Best Sleep Mask for Quality Sleep

Best Sleep Mask for Quality Sleep

You can do all sorts of things to get a good night's sleep, but did you know that using a sleeping mask could be one of the best ways to ensure quality slumber? Sleep masks can help block out light and noise and create an environment conducive to a good night's sleep. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one perfect.

However, before we jump on to some of the best sleep masks on the market today, let's take a look at what sleep masks are and what are their benefits.

What Is a Sleep Mask and What Are Its Benefits?

A sleeping mask, also known as a blackout eye mask, is a type of eyepiece worn during sleep to block out all light just like blackout curtains. It may be made from cloth or plastic. Sleeping masks are used in darkened rooms to help prevent visual input from disturbing the sleeper. They are often recommended to people who have problems sleeping due to noise or light pollution. Some people also use them for napping during the day.

Furthermore, sleeping masks can provide a variety of benefits. According to Healthline, using a sleeping mask can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It has been shown to reduce the time it takes for people to fall asleep and extend the duration of deep sleep cycles throughout the night, resulting in improved overall restfulness.

Here are a few other potential benefits of sleep masks:

Helps Improve Sleep Quality

Sleeping masks are an effective solution to improve the quality of sleep. Wearing a sleep mask can reduce the amount of light that enters your eyes and helps your body produce certain hormones like melatonin, which helps regulate the body's natural clock. This can help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, allowing you to wake up feeling rested and ready for the day.

Additionally, eye masks can help block out noises that may prevent you from falling asleep or disrupt your sleep throughout the night. The darkness and silence provided by an eye mask can make it easier to transition into deep, restorative REM sleep. By creating a comfortable environment conducive to relaxation, wearables like eye masks can provide a more restful night's sleep.

Reduces Ambient Light

An eye mask is an effective way to reduce any ambient light that may be interfering with your sleep. The fabric and design of a sleeping mask will block out most, if not all, of the light that would otherwise keep you awake. It also allows for much deeper and more restful sleep, eliminating the need to deal with light that might otherwise distract you.

Additionally, some masks come with padded eye cups or ergonomic designs to help keep them comfortable while sleeping. Whether you are traveling or trying to get some extra shut-eye in a bright room, a sleeping mask offers the perfect solution to blocking out ambient light and allowing you to get the restful sleep you need.

Prevents Eyestrain, Eye Puffiness, and Dark Circles

Sleep masks serve an important function in keeping your eyes rested and healthy. By blocking out all sources of light, they can ensure that you get a deep and restful sleep. The darkness helps keep your circadian rhythm steady and regular, which is essential for sleeping soundly throughout the night. This also has benefits beyond just feeling well-rested in the morning.

When you get enough quality sleep, your eyes remain rested throughout the day and are less likely to experience fatigue or strain. Furthermore, sleep masks help reduce dark circles under the eyes by helping to keep skin hydrated. Additionally, they can relieve puffiness and irritation, as the lack of light helps reduce inflammation.

Promotes Deeper Relaxation 

Sleep masks are a great way to promote deeper relaxation while napping or sleeping. They help block out any light that can disrupt your sleep cycle and make it difficult to lull asleep, allowing you to truly relax in the dark.

Moreover, eye masks also help you focus on your breathing and relax your mind and body. This can be especially useful for people who struggle to sleep or have difficulty relaxing. With the help of a sleeping mask, you can reap the full benefits of restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Relieves Insomnia Symptoms

Insomnia can be a problem that many people struggle with. If you are one of these people, you know how difficult it can be to get good, restful sleep. A sleeping mask may provide an effective and simple solution for insomnia. Sleep masks help by blocking out light and allowing your body to relax and reach the deeper stages of sleep needed for a full, restful night.

Furthermore, a study posted on Healthline has shown that wearing a sleep mask can help improve sleep quality. You can get restful sleep by creating a dark environment conducive to good sleep without pharmaceuticals or other complex methods.

Additionally, sleep masks are significantly more affordable than most other insomnia treatments. So if you are looking for a simple yet effective solution to your sleep issues, try using a sleeping mask tonight and see the difference it makes in your rest.

Provides Relief From Headaches

Sleep masks are a great way to get relief from headaches. These comfortable and lightweight masks cover your eyes to block out distracting light that may be causing your headache. Not only do they keep light from entering your eyes, but they also help reduce stress levels by promoting relaxation and calming the body.

By blocking out distractions, sleep masks can provide much-needed relief and help you to drift off into a peaceful sleep. In addition, by providing a comfortable and dark environment, these masks can also reduce the intensity of your headache. They provide cooling comfort for those who suffer from acute headaches or migraines.

