Are Ottoman beds dangerous?

Are Ottoman beds dangerous?


If you want to design your bedroom, you know how difficult it is to place everything you need among the four walls. With space being a constraint in most urban areas, more designers are combining different pieces of furniture to save room. 

One such way is by using an ottoman bed in your bedroom. These are great for your sleep and also save space through their inbuilt storage systems. While other bed designs also combine storage spaces, they do not have the same comfort as Ottoman beds. But are they safe for your family? Let’s find out!

What is an ottoman bed and how does it work?

Ottoman beds are space-efficient beds that have inbuilt storage spaces under a lifting base. The technology uses gas-lift hydraulic pistons to lift the base, which gives access to the storage space underneath. Unlike pull-out drawers, Ottoman beds make use of the whole bed space. From bedsheets and pillows to tiny nuts and bolts, you can store anything in this large compartment. 

The gas struts in an Ottoman bed work similar to the ones in a car boot lid. They prevent any sudden movements by controlling the weight. In the absence of the struts, the car boot lid would come crashing down. 

Similarly, gas compression springs in an Ottoman bed hold the weight of the base. When you lift the base up, the springs make it easier despite the heavyweight. They are designed to compress under the weight of the mattress. 

Underneath this lid, you will find the bedframe modified into a storage space. They provide more space than other storage beds as the entire frame is used. Ottoman beds are suitable for almost any kind of bedroom. If you have decided to buy one, then you need to keep a few features in mind.

What to look for when buying an ottoman bed?

Ottoman beds are an excellent choice both in terms of efficiency and style. While they make beautiful platform beds, the main focus while buying Ottoman beds should be safety. As the beds are designed to hold heavyweight, you need to make sure that all their safety features are in place. 

The quality of an Ottoman bed goes beyond its material. The type of gas struts, the lift, and the construction play an important role in determining how well the bed is made. You also need to keep in mind the size and structure of your room since Ottoman beds vary depending on the room size.

Gas struts

The safety of an Ottoman bed majorly depends on the quality of its gas struts. When you lift the base of the bed, all its weight falls on the gas struts, making it a vulnerable point in the whole assembly. 

The combined weight of the mattress and the size of the bed can be anywhere between 50-80 kgs. So, sturdy gas struts should be your priority when buying Ottoman-style beds. 

While gas struts are available in different materials, not all are designed to carry a huge load. Struts made of plastic are cheaper and used in affordable beds, but they don’t have the same strength as metal struts.

Depending on the weight, size, and lift type, gas struts are also available in different lengths. Make sure that there is enough support in the centre through screw joining points to eliminate any malfunction. 

Top base

When buying an Ottoman bed, most people overlook the top of the lifting base. In reality, it is essential to choose the right top to prevent any disaster. When the gas struts lift the base, the heavy mattress is held against gravity. If the base is smooth, chances are the bed will come crashing down.

To hold the mattress in place, choose a non-slippery top for the lifting base. You can either choose a boarded bed frame or a non-slip coating over the bed base. Either way, make sure that you choose a high-quality bed base and model that can bear the entire weight of the mattress. 

Lift direction

The lift direction depends on where you want to place your bed and how spacious the room is. Ottoman beds are space-savers, and if you want to make optimal use of them, you need to choose the right lift direction. Commonly, Ottoman style beds are available in three lift directions. 

    • End lift: These beds open near the foot of the bed and provide access to storage from both directions. Such beds are ideal if they are placed in the middle of the room, with no walls against the length of the bed. Depending on your requirements, you can either keep the space as it is or divide it into multiple compartments. 
    • Side lift: Side lift beds open on one side along the length of the bed. These are perfect for beds placed against a wall as they allow you to access the storage only from one side. Similar to end lift Ottoman beds, you can either use the entire section as it is or divide it into compartments. 
    • Half lift: Halt lift beds are a modified version of Ottoman beds where only the bottom half opens to reveal storage space. They are great for unconventionally shaped rooms, but they also minimize your storage options. If you want to combine both drawers and Ottoman bed storage spaces, then half lift bed frames are ideal for you. 

Construction and material

The construction of an Ottoman bed can be defined in one word - sturdy! Opt for anything less, and you will be at risk of the bed malfunctioning. For your safety, it is best to refrain from any kind of plastic component in the bed, especially plastic struts. While beds made of plastic or cardboard are budget-friendly, they are also a bad choice in terms of longevity. 

Instead, choose an Ottoman bed made of hardwood and metal. They are priced on the higher side but are also built to hold the weight of the mattress. If the base is made of inferior wood, then the chances of it breaking are higher. If the struts aren’t well-supported, then they may collapse under the weight of the bed.

Are our ottoman beds safe for children?

Ottoman beds go through rigorous testing before they are released in the market. They make great storage options and are almost risk-free for adult bedrooms. But some parents have expressed concern before using Ottoman beds in their kids’ rooms. 

While kids’ rooms are usually smaller and require smart storage options, using an Ottoman depends on the parent’s choice. The beds work on gas-lift hydraulics and hold up a large amount of weight. If kids mishandle the assembly, there is a chance the base will collapse. The weight of the bed is too much to handle, even for adults. 

Such accidents can be avoided by choosing a high-quality bed. Metal struts and a hardwood base with enough support at the centre prevents the bed from collapsing. Although they are expensive, they have enough sturdiness to ensure the safety of your family. 

If you are looking for Ottoman beds specifically for your kids, then sturdier, lighter options are also available. Safety locks on the lifting base is also a reliable way to prevent your kids from opening the Ottoman bed.

Is it heavy to lift an ottoman bed?

The whole point of an Ottoman bed is to lift the base and access storage. If the base is heavy, then accessing the storage can be a challenge. If you consider the weight only, then Ottoman bed bases can be anywhere between 50 to 80 kgs. But what makes it easier to lift are the gas struts. They ensure that you feel the minimum weight while lifting the base.

Even though Ottoman beds work on hydraulic technology, you will still need some strength to lift the base. The heaviness of the base also depends on the kind of mattress you use. If the mattress is too heavy, then the gas struts won’t support the weight. Use a lightweight mattress depending on the size of your bed. 

Another factor that contributes to the weight is the size of the bed. A king-size Ottoman bed will weigh more than a queen-size bed. Every bed will have a prescribed weight limit written on it. Make sure the weight of the mattress is less than the limit to avoid unnecessary strain on the struts.


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