Are Storage Beds Comfortable

Storage beds are a beloved addition to the world of furniture design! They offer a clever and practical solution for maximising bedroom space and organisation. If you're looking for a way to make your bedroom more functional and stylish, a storage bed may be the perfect choice. So, don't hesitate to consider this innovative and practical furniture piece for your home!

Before you make any decisions, it's essential to understand the value assessment of storage beds. Value Assessment evaluates the benefits and costs associated with a particular product or service. In this case, it means weighing the advantages and disadvantages of investing in a storage bed.

So, let's dive into the question: are storage beds comfortable?

What are Storage Beds?

What are Storage Beds?

Storage beds are a type of bed frame that feature built-in storage solutions designed to maximise space in a bedroom. They are often called ottoman or divan beds, each offering unique features that set them apart from conventional bed frames.

Unlike standard bed frames, storage beds are characterised by utilising the space underneath the bed. The design incorporates hidden storage compartments within the bed frame, providing extra space without compromising floor space.

The storage space underneath these beds is typically accessed through a gas lift hydraulic system, which effortlessly lifts the mattress to reveal the storage compartment. This system makes accessing the storage space easy and keeps the room tidy by concealing items that otherwise clutter the room.

One of the most popular types of storage beds is the ottoman bed. Ottoman beds are renowned for their large storage capacity, usually under the entire mattress area.

Divan beds are another type of storage bed that differ slightly in design. Instead of a single ample storage space, divan beds often feature drawers built into the sides or end of the bed frame. This requires additional construction to ensure the drawers are well-integrated and functional.

Furthermore, Storage beds are more than just functional. They also contribute to a good night's sleep. The sturdy construction of the bed frame ensures stability and durability, providing a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface.

Moreover, Some storage beds also come with customisable options like choosing the type of mattress or the upholstery fabric, enhancing your sleeping experience.

In terms of aesthetics, storage beds offer a streamlined and contemporary look. The hidden storage compartments maintain a clean and uncluttered appearance, making them a stylish addition to any bedroom.

A storage bed is a practical and stylish solution for maximising bedroom space. The perfect solution for a clutter-free bedroom with a storage bed! Easily store away seasonal items and bedding while maintaining a stylish and organised space.

Consider our Rio Divan storage bed if you want a sleek and modern solution. It has built-in drawers, providing ample space for your belongings without sacrificing style.

Pros of Storage Beds:

Pros of Storage Beds


Now that you know what storage beds are. Let's discuss some of the pros of storage beds.

Space-saving Solution:

One of the significant advantages of storage beds is their ability to maximise space utilisation in bedrooms. As highlighted by Mollyflex, these beds provide a simple, practical and versatile solution for different types of environments, particularly for smaller rooms where space is at a premium.

Unlike standard bed frames, storage beds incorporate additional storage within the bed, eliminating the need for extra furniture like drawers or bedside cabinets.

This feature saves space and is ideal for master or guest rooms.

Organisation and Tidiness:

The storage beds not only save space but also contribute significantly to keeping the room organised and free from clutter.

With dedicated spaces to store bedding, seasonal clothing, or extra pillows, you can easily keep your items tidy and accessible. The convenience of having everything within reach yet out of sight enhances the functionality of your bedroom space.


The third speciality of storage beds is that they can be particularly beneficial for individuals with allergies. As noted on Manifattura Falomo, the design of these beds can help keep out dust and dirt, making them a suitable choice for people with specific sensitivities.

The storage concealed within the bed frame reduces dust exposure for a cleaner sleeping environment.

The comfort factor of storage beds extends beyond just their practicality. Many designs, including ottoman beds, offer a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface, enhancing your overall sleeping experience.

Whether a king-size bed for a spacious main bedroom or a smaller model for a guest room, the variety of sizes and styles ensures a storage bed to fit every room and personal preference.

Cons of Storage Beds:

Cons of Storage Beds:


Now, moving towards some cons of a storage bed, which are given as:


The first drawback and critical factor to bear in mind is cost. BedWorks notes that storage beds can be pricier than open-frame beds due to their advanced design and multifunctional nature.

When planning your furniture budget, it's important to consider the added cost of extra storage space and the potential for a clutter-free environment.


The second drawback is accessibility, where you must consider potential challenges. Integrated drawers or compartments may make a bed less comfortable compared to a regular bed due to its sturdy base.

 Additionally, standing up from a storage bed requires more effort, especially for those with mobility issues.

This accessibility aspect should be carefully considered when choosing between different types of storage beds, such as ottoman beds with a side lift or end lift and bed frames with one or two drawers.

If you're looking for a bed that offers both luxury and storage, then the Geneva Divan Storage bed is the perfect choice. This sleek and modern bed has a deep cushioned headboard for added comfort and style.


What makes a storage bed comfortable?

Storage beds are built with a solid base that provides excellent support for mattresses. This solid base and the right mattress and bedding ensure a comfortable night's sleep.

Are Storage Beds Strong?

Absolutely! A Storage Bed is typically designed with a sturdy base to support the weight of the mattress and stored items. They're constructed to withstand regular use, making them a durable choice.

Is Storage Under Bed Good or Bad?

It largely depends on individual needs. Storage under the bed is generally considered good as it utilises unused space, providing a convenient solution for storing items like bedding, seasonal clothing, or extra pillows.

It can help maintain a clutter-free environment. However, it might not suit people with specific allergies, as dust could accumulate in the storage areas.

Do all types of mattresses work well with storage beds?

Most types of mattresses work well with storage beds. However, it's crucial to consider the bed's construction when choosing a mattress. Particular mattresses, like memory foam or latex, may provide better comfort on a storage bed.

Final words

Now that you have all the information you need to know how much storage beds are comfortable, it's time to choose your bedroom. You can find many high-quality and stylish storage beds with Crafted Beds.

For a smooth and comfortable night's sleep, we recommend checking out our bestselling ottoman bed frames - the Divan Ottoman Base End Lift and Eco Divan Bed. These beds have ample storage space and are perfect for any bedroom aesthetic. Whether you prefer a classic or modern look, Crafted Beds covers you.

So, don't compromise on your sleep comfort and storage needs when it comes to bed; choose from our range of mattresses designed for a restful night's sleep. Plus, with our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can be sure that our storage beds will last for years.

Take the first step towards better sleep and a clutter-free bedroom by exploring our storage bed collection today.

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