Best Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

Best Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

According to the journal Nature and Science of Sleep, most people sleep on their sides. So, if you're one of these side sleepers, finding the best mattress to give you the comfort and support you need can be challenging. But never fear! We have compiled a list of the best mattress for side sleepers so that your sleep will no longer be dreamy!

Read on to find out everything about the best soft mattress for side sleepers. But before that, let's understand the effects a soft mattress has on your comfort and support during sleep.

How Does a Soft Mattress Affect Comfort and Support?

While it may seem like hard mattresses provide additional support and comfort, they might only sometimes be right. That's because a supportive mattress is sometimes the best and most comfortable option for everyone.

For instance, a firm mattress may provide enough support to back sleepers, but there are better choices for people who sleep on their side. Furthermore, a firm mattress can cause excessive pressure points in areas such as the hips and shoulders, leading to discomfort.

Whereas a soft mattress can provide superior comfort and support for side sleepers. While it won't be as supportive as a firmer option, it will help reduce the pressure on those sensitive areas while providing exceptional cushioning. This can also help provide better alignment for the spine and reduce any possible back pain associated with sleeping on a hard mattress.

Here are a few ways a soft mattress can make a big difference.

Improves Your Overall Health

A soft mattress can drastically improve several aspects of your health and ultimately impact your overall health. First, soft mattresses are great for alleviating pressure points, which can cause discomfort and even chronic pain.

Additionally, soft mattresses are often more supportive than their firmer counterparts, providing better spine alignment and reducing the tossing and turning during sleep. This leads to deeper, more restful sleep and reduced fatigue throughout the day.

Second, soft mattresses allow you to shift positions while still sleeping, which helps reduce pressure on your hips and shoulders. This can help relieve pain from injuries or chronic conditions such as arthritis.

Third, a pressure-relieving mattress provides more comfort than firmer mattresses, allowing you to feel more relaxed while sleeping. This helps reduce stress and improve overall mental well-being while reducing insomnia symptoms.

Lastly, soft mattresses can be beneficial if you suffer from allergies or asthma by reducing dust mites and other allergens in bedding materials. That's because soft mattresses, with an additional layer of a mattress topper, tend to trap fewer allergens than firmer mattresses.

Reduces Back Pain

In addition to previously discussed health benefits, soft mattresses also offer relief from back pain. Research published by NIH shows sleeping on a soft mattress can help reduce back pain, especially chronic lower back pain. The mattress cushioning helps support your spine, providing it with better alignment while you sleep.

Furthermore, it's also suggested that the softer surface is more comfortable and can improve your overall quality of sleep. A good night's rest is incredibly important for reducing back pain and maintaining overall health so a soft mattress could benefit those with chronic back pain.

Moreover, it can also help reduce joint pain by providing your body with much-needed support throughout the night.

Contours Your Body More

When it comes to contouring your body for an optimal sleep experience, a soft mattress does the job of the best mattress. It conforms to your body's natural curves and shapes better than a firmer one, allowing you to sink in just right while still providing enough support where needed.

This cradling effect keeps your spine in alignment and can help relieve the pressure that causes you to toss and turn at night. Plus, its plush feel will help you drift off into dreamland in no time. With the soft best mattress, you get the best of both worlds – comfort and support.

Keeps You Cool All Night Long

Breathability is key when it comes to getting a good night's rest. Soft mattresses like memory foam are designed to contour your body more, allowing for more breathability and improved air circulation.

This means that not only are you sleeping in a comfortable position, but you are also staying cooler throughout the night. Combining breathable materials and pressure relief can help decrease heat retention in certain mattress areas, resulting in a better night's sleep.

Reduces Tossing and Turning During the Night

A soft mattress allows for deeper compression of the foam layers, providing a contoured fit and support around the body of a side sleeper. This means you will sink into the mattress, relieving pressure on sensitive areas such as shoulders, hips, and lower back while maintaining proper spinal alignment.

Since the mattress is softer, it will conform to the body's shape and movements of the side sleeper more easily, resulting in fewer disruptions during the night. This makes it easier to stay asleep for longer periods, leading to restful sleep and improved overall health.

With its unique combination of comfort and support, a soft mattress is an excellent choice for a side sleeper who suffers from tossing and turning at night.

Makes It Easier to Get Up Feeling Refreshed

A good night's sleep means you are refreshed and energized for the day ahead. This is even easier to achieve with a soft mattress. A softer mattress helps alleviate pressure on the body of the side sleeper by providing cushioning in areas such as shoulders, hips, and lower back, reducing aches and pains so that you can get out of bed feeling comfortable.

