Best Mattresses for Restless Leg Syndrome

Best Mattresses for Restless Leg Syndrome

"Restless leg syndrome or RLS is a disorder that plagues nearly 10% of the US population. For someone who suffers from RLS, even a daily routine can be challenging due to the uncomfortable sensations and constant urge to move their feet.  Moreover, the condition flares up during periods of inactivity, which makes sleeping a struggle for people with restless leg syndrome. The constant motion also disrupts their partner’s sleep, adding to the patient’s worries.  If you or someone you know suffers from RLS, then you might be well acquainted with their struggles to rest. But certain mattresses with the right design and comfort can alleviate the symptoms and help you sleep well. We have compiled the best budget mattress list for RLS, all you need to do is consider when to buy, so your partner and you can have much-needed rest every night.

Saatva overall mattress

While motion isolation is the main concern for people with RLS, your sleeping styles and comfort levels also affect the kind of mattress type you should choose. Saatva, a hybrid mattress, offers three firmness levels for all kinds of sleepers. The top layer made of memory foam is comfortable and soft. But it also restricts motion transfer, which is a much-needed feature for RLS. The high-quality memory foam also distributes your weight evenly, so none of your pressure points bears the brunt of it.  While certain sleeping positions worsen RLS, Saatva takes care of it by offering three variants of their Classic mattress. The three firmness levels–soft (3), medium-firm (5-7), and firm (8)-- cater to various sleeping positions. For a person who sleeps on their side or stomach, the softer mattress is more suitable. And the medium-firm and firm mattresses are good for back sleepers.  The motion isolation feature also means that your partner’s sleep won’t be disturbed no matter how much you move. This makes Saatva an ideal mattress for couples, especially if one of them is suffering from RLS.  Above the memory foam is a 3-inch Euro pillow layer, which makes the mattress even more comfortable by letting you “sink in” just right. Below is the innerspring core made of recycled steel springs that provide additional support to the mattress. Though the mattress is not designed specifically for RLS, the entire structure helps you stay comfortable even when you are feeling restless.  Saatva Mattress comes with a 15-year warranty and an additional 180-night trial period. The company also offers free doorstep delivery, which includes old mattress removal.

Nectar budget-friendly mattress

Even though a mattress might improve your restless leg syndrome, not everyone wants to spend too much on it. If you want an economical option that helps with RLS, then a Nectar mattress is the right option.  Nectar is an all-foam mattress, which is ideal for RLS as memory foam is the go-to material for motion isolation. The foam layers vary in density and properties as you move down the mattress. Nectar prioritizes comfort by choosing a quilted top layer of memory foam. This layer gently hugs the body and keeps the movement isolated, meaning no more sleep disturbances for you and your partner.  The next layer is made of gel-infused foam. Apart from cushioning, the gel also helps dissipate body heat and keep the mattress cool. Between the base and the gel is a sandwiched layer of hi-core memory foam which is denser than the top layers. This gives stability and strength to the mattress and prevents you from sinking in too much. The last layer is made of high-density foam, which forms the support base. Above the mattress is a cover made of Tencel fibre. This breathable cover promotes airflow throughout the mattress to maintain optimal sleep temperature. Nectar Mattress is not too soft and not too firm, with a rating of 6.5 on the firmness scale.  If you are unsure whether the mattress will improve your restless leg syndrome, Nectar offers a generous 365-night sleep trial and a forever warranty. With budget-friendly prices and a long trial period, Nectar is one of our favourites.

Helix luxury mattress

Everyone has a different sleeping style, and Helix knows that. The company has a range of seven main mattresses which suit different sleeping positions. From really soft mattresses for lightweight and side sleepers to firm mattresses for back sleepers, Helix has taken into account everyone’s requirements.  Helix mattresses are coil-foam hybrids with several layers of memory foam and a coil core. Each transition layer is thoughtfully included, with some versions also zoning the core to provide additional comfort. All Helix mattresses perform well in isolating motion, which is a prerequisite for sleepers with RLS. Notably, Helix Dusk is the best among their models for restricting motion transfer and providing pressure point relief. Other Helix variants are also good, though they lag a little when it comes to motion restriction. For most people with RLS, the range of mattresses is limited. But Helix has introduced several new options, which are suitable for RLS even though they aren’t specifically designed for the condition.  While each variant caters to a specific group of people, it shouldn’t stop you from finding the right mattress based on your requirements. If choosing among so many variants is confusing, Helix has got you covered. Their special sleep quiz understands your needs to suggest a suitable mattress for you.

