it), you may need to check if the material is chemical-free or not. 

For this, nowadays, covers are made while keeping various factors in mind. You can find chemical-free covers such as organic, waterproof mattress protectors and many more.

You should consider these points when looking for a mattress cover:

    • Waterproofing- Baby crib mattress covers need to be waterproof as child beds mostly get more water accidents.
    • Breathability- Breathability in the covers is the most vital factor to consider as it keeps the baby cooler and aids in more comfortable sleep.
    • A hypoallergenic barrier- This will act as a barrier to protect your baby and keep the allergens out.

Apart from features, you should also check to see if the seams of the cover are sturdy. Plastic seams have sharp edges that could hurt your child.

Protecting your mattress


The Crib mattress will mostly encounter a diaper accident, which means leakage for all manner of reasons. A water-resistant cover is always a good idea, especially if you plan to save the mattress for the second child. 

Some mattresses have laminated nylon surfaces to protect the mattress from unwanted leakage. But still, you will need to look for a waterproof mattress as this will act as a backup, especially to organic mattresses, which are rarely water-resistant!

If you are thinking of saving the crib and the mattress for your second child, you should make sure to keep them clean and dry while in use and store them in a neat place. Before using it for the second baby, ensure that it is in good condition and is free of sharp edges.



Choosing a mattress for your baby is as important as choosing one for yourself. With the knowledge and tips that we have listed here, make sure that you buy the best-suited crib mattress for your child as it ensures their safety at night. 

Now, you might have got a decent idea about what type of mattress will be comfortable for your baby. While keeping the baby’s health, safety and comfort in mind, you can always research well and purchase the mattress that offers breathability, machine washing-friendliness and water resistance. 

Though we have made the points clear, with so many choices available in the market, the process of choosing a mattress can get a little confusing. But keeping in mind the size, materials, types, and other factors, it might get a little easy for you to understand the basic structure and need for the mattress. 

However, if you are still confused, you can always choose to make a customised mattress and crib for your baby. By providing the measurement of the space where you would like to keep the crib and the designs, you can now get a fresh crib mattress and the crib as per your choice! 

No matter which crib mattress you choose for your baby, ensure that it is safe, firm, flat and most importantly, comfortable. Also, make sure to put your baby to sleep on their back and remove all toys, blankets, pillows or other things that could act as a suffocating material to your baby during the night. 

We hope this guide makes your buying process easier.


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