Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Bedroom Lighting Ideas: Ways To Light Up Your Space

When it comes to the house's most personal and private area, lighting is highly critical to bring the right mood and vibes into the atmosphere.

Even though lighting may appear to be a minor consideration when  decorating your bedroom, proper lighting is crucial in making your space both functional and visually appealing.

Your room's light can be adjusted to suit your mood, whether getting ready for the day or even prepping up for bed at night.

Bedroom Lighting idea

How To Plan A Lighting Scheme

Using our recommendations for lighting in the bedroom as a starting point, you will notice a significant improvement in the overall  appearance of your room almost immediately.

Whether you have a small bedroom or a larger one, numerous lighting fixtures can be used to improve your mood and productivity in your home.

A bedroom is where we can unwind and recharge after a long day at work or play.

A peaceful and productive environment unravels with the perfect lighting and settings in the bedroom.

The use of layers will provide you with a greater variety of lighting options when working with light sources. A task lamp, wall, and clip-on lights provide low-level illumination for reading or sleeping.

The lighting from the ceiling can be used as a functional focal point for the room and an attractive decorative element for the bedside tables and other furniture.

In addition, dimming switches and warm white lamps can bring more lighting to the scenery." Whether it's a sunny day or a candlelit dinner night, you'll have complete control over the atmosphere.

Double The Lighting

Excessive lighting, like one in a boutique hotel, can  transform a drab space into something spectacular.

Having many lights in one space can seem overwhelming but doubling the lighting in your bedroom, especially if you have a negative and dark bedroom space, will bring the best out of the bedroom space.

Have  diverse light colours and have a fair share of lights spread evenly across your room; you can choose to have white lampshades, chandeliers, suspended light bulbs and neon lights to make your space top-notch.

Recycling a simple lamp can make any decoration stand out

You do not have to break the bank to do exotic and luxurious light decorations. All you need to do is recycle old lamps to bring freshness through a DIY task.

There is a lot of DIY inspiration online about how you can simply recycle a lamp and make your room look new and rich with old lights or other lighting equipment.

Make sure to search Pinterest, our favourite design inspiration place, to get some  great DIY decor ideas.

Bring more lighting into the bedroom, but do not make it too glaring. More lighting brings more vibe, boldness, and elegance into the bedroom. But that doesn't mean you have to make it too glaring for yourself or your visitors. Too much light can make the eyes take some time to adjust to the surroundings.

Instead, you can maintain the look across all areas and with well-lit hallways and stairwells, which makes it less likely that you will flood your bedroom with robust and glaring light.

Don't Sacrifice Pleasure

In bedroom lighting design, you don't have to sacrifice pleasure for practicality. No rule describes that your  bedroom must be designed in a specific way. (Even if there is one, we don't recommend reading it!)

Always make sure that whatever lamps or lighting you choose for your bedroom should reflect your personality and speak more to you than to others.

Wall Lights For Fun

In any night reader's bedroom, extended wall lights are a must. They give the room more industrial air while also making it simple to alter the light settings. It is ideal to have extended wall lights that only  take up a little space in a tiny room.

Creating the right sleeping environment can be done with wall lights. It is unnecessary to live in a cottage to appreciate a rustic, farmhouse-inspired, classic bedroom design when you can achieve the look with some wall lights.

Wall lights and bedside lamps complete the appearance in a traditionally styled environment or even complement a modern look. To maximise the space available in your bedroom, bedside pendants should be considered.

As with wall lighting, bedroom lighting options must be professionally wired rather than just plugged in like an ordinary lamp. Wall lighting  brings luxury into the room.

Bedding Spots Provide Illumination

Installing spotlights or downlights in dark areas of the bedroom, such as walk-in closets and fitted bedroom storage cabinets, is a great idea. A low-cost approach is to place a freestanding or clip-on flashlight on top of a freestanding wardrobe.

A professional lighting installation is essential for walk-in wardrobes and other advanced fitted solutions; many  fitted furniture companies include and install bedroom lighting decor as part of their overall service package.

Using Appropriate Lamp Coverings And Bulbs

The soft, diffused glow of an old-fashioned lampshade is preferable to task and spotlight lighting in the modern day when giving a  vintage mid-century bedroom a soft, vintage light.

Use an off-white or cream shade for your lampshade to achieve the most warmth.

With the appropriate lamp, a chilly bedroom can be more pleasant (while saving you money).

Using this eye-catching light fixture, you can make a powerful statement.

If you need more space for a floor lamp or a pendant light, you can go for eye-catching wall lights that don't take up any additional floor space in your area.

Double the Lighting

Bedside Lighting

On top of producing a beautiful low pool of light and taking up less room on the bedside table, bedside lamps are a fantastic option to consider. Although opaque lampshades, which direct sunlight downwards, may appear to be a good idea, reading in bed is more appealing.

