Best Bunk Beds Safety Guide For 2021

Best Bunk Beds Safety Guide For 2021


About bunk beds


Has your little kid made the bunk bed a playground??

If yes, then this article is for you.

We care for you and your little munchkins also. You must have either installed or are thinking of installing a beautiful bunk bed for your kid. However, the fear of safety doesn't let you leave your little superheroes alone in the bunks, right?

You need to take a deep breath.


Because we are here to guide you on how you can keep your lovely babies safe.

A bunk bed is simply two beds stacked upon one another, giving enough space to both individuals for sitting and sleeping. It is space-friendly and comes in fascinating designs. 

Bunk beds are space-saving solutions that can take your kid through their teenage years. 

If you have never bought a bunk bed before, you might be surprised at all the mattress options available in the market. 

Contrary to popular belief, bunk bed mattresses come in multiple sizes, including king! Some even have enough space to manage three people at once. 

Whether you have the luxury or an iron-clad budget with you, you will want your bunk bed mattress to match up to industry standards or maybe greater. 

The bunk bed mattresses on the list below offer a wide range of sleeping options. Be it quality, safety, or comfort, we have brought all types of bunk beds options for you!

Let's dive into guidelines to ensure sound and secure sleep in the bunks!!

Risks and injuries

As per research, approx 572,580 bunk bed-related injuries were reported during the 16-year study period, resulting in an average of nearly 36,000 cases annually.

We understand it’s hard to make kids understand the risk and injuries associated with the bunk beds. You are left with no option but to fulfill their demands.

What children don’t understand is that various factors might affect and cause an accident while climbing on the bunk bed. This might get a little difficult for parents because kids do not understand the consequences, do they? 

Parents get scared and end up getting an expensive bed thinking about the safety of their child. However, many times they end up getting a bed that does not satisfy their needs and also costs them a lot of extra money!

And, what about the mishaps and accidents? 


Doctors and reports suggest that such mishaps could have been easily prevented if accurate safety guidelines were followed. Your little munchkin can sleep safe and secure if you ensure these basic guidelines. 

Who can sleep on bunk beds?


You must have heard a mixed answer to this perplexing question. Your search needs to be stopped as you will surely get the simple and apt answer here!!

The answer is everyone can sleep on the bunk beds. However, this comes with some conditions. The bunk beds can be used by anyone only if the bed has passed all the quality and safety standards.

Let’s dig a little deeper into each person type to understand the concept better.


Being a parent, you always try to give the best to your children. A little advice, before picking any bunk bed for your toddler, check the warning label for the prescribed age. 

Usually, bunk beds have a warning label stating that no child under 6 years of age or younger is allowed to sleep in the top bunk beds. Following some basic rules like this, added with precautions like no jumping on the bunk and ladders will always protect your little ones.


Some bunk beds are safe for adults. The human body differs from individual to individual in terms of size and weight. So, before picking any bunk bed the prescribed size and weight should be checked to ensure safety. 

In case a person wants bunk beds for hostels, he/she should buy a bunk bed designed for 500 pounds, commonly called industrial-strength, metal bunk beds. These beds assure a comfortable sleep for any guest. 

Last but not the least, double-check the ladder of the bunk bed before selecting any model. As falling from a ladder is considered dangerous and painful. 

How to use a bunk bed safely?


Numerous families use bunk beds as it saves a lot of space. However, many injuries and bunk bed-related issues occur every year due to how it is used and by whom? 

So, it becomes more important to use the bunk beds safely, especially if your toddlers are super energetic. However, the low-quality materials used to make bunk beds are another possible reason for the injuries.

Always confirm the latest safety and quality standards of the bunk bed before buying one. Apart from these two, here are a few safety measures that will help you avoid these injuries:

    • Try to place the bed bunk in the corner of the room, so the two sides protect you
    • Secure both the sides of the top bunk by installing guardrails; assure that guardrails should be 5 inches above the mattress.
    • In case there are more than 3.5 inches between the lower part of the mattress and guardrail, fix another guardrail board to cover this gap
    • Add additional slats on the top bunk to support and prevent the mattress from falling.
    • Secure stepping stool with the goal that it won’t slip.
    • One should only use ladders to get into and come out off the top bunk, and no other furniture.
    • Installing a bulb next to the bed bunk would help you see the ladders while getting out of the box.
    • Make sure there are no dangerous things around the bed.
    • Never hang belts, scarves, or ropes from the bunk bed, as your body could get rolled into it, which can eventually make you fall.