Amerisleep eco-friendly mattress

For people who love natural and sustainable products, Amerisleep has a hybrid organic mattress made of latex and coils. The mattress, which stands at a firmness level of 6, is made of two layers of latex material which constitutes the comfortable top. While memory foam is the material of choice for RLS, this latex hybrid doesn’t perform any less. With motion absorption properties and an added bounce, Amerisleep Organica makes sure that your movements do not affect your slumber. Apart from the latex, the inner coil core also contributes to the bounciness and prevents too much sinkage while restricting motion. For people with restless leg syndrome, the bounce also helps with ease of movement, so you can change positions without feeling uncomfortable.  The comfort layers cradle your body and adapt to the body’s contours. This means even weight distribution and pain relief for pressure points. For breathability, the mattress is covered in organic cotton with a wool layer beneath it. Both the wool and the cotton layer improve breathability and keep the mattress cool.  Though the mattress is at a firmness level 6, it might be too firm for side-sleepers, especially those who weigh below average. The mattress might not sink at all, adding unnecessary weight to pressure points. Additionally, Organica has a reinforced perimeter with more coils placed along the edges. This strengthens the mattress and holds it up even if you prefer sleeping on the edge.  For their Organica mattress, Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial. But customers must try out the mattress for a minimum of 30 nights before they can be eligible for reimbursement or a free replacement. The mattresses also come with a 20-year warranty with a few terms and conditions.

Zenhaven latex mattress

Another latex mattress on our list, Zenhaven, is a perfect mix of quality and affordability. Zenhaven is also made by Saatva, which is known for its quality mattresses. The latex used in Zenhaven is Talalay, which is sustainable and nature-friendly. Unlike Amerisleep Organica, Zenhaven is an all-latex mattress made of natural materials. The mattress is flippable with different firmness on both sides. One side is called the “gentle firm,” which stands at a seven on the firmness scale. The other side, called “luxury plush,” is a 6. Though the difference in firmness is subtle, the flippable option makes the mattress a long-term investment.  As the firmness levels are similar, both sides are good for back and side sleepers. Though ideally, the firmer side is meant for back sleepers, and the softer side is for side sleepers. The responsiveness of the latex, as well as the bounciness, makes the mattress a comfortable choice for people with restless legs. The cover is made of organic cotton, which gives a plush feeling while increasing the breathability of the mattress. Beneath it is a layer of wool followed by a 1.5 inch zoned latex layer. The latex is firmer near the torso and softens out as we move towards the head and the lower body. Underneath it is two latex layers, one serving as a transition layer and another which forms the support base.  Both motion isolation and pressure point relief are provided by the mattress, so people with RLS can have a worry-free sleep. Customers have a six-month (180-day) sleep trial which is plenty of time to determine the suitability of a mattress. Zenhaven also offers a 20-year warranty for all their mattresses.

Muse cooling mattress

While memory foam and latex mattresses ace well in the area of comfort, most of them also tend to warm up pretty quickly. This can also make sleeping uncomfortable as no one wants to break out in a sweat as they sleep.  Muse Cooling mattress, as the name suggests, is designed to keep the sleeper cool using phase-changing technology. The overall structure is similar to that of any memory foam mattress, with multiple foam layers of varying densities starting from soft to firm. But the distinguishing feature is the cover, which is cold to touch. The washable cover changes phase and releases heat which gives a cool feeling when you sleep on it. This mattress also restricts motion transfer, but the added cooling feature makes it ideal for people with restless leg syndrome.  Muse mattresses are available in three firmness levels. The soft variant for lightweight sleepers, the medium for almost all types of sleepers, and the firm mattress for heavy-weight sleepers. The company offers a 10-year warranty along with costless, hassle-free returns.

Aslan gel foam mattress

Another bed-in-box mattress, the Aslan Gel Foam mattress, is medium firm with three foam layers. Each layer has a specific purpose which is distinguished by the material and density of the foam.  The first layer is made of beaded gel and phase-changing material, meaning the bed stays cool as you sleep on it. Below it is denser memory foam which helps in transition and motion restriction. While the top two layers cradle the sleeper, the bottom layer of support foam holds up the mattress and balances its softness. The mattress is quiet and isolates motion, just like other memory foam mattresses. This means that movement on one side of the bed doesn’t reach the other side. For people who prefer sleeping near the edges, Aslan has extra reinforcement along the perimeter. The foam used is made without using ozone depleters, which makes it completely environment-friendly. Even though other mattresses have similar features, the Aslan gel Foam mattress provides the best quality at budget-friendly prices.


Sleeping with restless leg syndrome is challenging, and it is essential to understand the mattresses completely before choosing one. In case of any doubts, these frequently asked questions will give you the information you need. [faqs style='toggle' filter='best-mattresses-for-restless-leg-syndrome']"

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