It is possible to illuminate a bedroom with a cluster of bedside lamps or even a  single bedside lamp. Group these lamps in odd numbers and a range of sizes to create a luxurious hotel atmosphere in your room.

Choose According To Your Needs - Less Is More

The ability to choose from various lighting sources while reading in bed is a beautiful concept.

Depending on your needs, an Anglepoise-style wall reading light may be ideal, but if you prefer ambient lighting or want to  read on your phone in the dark, a softer bedside lamp may be more appropriate.

When it comes to bedroom illumination, soft shades are an excellent choice.

Choose light shades of light or less sharp lamps if you already have your bedroom beaming in vibrant colours of the platelet, like rose pink, maroon, or yellow.

But if you have a bedroom that is more towards the  softer shades of colours or even neutral colours, which can make the room a bit gloomy, you can always choose to get bright lamps to lighten up the space.

Bedrooms illuminated by a gorgeous variety of lights create a serene environment that is difficult to fathom.

Windows And Natural Lighting

Artificial lights are excellent, but natural lighting cannot be compared to anything. Everyone likes to see and get inspired by the natural sunlight that slowly creates light patterns in your home.

And that is why we always recommend having your windows wide open to let in that sunlight that is deep and enriching.  Adding mirrors and white bedding to the room can make it appear brighter.

Having natural light is easier if you reside in sunny areas, but if you are somewhere cold and snowy and rarely get sunlight, you can lean towards other types of lamps and artificial light decorations that still resemble the natural lighting system.

Illuminate a shelf on your nightstands to create a  focal point in your bedroom.

Open-shelving bedrooms are something we always love recommending to our readers. You can put anything in them, from books to vases to the occasional houseplant.

Use them as ambient lighting in your bedroom to create a soothing ambience and  help you sleep better at night.

While natural light does not resemble traditional fairy lights, natural sunlight is still a great alternative due to its brightness and ambience that cannot be compared to artificial lights.

Windows and Natural Lighting


Placing an  illuminated mirror behind your bedroom lights is an excellent idea since it allows you to magnify the emitted light and produce a gorgeous glow.

Knowing that mirrors create the illusion of perfect space and light, they are a fantastic choice for a tiny bedroom, as you may already be aware.

More Suggestions

Here are a few to lighten up your bedroom:

Make Sure That The Light You Choose Is Appropriate For The Occasion

If you have a striking wallpaper design or a  luxurious headboard in your bedroom, the lighting should not conflict with these elements.

Similarly, when you choose a translucent glass lamp with a muted and fluted shade that comes to life when the light is turned on, you would want to create a more subdued atmosphere in your space.

Balancing is always the key when it comes to  interior design.

Choosing A Central Pendant Light Fixture

When choosing a central pendant light fixture for a bedroom, it's OK to focus less on functionality and style than you would when picking one for a living room. There are so many unique options that choosing a few favourites might be challenging.

If your bedroom has high ceilings, consider a large pendant shade or chandelier, while those with lower ceilings may use downlights or ceiling lights as a starting point in a more contemporary atmosphere.

Fairy Lights

You may create an entirely different environment by simply putting up some fairy lights in your bedroom. An inviting ambience is created by incorporating warm white LEDs, white LEDs, and multicoloured fairy lights.

If you have a high ceiling, fairy lights can be hung around the frame of a four-poster  bed's headboard or a standard-sized bed's headboard.

If you appreciate clean lines and contemporary style, feast your eyes on festoon lights in your bedroom. These lights would look excellent in a monochrome bedroom,  a modern studio apartment, or even a room with a white wall.

Festoon lights strung on black cable in a black-and-white theme would look fantastic in the bedroom.


Now that you know all about the best lighting ideas, let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions.

What Lighting Is Best For Bedrooms?

Where all kinds of lights brighten up the bedroom space, experts usually suggest warm or white light. Such lights create a fully functional and cosy atmosphere in the bedroom.

How To Achieve A Brighter Home Instantly?

You may brighten your home even more by stringing white LED fairy lights on clear wire, giving your property a clean and elegant appearance. The immediate result will be a brighter and more appealing environment.

How Is An Angled Desk Lamp Useful?

Having an angled desk lamp or a  wall-mounted version is critical to effectively apply your makeup or work in the quiet of your home.

In addition to helping you apply your makeup effectively, a desk lamp on your vanity can improve your overall vision.

Wrap Up!

Getting dressed and doing makeup in the winter can be challenging. The employment of ambient and task lighting is needed due to these circumstances. Similarly, consider your needs and situations when decorating your bedroom with lights. Natural and artificial lights go a long way in bringing essence into your room, but it should be done right.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to turn your space into a cosier and more functional bedroom, then adding up new and better furniture and bedding accessories is the way to go. We recommend you check out  Crafted Beds. We offer a large collection of premium quality furniture and bedding accessories like  mattresses and  headboards to enhance your bedroom's overall comfort and aesthetic. So your bedroom can look more appealing!

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