How to decorate your teenager’s bedroom

How to decorate your teenager’s bedroom?

Teenagers are incredible beings. They're learning, making informed decisions, figuring out who they are as people, and expressing themselves. As a result, designing their room will be a difficult task. Here are some decorating ideas for a teen's room.

Pick a fun theme

Teens have a lot on their plates with a busy school schedule and an even busier social schedule. Creating a stress-free haven where your teen can finish their to-do list and hang out with their friends is a great way to help them stay on track, but designing a space that is both functional and stylish can be more difficult than it appears.

  • Boho Chic- It is a style that is popular right now. This arty space which is rocking the new Boho Chic, layers upon layers of rich and cosy textiles against a clean, minimalist background, creating a teen dream room that's as cosy as it is cool.
  • Lighting Accents- a modern pink and grey teen room, a string of twinkling accent lights creates a glowing, celestial ambience while also serving as a place to display photos, postcards, and other mementoes.
  • A Vibrant Setting- The simple teen room keeps things simple, rocking its music-loving theme without coming across as too cutesy or over-the-top.
  • Ideal Situation- A unique photo collage is created in the simple teen room using a sheet of wire fence liner stretched and mounted directly to the wall.
  • Easy-to-maintain teen space- In this understated yet undeniably cool teen room, simplicity reigns supreme. A rich navy half wall, combined with high-contrast black and white graphic accents, gives the space a masculine feel without being drab.
  • Hang out with your pals- In this bold black, white, and yellow teen room, a pair of chaise lounges are the ideal spot to curl up and gossip with a friend. A selfie-themed gallery wall on the back wall adds to the teen-scene vibe.
  • Hanging Out in the Attic- This bright and modern attic hangout space has everything a gang of adolescent pals could want!
  • A pair of French daybeds provide elegant seating while also providing additional sleeping space for overnight guests, which can improve their sleep; oversized beanbag chairs provide flexible seating without detracting from the room's open and airy feel, and a modern "bubble swing" adds a touch of whimsy. A popcorn machine and a well-stocked mini-fridge are also available.
  • In the Public Interest- In this music-themed teen room, framed record albums make excellent wall art. The room has a rich and layered look thanks to the subtle emphasis on texture and pattern, which contrasts nicely with the cool, industrial ambience.
  • Diva's Wardrobe- Is there a teen make-up diva in the bathroom? This glam bedroom vanity is your ticket to a morning free of sibling squabbles, with an oversized mirror, flattering lighting, and space for all those beauty must-haves!
  • For the craft-obsessed- Do you have a teenage do-it-yourselfer on your hands? Provide your teen with their crafting station to keep those crafting supplies under control.
  • This straightforward setup includes easy-access storage, a workspace that doubles as a computer desk for homework, and a long, wall-mounted picture rail that allows your teen artist to show off their latest creations.
  • The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe- Is there a teen beauty queen in the bathroom? With an oversized mirror, flattering lighting, and space for all those beauty must-haves, this glam bedroom vanity is your ticket to a morning free of sibling squabbles.
  • For those who are passionate about their craft, this is the place to be. Do you have a teen who enjoys doing things themselves? To keep their crafting supplies under control, give your teen their crafting station.

Geometric Space-Saver is a geometric space-saving device- This teen's room with a bold geometric theme packs a lot of style into a small space (small bedrooms can look bigger). The dramatic, half-panelled focal wall, which extends seamlessly from the floor, creates an optical illusion, making the room appear longer and larger than it is. The dressing table doubles as a nightstand and space-saving pendant lights replace lamps, opening up table space and making this cramped arrangement (create a fun furniture arrangement) look perfectly natural.


fun teenager bedroom

    Lighting is important

    Every room in your home is made complete by lighting. It adds intrigue or changes the mood you want to create. The same can be said for children's rooms. To create a pleasant and interesting environment for your children, lighting must be both fun and practical. 

    You have the option of selecting a one-of-a-kind lamp pendant. This will give the room a fun element. For example, in this contemporary bedroom, the lighting was chosen for its unique shape. This is appropriate for a teen's room. 

    Kids are known for having a wide range of interests. You can choose an eclectic pendant light to match the room's colour scheme. The spiky pendant in hot pink matches the accented wall in colour and style, just like in this girl's bedroom.

    For children's rooms, night lights are required. The importance of selecting the right night light cannot be overstated. You can choose between low-power night light and lighting that is controlled. You'll be able to easily control the brightness of the light. 

    You can adjust the lighting in the same way if your child's room has a specific theme. You can choose custom-made lighting to complete the theme for children's bedroom designs like this modern one. You can add lighting to your bedside table. 

    This will be appropriate for children who enjoy reading at night or for bedtime stories. The bedside lighting installed on the built-in headboard completes the traditional style of this room.

    Lighting in teenager bedroom

    Use a paint they love

    Colour plays an important role in a teen girl's bedroom. It adds character and value to a teen girl's bedroom. Any colour will not work in your daughter's room. As a result, here are 10 cool teen girl bedroom colour ideas to think about:


    Pink has a feminine feel to it. That's why it's in almost every teen girl's room. It creates a sense of excitement in a room, which is exactly what a teen girl desires. A warm welcome from the surrounding pink theme is enough to energize her whenever she returns to her room.


