Best decor ideas for your walls

Best Decor Ideas For Dressing Up Your Walls

Whether you live in a modest city apartment or a big country estate, and whether your style is minimalist or maximalist, everyone faces the tough dilemma of what to do with that large, windowless wall at some point. 

Many individuals, to be honest, have a tense relationship with blank walls. A plain wall might sometimes feel refreshing when the space is packed with vibrant furniture, patterned area rugs, and plenty of objects. 

A blank wall, on the other hand, might seem neglected and, let's face it, dull. So, do you want to add flair to every inch of your home, even the walls? Take a look at these designer-approved ideas for giving your walls the love they deserve.

Create A Gallery Wall

No one likes to wake up in a boring white box. Decorating your walls is a crucial part of the interior design process, but it seems more significant in the bedroom. Indeed, a lack of wall décor is likely to make your bedroom feel incomplete. Well, maybe it’s time to become an expert for decor so you can do it all yourself!

These designer-approved bedroom wall décor ideas can help you brighten up the area, whether you're on a budget, thinking about going bold with wallpaper or seeking innovative art display inspiration.

You can't decide on a single piece of art; perhaps a curated gallery mix is more your style. Make your wall appear as if it belongs in an art gallery. 

If the frames have the same size, colour, and backing and are arranged in an equidistant grid, the asymmetrical display design is enhanced. Go for an eclectic fusion by mixing in a motley crew of framed images, paintings, and illustrations in varying scales.

Over the last several years, gallery walls or picture walls have grown more popular as a simple method to refresh your interiors, convert plain walls, create a focal point in your house, and add some character and individuality to your living area. 

A gallery wall may be used instead of paint or wallpaper to create a feature wall, and it can be put anywhere in your home, but the hallway, up the staircase, or in the living room are common spots.

gallery wall

Incorporate A Large Scale Art

Large artworks can draw quick attention to themselves the moment someone walks into the space they are in. They serve to fill up the gaps in your empty walls and enable the rest of the room's colour schemes, forms, and patterns to work around them. It may also make finding other pieces of art for your wall a lot easier. 

To add sophistication and vitality, large-scale artworks are best placed in lobbies (hotel, workplace, etc.), hallways, or even your living room.

The next step is to choose a canvas composition. The simplest method to achieve this is to sketch out numerous options for how canvases may be hung on your wall. 

Choose the choice that best compliments your wall space and appeals to you aesthetically! Because it's difficult to picture what you sketch on paper, I recommend taking a photo of your wall and sketching on top of it. 

After you've decided on your favourite arrangement and composition, you can select the canvas sizes that will bring your idea to reality!

You may start sketching new ideas now that you know the composition and size of the canvases! You may simply determine which colours to add by analysing the space where the art will be shown and borrowing colours in this way, ensuring that everything is harmonious and in sync.

After you've decided on your colours and that it's time for a change start sketching your geometric design. Start by sketching a huge form that covers all of the canvases, then draw lines within to create the rest of your shapes. 

Depending on how many you pick, you'll want to construct a form for each colour. You may figure out what colours will go in each form if you're pleased with your luxurious design.

Once you've finished taping, snip the tape where it crosses over to the other canvases to separate them into distinct pieces. Paint each shape with the colour of your choice. Each form will require 2-3 coats or until the appropriate level of opaqueness is achieved. A good piece of advice is to paint all of the other shapes first.

It's time to hang the canvases on the wall once the paint has completely dried.

Use Wallpapers And Tapestries

Use wall hangings to add luxury to your home's décor and to bring elegance and beauty to your walls. Beautiful and appealing wall tapestries may be utilised for this since they can be matched to any style of décor. 

Tapestry wall hangings are one of the oldest art forms and may be used to decorate your house. These lovely tapestries will fascinate the people that will be visiting your house. You may notice that the space in which you hang these wall hangings has begun to appear attractive.

Depending on the theme and design of your space, you may choose from a variety of wall-hanging tapestry patterns. Religious tapestries, for example, can be used by religious people to demonstrate their faith and belief in religion and god. 

These tapestry wall hangings are suitable for use in living rooms, prayer rooms, and community halls. The church used to employ these wall tapestries to illustrate events and stories from the Bible in the past.

If you want to utilise a wall tapestry in your bedroom, you may choose from regal tapestries, romantic tapestries, nautical sceneries, and a variety of other patterns that correspond to your style and preferences.

wallpapers and tapestries

Pick An Accent Wall

The first step in creating an eye-catching accent wall is to choose the proper wall. A poor pick might be the difference between a well-put-together space and one that just doesn't seem right. 

Make sure there's a purpose to draw attention to whichever wall you pick. When it comes to choosing an accent wall, there are no hard and fast rules. Because every space is different, it's a good idea to be flexible with your alternatives.

In most cases, the perfect wall to highlight is the first one you notice when you walk into a room. It will always be visible to you and your guests. Other architectural details to look for are a fireplace, built-in bookcases, and architectural niches. 