Helps With Allergies and Sinus Pressure

Sleep masks are a great way to help reduce the symptoms of allergies and sinus pressure. That's because a sleeping mask helps block light, which can irritate and aggravate allergies and sinus pressure. By blocking out the morning, your body can sleep more comfortably and deeply - reducing the strain on your eyes and allowing your body to find relief from allergies and sinus pressure.

Can Reduce General Stress Levels

Poor sleep quality can lead to many issues, from daytime fatigue and exhaustion to emotional instability. Fortunately, a quality sleep mask can help reduce general stress levels. This can help create an ideal environment for relaxation, allowing you to drift off into a more relaxed state of mind and wake up refreshed.

Additionally, the soft fabric of a sleep mask can be soothing against your skin and provide comfort for a more restful night's sleep.

Helps Relax Muscles Around the Eyes

Sleep masks are a great tool for relaxation and improved sleep quality. They work by blocking out light and providing gentle pressure to the eyes, helping to relax the muscles around them. The result? Restful sleep can help reduce tension headaches, dark circles, and puffy eyes.

Moreover, sleep masks also provide a calming effect that promotes relaxation, increasing concentration, and better focus. So if you're having trouble sleeping or just want to relax after a long day, a sleep mask can make all the difference! Try using one today for more restful sleep and improved health.

How Do Sleep Masks Work?

Sleep masks work by blocking out all light. This forces your body to produce more melatonin, the hormone responsible for making you sleepy. They can also help block out noise and create a more peaceful environment for sleep.

Furthermore, sleep masks can help reduce the time it takes to sleep and improve your sleep quality. The cover should be snug enough to stay in place without inducing pressure points yet not too tight to become uncomfortable.

Frequent travelers find that using a sleep mask can help them adjust to different time zones and facilitate better rest. Moreover, sleep masks can benefit individuals who cannot create a completely dark sleeping area.

Finally, if you suffer from light sensitivity, such as migraines or photophobia, using a sleeping mask may help reduce discomfort. Consult your physician on incorporating a sleep mask into your migraine management plan.

Overall, sleep masks are an effective and affordable way to improve sleep quality. But, everyone has different needs, so it's important to find the type of mask that best suits you. Experiment with the various sizes and materials until you find what works for you!

What Are the Common Types of Sleep Masks?

There are many sleeping masks, but all share the same purpose: to block out light and help you get a good sleep.

Let's have a look at some of the common types of sleep masks.

Cloth Masks

Cloth sleeping masks are made of breathable fabric, making them ideal for comfort and relaxation. They block light from the eyes so you can get good sleep, even with bright lights in the room.

Moreover, cloth masks also provide warmth, helping to improve circulation while sleeping. The adjustable straps ensure they fit perfectly around your head, providing supreme comfort and coverage.

Finally, cloth masks come in various designs and colors to suit any style preference. These masks are also incredibly lightweight and can be taken easily on the go so that you have a good sleep wherever your travels take you.

Gel Masks

A gel sleep mask might be the perfect option if you prefer a cool, soothing sensation. Gel masks are designed to keep your eyes cool and dry throughout the night, making them ideal for those who experience irritation or discomfort from traditional fabric masks.

Gel masks have a non-toxic gel insert that stays cool while wearing them. This helps reduce puffiness around your eyes and absorb moisture, ensuring your skin stays hydrated throughout the night. Additionally, these masks provide gentle pressure on specific areas of the face, helping to relax the tension and give you a more restful sleep.

Cushioned Masks

Cushioned masks are a great way to get a full night's rest without discomfort. Made with soft, breathable fabrics and adjustable straps, these sleeping masks provide gentle support around the eyes while blocking light from nearby sources.

Not only are they comfortable, but these cushioned masks can also help reduce signs of wrinkles or dark circles around the eyes due to their ability to block out light and reduce eye strain. These masks can be worn during naps, on long flights, when camping outdoors, or for any other occasion where you need complete darkness for a good night's rest. So if you're looking for a way to get more restful sleep, try a cushioned mask today and let it help you drift off into dreamland!

Heated Masks

Unlike traditional masks, the innovative designs of heated covers feature an integrated heating element that gently warms the face while you are sleeping. By keeping your face warm and cozy, wild masks help to reduce wrinkles and puffiness, as well as help improve circulation and relax tense muscles.

Weighted Masks

Just like weighted blankets provide a comforting source of relaxation and improved sleep quality, weighted eye masks do the same! The additional weight provided by weighted covers encourages the release of serotonin and melatonin, two neurotransmitters that can positively affect your sleep cycle.

A weighted eye mask is also believed to reduce restlessness while you sleep, increase the depth and duration of your slumber, and help alleviate anxiety caused by stress or chronic pain. A weighted mask's deep pressure stimulation can have calming effects similar to swaddling an infant.

What Are the Best Sleep Masks for Quality Sleep?

The best sleep masks for quality sleep will depend on individual preferences and needs. Some people might need a more lightweight mask that won't disrupt their sleep, while others want something thicker and more comfortable.