    White is an undeniably classic colour that looks great in a teen girl's room. White also makes it easier to work with a variety of teen girl bedroom décor ideas. A bright white theme, for example, can be styled in a variety of ways. If you're looking for a versatile theme colour, white is a good option.

    Light Gray

    This is a fantastic choice for a teen girl's bedroom in a cool colour scheme. While many girls seem to prefer warm colours, light grey looks just as good when paired with the right colours. The good thing about light grey is that it can be both attractive and warm if styled correctly.


    Brown adds much-needed warmth to any space. It gives a room a relaxing and appealing atmosphere. For a teenage girl, having a bedroom in this colour is a huge plus. You can also choose from a variety of options to bring out the best in a brown-themed room. Purple and pink are excellent accessory colours.

    Light Lavender

    This is another colour that teenage girls prefer to use to bring out their feminine side. It's a stunning colour. White and natural-themed elements, such as a hardwood floor, can be used to complement it.

    Dusty Blue

    This is a lovely colour for a room. Consider using dusty blue as a primary colour in your teenage girl's room if you want her to love it and make it a little heaven down here. It gives the modern bedroom a relaxing atmosphere.


    This is the perfect colour for a free-spirited young lady. It adds warmth to a teen girl's room and creates a positive atmosphere.

    Blue (Navy)

    When you want to increase the value of your interiors, navy blue is a good choice. It gives a teen's room a lot of interest and a relaxing atmosphere.

    The design should represent them

    Every identity can be expressed through artistic design elements; the challenge is determining which design best represents your adolescent. 

    Brick wallpaper, band decals, and industrial lighting, for example, help to recreate the urban elements that make him feel cool, relaxed, at home or a combination of all three for the hard-shelled skateboarder. 

    Your adolescent's room is unlikely to be spotless. Assist your teen in expressing her individuality by assisting her in selecting one distinct feature that distinguishes her room from that of her peers. This acrylic hanging egg chair serves as a conversation starter as well as a place to unwind.


    There are numerous bedroom wall design ideas. When your teen girl has outgrown the stage of princesses and fairies in a castle, and your teen boy has outgrown cartoon cars in favour of real racing cars, it's time to update the bedroom decor. 

    Bedroom decoration is a way for many young people to express their personalities. Teenagers, as they love and need a lot of sleep, enjoy giving their rooms a personal touch. When it comes to wall decor, there are many options and photo wall ideas to choose from. 

    Discuss with your adolescent the possibility of decorating his room with a cool theme. Choose something contemporary, such as music, dance, fashion, football, or graffiti, to make the room feel more adult. Photo wallpapers are the latest craze; landscapes, urban images, abstract or surrealist drawings all look great in a teen's room.

    A photo wallpaper project is ideal if you don't know what to do with a large, blank wall in your teen's room. Wallpapers have come a long way from the out-of-date designs of the past, and now feature fantastic contemporary and intricate patterns. 

    These wallpapers are low-cost and easily removable. Choose an image that contains all of the colours in the colour scheme you've chosen. You can use a simple pattern wallpaper or a photo wallpaper with 3D effects, depending on your teenager's interests.

    Create a gallery wall

    Stickers on the ceiling

    People rarely look up to see what's going on above them. As a result, one of the most underutilized spaces in interior design is the ceiling. A ceiling mural, ceiling decal, or ceiling sticker, on the other hand, can completely transform a room. 

    For one thing, ceiling decals, stickers, and murals can make a room feel bigger, brighter, and more open. Thinking outside the box and incorporating a ceiling sticker into your design scheme can help to make a room more memorable and comfortable.

    Add some fun details

    Teenagers are not yet adults, even though they are growing up. Parts of them still have a soft spot for the little things – a stuffed animal here, a prized child's artwork there. Behind the bed, a whimsical wall detail adds a playful touch.

    Pictures- Posters or photos can be hung. These will assist you in making the space your own. Choose a relaxing landscape or an educational poster, such as the periodic table, to keep your mind sharp. Maps, calendars, and cork boards can also be hung. Make the room your own by adding photos of yourself, your pets, your friends, and your family.

    Board- If they have a strong attachment to something, make it the artistic focal point of their space. Plan colours and layout around the art piece on a board that speaks to them, and you'll help them create a welcoming bedroom.

    Mirrors- The main design-able entity for enhancing the look of the room is the cool mirrors for the bedroom. These chic mirrors can be hung on the wall to the side of the room. The best mirrors for saving our mood and bringing style into the room are beautiful bedroom mirrors.

    mirror in teen room


    The days of cutesy stuffed animals and cartoon elephant prints in children's nurseries are long gone. Teenagers, on the other hand, aren't usually ready for crystal chandeliers. The transition from one style of decorating to another can be difficult, but it's not impossible. As a result, you can use these concepts to decorate your teen's room.

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