Additionally, softer mattresses are designed to evenly distribute your body's weight, allowing for deeper sleep cycles throughout the night and better quality of rest overall. So if you're looking for a mattress that can help you wake up feeling more invigorated and ready to take on the day, soft mattresses are an excellent choice.

Who Should Use Soft Mattresses?

When it comes to soft mattresses, the benefits are endless, and so is the list of people who can make use of them. So, here are the types of people who may particularly benefit from a softer mattress:

Side Sleepers

A soft mattress is considered the ideal choice for side sleepers. That's because it can help relieve pressure on the side sleeper's shoulders, neck, and lower back and reduce tossing and turning throughout the night. Moreover, it should provide ample cushioning to ensure that these areas are not pushed too far into the bed.

Additionally, many side sleepers find that a soft mattress can help to support their hips and keep them in proper alignment with the spine. Furthermore, for people who spend a significant amount of time sleeping on their sides, it's important to have a mattress that offers enough cushioning to prevent aches and pains from developing.

Therefore, a soft mattress is an excellent choice for the side sleeper seeking a comfortable sleep surface that will provide the support they need.

Lightweight Sleepers

Soft mattresses also provide the right amount of giving and support in all the places to ensure that lighter sleepers get a good night's rest. The extra cushioning of a soft mattress helps to relieve pressure and provide more comfort, which is invaluable for those who weigh less and don't need the added support of a firmer mattress.

Moreover, soft mattresses are ideal for lightweight sleepers who have difficulty getting comfortable on other types of mattresses or who suffer from chronic pains and aches. With the right support and cushioning, a soft mattress can provide lightweight sleepers with the restful night's sleep they need to feel refreshed and energized.

People With Joint Pain, Sleep Apnea, and Arthritis

The comforting features of a soft mattress make it an ideal choice for people who experience joint pain, sleep apnea and arthritis. The cushioning layers of a soft mattress for side sleepers can provide necessary support while relieving pressure on joints, allowing them to rest comfortably throughout the night. This reduces the tossing and turning one may experience when sleeping in a firmer bed.

Additionally, the extra cushioning can help reduce snoring caused by sleep apnea and ease discomfort associated with arthritic joints. A soft mattress makes an excellent choice for people with any of these conditions by providing necessary support without compromising comfort.

Anxious People

Physical benefits are one thing, but a soft mattress can also be extremely beneficial to people prone to anxiety and stress. Sinking into a soft mattress is often calming, helping anxious people relax and sleep peacefully. A softer mattress moulds itself around the body, conforming to its shape and providing more support and comfort.

Sleeping on a soft mattress for side sleepers may reduce restlessness and help anxious people overcome insomnia. By choosing a mattress with the right support and comfort level, anxious people can gain newfound control over their sleeping experience. So, with a little effort, anyone can find the perfect soft mattress to bring the ultimate relaxation.

Best Soft Mattresses for Side Sleepers

So far, we have discussed how a soft mattress can provide a comfortable sleeping experience for side sleepers. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which is best? That's where we come in! We have taken the guesswork out of shopping for a soft mattress for side sleepers and rounded up our top picks for the best mattresses.

Here's a list of our top picks:

Luxury Orthopaedic Memory Mattress

If you're looking for a luxurious mattress that will offer you the best in comfort, look no further than the Luxury Orthopaedic Memory Mattress by Crafted Beds. This mattress features open coil springs that provide superior support, making it perfect for side sleepers.

Additionally, the hypoallergenic fillings ensure a restful night's sleep, while the soft memory foam provides luxurious comfort. This mattress can be used on both sides - one is a soft memory foam, while the other is a quality firm Memory Orthopaedic Mattress.

Whether you're looking for a new mattress or need to replace an old one, the Luxury Orthopaedic Memory Mattress by Crafted Beds is sure to exceed your expectations!

10 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress

For a cloud-like sleeping experience, look no further than the 10 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress by Crafted Beds. The incredible memory foam construction provides a plush, cradling sensation that makes you feel like you are floating on a cloud. This mattress is incredibly comfortable and inviting with its luxurious microfiber cover.

The cloud memory foam is also designed to hug your curves, providing support and alleviating pressure points. Whether you're looking for a new mattress or want to treat yourself to a little luxury, the 10 Inch Cloud Memory Foam Mattress by Crafted Beds is a perfect choice.