Here are some of our top picks for sleeping masks that can help improve the quality of sleep:

Slip Silk Sleep Mask

The Slip silk Sleep Mask is a luxurious sleep aid that has earned rave reviews from beauty experts and sleepers alike. This silk eye mask is designed to be gentle on delicate facial skin and absorbs significantly less face cream than cotton - helping to keep your skin's natural moisture and valuable face products where they belong.

Furthermore, the Slip silk has been scientifically proven to reduce friction, allowing your skin to glide along the pillow without creasing or pressure around the eyes. This helps keep your skin looking better for longer but can also help you get a more restful sleep by not shifting and creasing throughout the night.

The superior quality of this silk eye mask, like a temper sleep mask, will guarantee you are getting the best possible sleep every night, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning.

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

The Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask is a perfect solution for an effective yet natural sleep aid and eye relaxer. Crafted from Grade 5A 100% organic mulberry silk, the mask is truly luxurious and offers a breathable, cool relaxation experience akin to that of the world's premier spas. The super-soft and skin-friendly fabric reduces friction, helping protect the delicate areas around your eyes by preventing marks or wrinkles.

Moreover, like a tempur sleep mask, it features a taller/deeper nose cutout tailored to fit different face contours without causing any discomfort. Additionally, silk fibers are less absorbent than cotton, poly satin, or foam material, meaning more skincare can stay on your face, saving you money and giving you that coveted bedtime glow! This natural eye relaxer will help improve sleep quality while nourishing your skin.

Mogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask

This Mavogel Cotton Sleep Eye Mask is the perfect way to ensure you get a restful sleep or nap wherever you are! The patented bending cartilage design features an adjustable and durable construction that comfortably blocks out light from the nose area and keeps your mask in place - no more distractions while you rest.

Furthermore, this eye mask also boasts 5 layers of breathable fabric, including cotton, elastic sponge, and modern, making it ultra soft and giving your eyes a fresh touch. Every cutting and sewing process is finished by hand for maximum comfort, ensuring minimum rubbing in all sleeping positions without any pressure.

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask

Gravity Blanket's Premium Sleep Mask is the perfect tool for anyone looking to get the most out of their sleep. The mask is designed to block out light while evenly distributing 1lb of gentle pressure across key relaxation points on your face without putting any weight on your actual eyeballs. This means you can fall asleep faster and have a deeper, more peaceful sleep.

Plus, the exterior is made with micro-fleece and imitation cashmere for extra comfort, while the internal weighted insert consists of 100% polyester and fine-grade glass beads to distribute weight evenly across your face. For an even better experience, place this eye mask in the freezer to enhance your decompression moment.

Smug Satin Sleep Mask

The Smug Satin Sleep Mask is an essential tool for improving your sleep and achieving a state of tranquility. It is designed to fit all faces, so you can be sure that it will provide the optimum level of comfort, regardless of size or shape. The material is luxuriously soft and breathable, allowing air to circulate and preventing pressure build-up on the face.

The eye mask offers superior darkness compared to other sleeping masks, which helps regulate melatonin production - aiding in a great night's sleep. Not only does it create the environment you need for restful sleep, but its ergonomic design ensures you won't even feel like you're wearing one.

How to Choose a Sleep Mask?

Well, you should consider a few things when picking out a sleep mask. The list ranges from the style, materials used, and the quality of the mask.

Let's go through each of these considerations.


First things first, the material of a sleep mask is an important factor in its functionality. The most common materials for making sleep masks include silk, cotton, and other synthetic fabrics.

Silk sleep masks are considered the best choice for a comfortable and breathable sleep mask that effectively blocks light. Furthermore, it's also very soft to the touch and helps keep your skin feeling hydrated.

Cotton is another widely used material for sleeping masks, as it's breathable and lightweight while providing ample coverage over your eyes. Lastly, synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester make a flat sleep mask, a more affordable yet effective alternative to silk or cotton.

No matter which fabric you choose for your sleep mask, make sure its adjustable strap lets it comfortably fit your face and provides a secure seal that won't slip off during sleep.


A sleep mask is fully effective only when it is used correctly. To get the most out of a sleep mask, there are certain aspects to consider when choosing one and certain techniques for proper use.

When selecting a sleeping mask, look for one that has an adjustable strap that lets it fit comfortably and securely across your eyes without putting pressure on them. It should also be made of soft, breathable material so it doesn't cause discomfort.

It's important to stay away from masks that cover your nose, as this can make it difficult to breathe. Additionally, look for a sleeping mask with an elastic strap that blocks out light completely and plays well with other items you use in bed, such as earplugs or headphones.