These will guarantee that the accent wall is the focal point that it should be. You should select an asymmetrical wall. Avoid slanted walls, windows of varying sizes, and nooks with unusual shapes. It's a good idea to put your accent wall against the wall you see every day. You'll make use of the room's natural line of sight, which will highlight the feature wall's focal point.

Keep an eye out for a solid wall. Accent colours work well on walls that don't have any interruptions, such as doors, windows, or built-ins. The walls behind sofas and beds are common instances of this. 

Take into account what you already have. Painting an accent wall that is mostly concealed by other furnishings such as paintings, floor lamps, tall furniture, or window treatments will not contribute much to the area. You should pick a rather open wall

Consider the fifth wall, the ceiling, if you can't locate the proper accent wall. A white ceiling opens up a space, but a darker colour makes a small bedroom feel spacious and cosier.

accent wall in your home

Put Some Bookshelves

Organizing can be enjoyable! This post will help you locate unusual pieces that you won't find at your local furniture store, whether you're looking for imaginative storage solutions out of necessity or ornamental desire. 

We've prepared a collection of shelves that range from ultra-modern solutions for minimalist or modern designs to beautiful rustic options for farmhouse types and Scandinavian-inspired houses.

Fishbone Shelf is an aesthetic, modular, and adaptable set. 

Rotate the shelves in whatever direction you like; the distinctive form accommodates books from every angle. These would look fantastic in a contemporary Scandinavian setting.

Have you ever been curious about how "floating" bookshelves work? To keep the cover from hanging, just insert the shelf inside a robust book and tuck the bottom cover onto the tiny hooks that sit flush against the wall.

Hanging Mirrors

Decorative mirrors are a simple way to add style and utility to any area. Not only will they add a touch of modern glitz to your walls, but they may also be employed to give the appearance of a more fantastic space or to illuminate gloomy spots. 

There is a mirror for every house and budget, with designs such as Mid-Century Modern starbursts, modern metal flowers, and whimsical geometric showpieces. Decorative mirrors are a terrific option that trades off minimum work for a huge impact, whether you need to add a little flair to your bathroom or just liven up a monotonous wall.

Sunburst Mirror With Decorative Accents

Garden-inspired inspiration for your house! Its fun design, which has a combination of mirrored and hollow petals, is a perfect complement to any teen's room or any other place seeking something both young and beautiful.

Decorative Wall Mirror In The Shape Of A Flower In Multi-Colors

A flowery delight in the shape of a gorgeous wall mirror is created when a gold and black combination. A handmade mirror with a minimalist colour palette and excellent use of negative space.

Blue Petaled Mirror

This mirror is made to be seen, with a deep peacock blue finish and a mix of solid and perforated petals. This one-of-a-kind wall hanging is 30′′ by 30′′ and is entirely constructed of metal.

Hanging Mirrors

Mix Different Fabrics And Textures

In the world of interior design, the texture is a hot topic. A plan without texture is a scheme that falls well short of the mark. Thus, it's a vital aspect of every designer's language. A fringed-edged cushion here and a rough-sawn wood grain aren't the only ways to add texture to a space. 

It's the fine art of combining the rough with the smooth and figuring out how to generate a visual texture that isn't physical. The answer to "what is texture" and how to use it in your home is waiting for you.

The overall textural impression of a room relates to physical and visual texture, but it also impacts how we perceive things. 

Lighting, for instance, is neither physically nor aesthetically textured, but it is one of the house's most essential sources of texture. Its calming ambient radiance can turn a whole area into one of remarkable gentleness or, on the other hand, one of hardness and harshness.

Accents may also be created with texture. Interior designers use texture to impart 'visual weight' to a space. To put it another way, how well can an object or a portion of the space grab attention to itself? Using contrasting textures is one technique to make certain parts stand out more than others.


Now that you know all about the best decor ideas for your walls, let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions.

What Should I Put On A Plain Wall?

Blank walls may be difficult to work with. But several things can be done. For instance, consider hanging wall art or your favourite photo frames. You may also hang mirrors since mirrors also provide the added benefit of making your space appear spacious and bright. 

Why Should I Add A Sophisticated And Luxurious Cubix Bed To My Room?

This bed is a lovely complement to any decor. The height of the bed may be adjusted to fit your mattress and box spring exactly. The superior craftsmanship of this piece, which is made of soft imitation leather fabric, will ensure that it is appreciated for many years to come. 

What Is The Most Popular Home Decor?

Every interior designer's first-ever choice when decorating homes is wall prints and items that add texture. All these decorations are usually put up on accent walls so they stand out and add a flare of luxury to the entire room.

Wrap Up!

All in all, there’s so much you can do to make your walls stand out. The possibilities are endless, from putting up your favourite wallpapers to creating an art gallery wall. We have curated the best decor ideas to dress up your walls from the top designers and delivered them straight to you. So whether you are into minimal decor or an extravagant dash of luxury, there’s something for everybody. 

Additionally, the furniture you place also plays a huge role. So if you’re looking for beds and bedding accessories to boost up the look of your bedroom, take a look at Crafted Beds. We offer a wide range of bedding accessories that will make your bedroom stand out. So, head over to Crafted Beds to get your hands on the best bedding accessories to give your bedroom a new look. 

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