Gel Flex 2000

The Gel Flex 2000 by Crafted Beds is a great option if you want a temperature control mattress. This mattress has encapsulated foam pocket springs, Gel flex and reflex foam. Combining these materials provides increased comfort, placing individual support on every pressure point of your body. This incredible hybrid mattress helps to soothe and help relieve any discomfort you may be experiencing.

The pocket springs are encased and cushioned in their own pockets. This ensures the same support across every part of the surface. The underlying layer on this no-turn mattress is reflex foam which adds extra cushioned support for the top layers.

Moreover, the cooling technology of the Gel Flex makes it breathable, as it's designed to draw away heat and provide a cool night’s sleep. So if you're looking for a comfortable, supportive mattress that will help relieve pressure points and discomfort, the Gel Flex 2000 is a great option.

1000 Pocket Memory Mattress

The 1000 Pocket Memory Mattress is also a perfect mattress for side sleepers. The individual springs spread your weight evenly across the mattress for excellent support, while the layer of memory foam moulds to your body to provide pressure relief and soothing comfort.

Furthermore, with 1000 springs under tension in their fabric pockets and zoning across the mattress, it provides edge-to-edge responsive support - scientifically proven to provide superior spinal alignment and body support. The memory foam in this mattress allows you to sink into blissful slumber gently, and there's no roll together, so you won't disturb your or your partner's sleep when moving around at night.

Plus, this mattress is hypoallergenic, ensuring healthier sleep for everyone. If you're looking for a luxurious and comfortable mattress that will offer excellent support and alignment, the 1000 Pocket Memory Mattress from Crafted Beds is definitely worth considering.

1500 Pocket Memory Mattress

If you're looking for an incredible sleeping experience, then the 1500 Pocket Memory Mattress is the ideal mattress for side sleepers. This mattress has a super-deep memory foam layer that provides out-of-this-world comfort and pressure relief. The 1500 responsive pocket springs offer incredibly personalized support, ensuring you get the best night's sleep possible.

Moreover, not too soft or too firm, this mattress is rated medium and is perfect for all kinds of sleepers. The mattress sides are reinforced with thick, sturdy foam, providing more sleeping space and preventing you from rolling together or off the edge. Additionally, the reinforced mattress border means there's no need to flip over your mattress - simply delightful sleep every time.

Furthermore, the soft-touch knitted cover is hypoallergenic and perfect for anyone who suffers from allergies. Additionally, this mattress is single-sided for easy care - simply vacuum it or wipe it down with a damp cloth when needed. With its incredible features and benefits, the 1500 Pocket Memory Mattress by Crafted Beds is a must-have for any home!

2000 Pocket Memory Mattress

The 2000 Pocket Memory Mattress by Crafted Beds is a high-quality mattress that provides comfort and support that is second to none. With 2000 pocket springs held under tension in their fabric pockets, this hybrid mattress provides zoned support, scientifically proven to provide better spinal alignment.

Additionally, the body moulding memory foam layer responds to your body's temperature for individual comfort and pressure relief where you need it most. The springs in this mattress offer head-to-toe and edge-to-edge support, creating more personal sleep space. This mattress provides a medium comfort level, perfect for those looking for both support and comfort.

Furthermore, the memory foam layer allows free movement without disturbance as the foam quickly recovers to support your body. And finally, the individual springs spread the weight across the mattress for tailored pressure relief. Overall, the 2000 Pocket Memory Mattress by Crafted Beds is an excellent choice for a high-quality and comfortable mattress.

Economy Orthopaedic Mattress

The Economy Orthopaedic Mattress by Crafted Beds is a great budget-friendly mattress for side sleepers if you have any kind of muscle pain. This mattress is perfect for those suffering from back pain or other mobility challenges, as it is much firmer than some of the other mattresses offered by Crafted Beds.

Moreover, the hypoallergenic materials used in this mattress make it a great choice for anyone, regardless of allergies. And the premium fibre fillings help to keep you comfortable all night long.

Furthermore, because of its strong foundation, the Economy Orthopaedic Mattress is built to last. Plus, it features Crafted Beds' signature Edge-to-Edge support system, helping your mattress remain stable and undisturbed while you sleep. So no matter what the size is, this mattress can provide you with long-lasting comfort.

What Mattress Features Do Side Sleepers Need?