Portability is one of the biggest advantages of a sleep mask. Many masks are compact and light, making them easy to bring wherever you go. Whether traveling for work or vacationing, your sleep mask can come with you without adding too much bulk to your luggage.

Opt for an adjustable elastic strap or a mask that folds up for maximum portability. This way, you will be fine with taking up too much space in your suitcase or bag. Some masks even carry cases, making them even easier to transport. With a portable sleep mask, you can rest assured knowing that good sleep is always within reach.

Eye Protection

Blocking out light is important for getting quality rest, but so is shielding your eyes from harsh light sources such as screens and bright lights. Eye protection can help prevent eye strain caused by prolonged exposure to these light sources, decreasing the risk of further damage to your eyesight and improving sleep quality.

When shopping for a sleep mask, look for one with complete eye protection, such as a contoured fit to shield your eyes from all angles and even light baffles or side panels to help block out peripheral light. Not only will this ensure the best rest possible, but it can also help prevent headaches due to exposure to intense light sources.

Band Adjustments

Not only do adjustable bands tailor the fit of your sleep mask, but they also allow you to adjust the level of light blocking that is right for you. Whether looking for complete darkness or just a hint of light, adjustable bands let you dial in the perfect amount of light blocking.

Additionally, adjustable bands can help keep your sleep mask securely in place all night long without slipping around or causing discomfort. When shopping for a sleep mask, make sure to look for one with adjustable straps so that you can get the best fit and optimal light blocking.

What Are the Features of a Good Sleep Mask?

A good sleep mask also should have several features. Some features are very important, but others may be less important depending on personal preference.

Let's look at the features that make a good sleep mask:

Low Cost

When choosing a sleep mask, the cost is an important consideration. After all, why spend more money than you need to when low-cost solutions are available? Low-cost sleep masks can provide the same benefits as their higher-priced counterparts without breaking your budget.

Lightweight and Portable

Regarding sleeping masks, lightweight and portability are two key features that should be considered while purchasing. A lightweight design ensures you can easily slip the mask on and off without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable.

The best sleeping masks are made of lightweight, breathable materials such as silk or satin, allowing maximum comfort without compromising quality. They should also feature adjustable straps and contoured eye pockets, which help to form a custom fit around your face and block out more light than traditional designs.

Whereas portable designs make it easy to take the sleep mask with you when traveling or to store it in a compact space when not in use.

Easy to Clean

If you are looking for a comfortable and restful night's sleep, investing in a mask that is easy to clean should be at the top of your list. Not only is this important feature essential for hygienic reasons, but it also provides comfort and peace of mind that your sleep mask will maintain its look and feel after washing.

The last thing you want is a mask that gets damaged or dirty quickly. By investing in one that is easy to clean, you can rest assured it will always feel fresh and comfortable. Plus, with many sleeping masks made from breathable materials like cotton or silk, they are much more likely to stay in good condition with regular cleaning.

Customizable Fit

A customizable fit is a key to optimal comfort and relaxation while sleeping. When shopping for a sleep mask, look for a model with an adjustable strap that can be easily adjusted to fit your head size and forehead shape. This will help ensure maximum comfort throughout the night without worrying about adjusting or readjusting the straps.


Lastly, breathable fabric is an essential component of a sleep mask. Whether you're looking for a lightweight fleece or a more inflexible construction, breathability should be your primary consideration. Look for materials specifically designed to allow air to circulate and absorb sweat, such as cotton, Polyester, Nylon, bamboo fabrics, and microfiber. These materials not only help your skin to breathe but can also promote comfort and reduce irritation.


Now that you know all about the best sleeping masks, let's look at some frequently asked questions.

Can You Sleep on Your Side With a Sleep Mask?

Sleeping with a sleep mask may be an issue for side sleepers as the mask may create additional pressure on their cheeks due to excessive movements.

Should a Sleep Mask Be Tight?

Where it's good to have a mask that stays still in its place, make sure it isn't very tight.

Is a Weighted Eye Mask Good?

Yes! A weighted sleep mask relaxes you, leading to better sleep quality.

Wrap Up

All in all, a quality sleep mask is essential for getting the best sleep of your life. With such a wide variety on the market, you're sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly—whether it's for blocking out light, noise, or both. For all-around excellence in comfort and convenience, any of the best sleeping masks featured in this article will help you enjoy a blissful night's rest!

In addition to sleeping masks, mattresses, pillows, and other sleep accessories may also help promote better sleep quality. So, with the right combination of products, you can create a cozy oasis of relaxation that will ensure sweet dreams night after night.

Crafted Beds is the perfect solution to getting the best sleep of your life. Every mattress is designed with comfort and convenience in mind, featuring luxurious materials, ergonomic support, and adjustable positions for a truly personalized experience. So, don't waste another night without quality sleep, and invest in the best sleep mask, mattress, and accessories today! Sweet dreams are just around the corner!

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