All you need to know about bed frames

All you need to know about bed frames

"Get the right bed frame for your bedroom! What is the best place where you can lie down comfortably and sleep peacefully after a very exhausting day?  Yes, you’re right! It’s your bedroom– specifically, your bed. A quality of bed setup would bring you a lot of comfort. And the most important part of your bed is, of course, a bed frame! Bed frames help to support your mattress and hence, brings you better sleep. Varying from different sizes to different looks, bed frames are highly considered as a source of beauty and elegance to your bedroom. So, if you’re looking for a new one, here’s all you need to know about bed frames:

What is a Bed Frame?

You may have noticed a mattress that brings comfort and makes you feel relaxed. But have you ever thought about what supports it and holds up your bed? Yes, that’s what a bed frame actually does. Bed frame is usually a rectangular bed base that has legs to support the bed and give it some height. Some people refer to the frame as headboard, side rails and footboard. However, these are the separate pieces of a bed that come in different uses. The right bed frame would provide your mattress enough support for you to sleep comfortably. Be it a spring box mattress, if the bed frame is not right, it could start sagging, squeaking or unstable. All these problems could impact your sleep and cause body pains, so a good sleep requires a good bed frame. With such a vast variety in them, one could choose their perfect fit according to the size, quality and type of bed frame.

Different Types of Bed Frames

There are various types of bed frames available to select from. But first, it’s very important to understand what size you need. Double sized bed, Queen bed, King size bed provides better support if they have additional rail that prevents your mattress from sagging. You should also keep in mind how much support you would need. Depending upon the number of people using the bed, you would likely have to get a thick mattress, which means more support. Steel frames are the traditional bed frames and are often used for their best strengths. Wooden bed frames and upholstered bed frames are the bases that are in demand these days. Apart from them, you can opt for customized frames according to their needs. From modern designs to classic period designs, you can get anything made in the market as per your desire. Some bed frames have low profiles so that it could get easy to get in and out of the bed, while some have high profiles for built-in storage facilities such as attached drawers, storage bin, etc. There are also different headboards for the bed to look more comfortable such as metal headboards, bookcase headboards, slat headboards attached to the bed frames. Upholstered headboards are one of the most comfortable boards due to it’s soft and padded covering. 

Materials of Bed Frames

Beds are the most noticeable and long lasting piece of furniture in your bedroom. Hence, it’s no surprise that you would want to feel confident while choosing the perfect material for your bed frame. Here are listed some of the best bed frame materials to choose from:


Upholstered bed frames are one of the most popular choices due to their super soft coverings. They are very soft and pleasant, which makes it easy for you to sit and read or watch Television comfortably.

Faux Leather

Faux leather beds are known for their practical benefit and environment-friendly nature. Faux leather is an amazing material for bed frames as they are easy to clean and maintain. Another plus point is they come at a cheaper rate than real leather!


Wooden bed frames are classic, strong and look super elegant. Wooden bed frames bring a classy and natural look that creates a very warming environment in the bedroom.


The next in the line is the most trusted metal bed frame. Metal bases are known as traditional bed frames as they are simple but suit almost every interior style. So, if you’re looking for a traditional look for your bedroom, metal bed frames are a yes!

Bed Frame Height

As mentioned before, some of the beds are high profile while others are low profile. Why does it matter though? While many of us never think about the height of our bed, it plays an important role in our comfort level and sleep experience. Maybe you’ve never considered the height of your bed before, but despite your lack of knowledge, you have a certain preference on how tall you want your bed to be - with or without knowing! So, if you’re intrigued to know the average height of bed compared to your ideal height of the bed, here’s everything you need to know about it:

Platform bed

Platform beds are usually 18 inches tall. Because of their modern appeal, these beds are in demand but due to such a short height, it may not be a great choice for taller and elderly people.

Traditional bed

Traditional beds are “traditionally” 25 inches from the ground. This is one of the most used bed frames because of it’s comfort and perfect height.

Adjustable bed base

Adjustable bed bases have a height ranging from 12 inches to 18 inches. These frames could be arranged low to mid-height according to your preference.

Our Offer

Double sized Bed frame

For a peaceful sleep with a luxurious touch, our Luxury bed frame is the best go to option for you! With its generous amount of storage facilities, these bed frames give your room a sense of versatility without spoiling it’s look. The headboard and end-board attached to the bed will come in upholstered coverings to give it a look of elegance and to enhance the beauty of the frame. Apart from these amazing features, our Luxury bed frame has a variety of fabrics to choose from according to your interior design. Available in various materials and colours, our Double sized bed frames are designed to be an eyesight for you. 

Apollo Bed

Our Apollo Bed frames are as good as they come. With a high profile soft headboard, Apollo Beds are designed for your comfort so that you could watch Television or read a novel without any back pain. Yes, you heard it right! Apollo bed frames come with a fluffy headboard with soft buttons to make you feel sophisticated.  Apart from that, if you are looking for a place to store your bedwear, towels, shoes or clothes without making your room a mess, our Apollo beds provide you with a generous amount of storage space. 

The Royal Luxury

Give your bedroom a Royal look with our Royal Luxury bed frames. Featuring a very classic and Royal touch, this frame comes with a studded head and footboard that looks like a sleigh style bed. It also comes with a lift-up storage facility that will give a good amount of space to store your linens and quilts without taking up much area of your bedroom.   Available in soft fabrics, various Royal colours and textures, The Royal Luxury bed frames are designed to be the best in every aspect! 

Capri Bed

Get an amazing place to dream on with our Capri bed frames. Capri beds are designed in a tufted and winged style, that surrounds you with all the beauty. These beds are created with high quality materials, with a wide range of fabrics available to choose from. You can go ahead and buy the Capri bed frame according to the needs of your bedroom, be it a modern design frame or a classic one!

Wing Design bed frame

Our newest addition, Wing beds, are made to stand out in the bedroom and make a statement. With its wing designs on the headboard, this beauty is a piece of art. Built to last for a long period of time, our Wing bed collection comes in a wide variety of designs.  What will you do? Just select the fabric and the size for the bed, the rest of the work will be done by us!


Bed frames are an important part of your daily life. Every person needs a good amount of quality sleep and a perfect bed frame plays a crucial role in it. When looking for a perfect bed frame, you might want to consider your bed room design, support structure and your comfort level. The fact is that if you spend the one third part of your life sleeping, then why not invest in the best?  Visit us to get your desired bed frame and we will make sleeping an amazing part of your day! Our motto is to provide you with the best quality and hence, our frames are designed to get you a good sleep experience. So, why wait anymore? Get ready to finally get a good rest with us!


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