Above all, side sleepers need a memory foam mattress that provides cushioning and relieves pressure on the hips, shoulders and neck while also being firm enough to support the spine.

However, there are other factors to consider when selecting the best mattress for side sleepers. For instance, here are a few features to look for when choosing a mattress:

Mattress Type

When it comes to mattress type, there are a variety of options available. From pocket-sprung mattresses to memory foam mattresses, everything comes down to personal preferences and sleeping habits like sleeping position etc.

As per side sleepers, the mattress type that is most ideal for them is a hybrid or memory foam mattress as it offers that extra cushioning required to keep the body aligned correctly whilst sleeping.

A hybrid mattress combines memory foam and coils of the pocket-sprung mattress, providing great support and comfort, while memory foam mattresses are known for their luxurious bounce. Both types are perfect for side sleepers as their pressure-relieving memory foam provides ample cushioning to the body, which helps with spinal alignment and prevents pressure points from forming.

No matter your mattress type preference, finding the right plush mattress for a side sleeper is important to ensure that you get a good night's rest and wake up feeling rested and refreshed with your spine aligned perfectly. So be sure to research and find the mattress that suits your needs.


Contouring is an important feature when choosing a mattress for side sleeping. The body's pressure points must be properly supported while allowing minimal movement. A contouring mattress will conform to the individual's body shape, providing more support in some areas and less in others. This results in keeping your spine aligned and reducing painful pressure points.

It is essential to find a mattress that offers adequate contouring for side sleepers, as this will help to ensure better neck and back support throughout the night. Specific features, such as memory foam and individually-wrapped coils, i.e. a hybrid mattress, are often used to provide superior contouring. Memory foam is especially beneficial in providing pressure relief by forming around the individual's body shape and supporting the body in the natural alignment.

Additionally, individually-wrapped coils provide extra support to heavier body areas while still allowing for customized contouring.


Mattress Materials, such as memory foam, are a viable option for side sleepers. With its unique ability to contour the body and relieve pressure points, memory foam is ideal for cushiony support.

Generally, side sleepers can also look for materials used in a hybrid mattress that provides cushiony support and good pressure relief. Additionally, many mattresses feature "zoned" designs with firmer cores and softer comfort layers of mattress toppers specifically designed to accommodate side sleeping positions. Ultimately, the best options will depend on your body type and sleeping preferences.

Firmness Level

Lastly, and most importantly, the firmness level of the mattress is essential for side sleeping. Side sleepers require a medium to medium-firm mattress to cushion their pressure points and provide enough support for proper spinal alignment.

Too soft of a mattress will not give them the necessary back, shoulder, and hip support that helps reduce aches and pains in their joints. Too hard of a mattress, on the other hand, will push the body too far into the mattress to cause discomfort.

As such, it is recommended that buyers take their time to find the right mattress with optimal comfort and support for their body type and sleeping style. Trying out different mattress firmness levels in a showroom is always the best way to make an informed decision; however, reading reviews and taking expert advice can also be helpful if this is not possible.


Now that you know about the best mattresses for side sleepers let's look at some frequently asked questions.

What Softness Is Best for Side Sleepers?

Soft to medium firmness (such as memory foam or innerspring mattresses) is usually considered ideal for side sleepers. A mattress that's too firm may put additional pressure on your hips and shoulders and cause pain.

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Really Good?

Yes, new technology Memory foam mattresses are both soft and heat-absorbent. This great combination, in addition to a mattress topper, allows the mattress to contour to the body perfectly without putting in any heat. In return, making the mattress really comfortable.

How Long Is Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Supposed to Last?

A nectar memory foam mattress lasts for about seven to nine years if taken care of.

Wrap Up

All in all, side sleepers need to be mindful that comfort should be a top priority when finding the best mattress for their lifestyle. Fortunately, there are a variety of best mattresses specifically designed with side sleepers in mind, which accommodate their unique needs and guarantee comfortable nights of restful slumber.

The above options will provide ample support and cushioning, ensuring that side sleepers can achieve a comfortable position and enjoy deep, restful sleep. With such an array of options, finding the perfect mattress for side sleepers should be easy!

So if you're looking for the best mattress for side sleeping, Crafted Beds has you covered. Our mattress designs have been specifically designed to provide superior cushioning and support that will be good for all types of sleepers! So, with our mattresses, you can rest assured that your body will be comfortable while enjoying optimal sleep every night. If you're ready to get the best sleep of your life, check out our mattress selection today and start getting the restful slumber you deserve!

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