Set rules

Every little child would have once dreamt of having a sound sleep with toys all around on a bunk bed. However, as we discussed you should follow some steps to prevent injuries. Along with those steps, it is advisable to set some strict rules for your children before buying them their favourite bunk bed. Stick this list of rules to their room:

A big no to monkey jumps

Please tell your kids to not play and jump on the bunks. As it can loosen the bunks and can make the bunk beds sag. It looks like a vibrant playground but playing on the bed is an invitation to mishappenings.

Be cautious of the age limit.

This rule is for the adults to be followed more than the kids. The toddler's bunk bed shouldn’t be used by anyone out of the prescribed age limit. Ignoring this could lead to severe injuries.

One Bunk, One Child

Children usually insist on sleeping together with siblings or friends. But the parents need to understand that it increases the risk of falling. 

Don’t try stunts on the bunk bed

Strictly ask your children to only use stairs for coming down and getting up on the top bunk. They should put their creative minds to sleep while going to sleep.

Immediately inform parents of any movement

You should timely check the stability of the bunk bed. Children should be encouraged to inform parents if they feel any loose, wobbly, or movements. 

Position bed correctly 

We know how careful you will be when it comes to your child. Ideally, the bunk bed should be in a corner, where the bed will have support from two walls. Various other factors need to be kept in mind while positioning the bunk bed in your child’s room.

Are you crystal clear of the position of the bunk bed? 

Recheck from our list:

    • Bunk beds need extra attention while placing them in a room. Primarily it is advised to put the bunk bed against a wall in the corner. So that the side walls could assure more security. The rest of the sides should be secured by guard rails. Moreover, it is space friendly too.
    • Never place the bed bunk next to the window.
    • Your child’s head should never bump into the ceiling or ceiling fan.  
    • In case you have to adjust two bunk beds in one room. Make sure they have a distance of 6 feet apart. If you lack such space, put nails on the wall and put a curtain to provide private space. 
    • Put a carpeted floor beneath the bunk bed. According to surveys, it has reduced the risk of head injury. Instead of a carpeted floor, a large rug would also be great.

Teach children to use ladders 

You must ensure that the ladders are installed properly. Then train your little superheroes on how to use the ladders. Even adults are advised to follow the basic rules of using ladders. 

The ladder should be placed into the bed frame. It is advisable to have a nightlight near the ladder so that sleepy children can find their way down safely. 

Don’t worry, we have compiled another safety tips list for using the ladders:

    • Always face the ladders while climbing up or down. If done the other way, they can slip and have deep cuts and injuries.
    • Always keep on the nightlight. Never use a ladder in darkness.
    • Three points of contact should be followed all the time i.e. two hands and a foot or two feet and a hand.
    • Never hang ropes, ties, belts, scarfs on the ladder
    • Only one person should climb the ladder one at a time
    • Never push, pull or scare anyone using the ladder
    • Do not include ladders in dangerous games
    • Do not stand on the ladder without purpose

Tips for the long haul

    • Keep in mind that bunk bed mattresses may be designed for certain age ranges. If you want to buy a mattress that you can use for a long period, look for the ones that identify a weight limit of 200 pounds or more. 
    • Wear and tear in a mattress is an inevitable factor. To sustain the life of your mattress, choose one that can be flipped.
    • Rotating your mattress every 3 months or so can help avoid the sagging of the mattress. It will even out the wear and tear over time.
    • For safety purposes and product life, make sure your mattress base is sturdy and stiff. Keep in mind that slats should never be more than 3 inches apart. 
    • Cover your mattress with a waterproof pad or cover. This will help you protect your mattress from spills and nighttime accidents. 
    • You can consider an inexpensive foam cover to prolong or refresh the lifespan of your mattress.



Bunk beds come in all sizes. Some twin-size mattresses are better for bunk beds than others. To ensure safety and comfort, most top bunks require mattresses that are 8 inches high or less. 

The mattress, overall, should provide good support and comfort. No matter what their size or how high off the ground they are, safety is important. 

Bunk beds are a great way to make every night a little exciting. Weaving dreams in a bunk bed are always cherished by each of us. We believe any person (whether a kid or an adult) desiring to open their eyes in their bunks is always a child by heart. 

The excitement, innocence, and love for the bed bunks can be felt forever by ensuring these basic safety measures. 

If you follow these simple rules and regulations, each of you can have a sound sleep. 

Eventually, you will have a literal GOOD MORNING!


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