Black and white farmhouse bedroom

Black and white farmhouse bedroom

Bedrooms are simple to decorate since the wall behind the bed is frequently the feature wall, and what you hang above the bed and how you arrange the bedside tables are all straightforward to do. Instead of a white or gray farmhouse bedroom, a touch of rustic would transform the space into rustic. 

Take a look at some of the best farmhouse bedroom designs and layouts. Farmhouses are becoming more widespread even inside city borders as their popularity grows. To create the farmhouse-style bedroom of your dreams, add amusing accessories!

These expert-approved bedroom ideas are the right blend of beautiful and eccentric, from refurbishing headboards and décor to choosing classic linen and warmed-up window treatments.

Old and New Mix

You don't have to live on a farm or even in a rural region to design in farmhouse style. All you have to do is accept the inviting, friendly, and simple design style's informal atmosphere and homage to heritage and underlying heart-of-the-country spirit. This bedroom exemplifies the typical farmhouse style's emphasis on light and openness.

The modern farmhouse design honours the past while still embracing the present. A common approach to designing a farmhouse bedroom is using discovered artefacts, antiques, or old-timey mementoes. Above the headboard, three old straw hats provide flair. All of the other products, on the other hand, are fresh re-creations of vintage goods.

Old and New Mix in bedroom

Farmhouse-Style Can Be Contemporary

Although it always honours the spirit of the traditional, farmhouse design does not have to mean unsophisticated or even old-fashioned. When done correctly, like in this stunning bedroom by Muskoka Living, farmhouse style can be rather elegant and contemporary.

A statement wall of shiplap can add a wow factor to your farmhouse bedroom! It gives any room a sense of texture and elegance. It's the perfect accent for your vintage-looking brass bed when hung as a statement wall behind your bed. For the ultimate couple's nest, get comfortable with a loveseat and an ample throw.

Pile on the love by layering incredibly soft blankets and pillows on your main bed. An aged wood dresser behind an antique mirror adds to the rural appeal. It's best to keep things neutral.

This white paradise farmhouse bedroom is light and airy. The stunning vintage chandelier unites the area, while the floral vine over the worn headboard adds personality.

Arrange all of your favourite family photographs on a gallery wall in your bedroom to create a sense of privacy and loneliness. The heartfelt soulmate quote hung over the bed is the cherry on top of this country chic look.

An exposed brick wall creates a stunning backdrop for your bedroom bed, and a beautiful metal bicycle hangs on the wall as the ideal finishing touch. Place a glass lantern to the side to add a touch of whimsy and to provide some light for evening reading.

This farmhouse bedroom is warm and inviting thanks to the natural wood and white décor. The four-post wooden bed and the modest good night and sweet dreams wall painting are a perfect match.

As they cuddle together on your bedside table, a plethora of textures contribute to the dreamlike atmosphere. This side table exudes appeal, from the burlap surrounding the plants to the metal and leather of the lamp, as it spells out your evening mantra- a dream.

Begin with a wide, white shiplap wall and some stunning outdoor photographs of mountains and horses. The farmhouse appeal is anchored with a black and white southwest patterned cushion.

The wooden chest of drawers and seat at the foot of the bed is set off well by the white space. Textured components like the woven basket and the tasselled pendant light fixture help to tie everything together.

Patterned Walls

While white walls are typically associated with farmhouse decor, every rule is supposed to be violated once in a while. And wow, with this intense-but-not-overpowering orange and red wallpaper, design company Hendricks Churchill broke the norm in a wonderfully lovely way.

While hanging photos may come to mind immediately, there are several other methods to adorn the walls of a farmhouse bedroom. 'For modern farmhouse style, consider features such as paintings, wallpaper, and wall lighting,' suggests Louise Wicksteed, design director of London and Gloucestershire-based interior design firm Sims Hilditch. 

'Art brings a personal touch to the space, while wall lights provide a welcoming ambience. Wallpaper is something we love to do.' For a farmhouse room, choose a motif that draws the outside in, such as this delicate tree design, and utilize natural colours (Burgundy and cream bedroom).

Here's another way to incorporate wall décor into a space with a unique form. With the headboard extended below the nightstand, there's plenty of room to hang photos that fit below the wall's slope. These delicate photos maintain a natural theme that is echoed in the lamp design and the berry arrangement for a lovely vignette.

When it comes to how to design the walls of a farmhouse bedroom, the appearance doesn't have to be consistent. Building out the wall behind the head of the bed in this room gives you a location to put artwork and ornamental artefacts to make the bed even more of a focal point for the space.

The parts in this design may be readily adjusted, new ones added, and others removed as needed. 'When I work on an interior design project, the most essential thing for me is to be able to mix and match furniture, colours, textures, and artworks,' says Valerie Barkowski.

The contemporary side of modern farmhouse design guarantees that bedrooms are uncluttered while yet being rich in detail, pleasant, and inviting. What better way to strike this contemporary tone than to use books as wall decor? They may be placed on shelves or, as in this case, used to liven up the walls by using a large windowsill. 

For modest design, choose coffee-table size volumes in the same neutral tones as the rest of the décor and display them in low horizontal heaps. Do you like a splash of colour? On a shelf, arrange a block of colour-coordinated spines.

Patterned Walls

Wall Sconces

While every bedroom requires a source of light near the bed, wall sconces, rather than a bedside lamp, are frequently used in the farmhouse design. The design company has created this wonderful and slightly contemporary farmhouse bedroom.

Farmhouse bedroom wall décor adds individuality to the area as well as enticing colour, for example in a gray bedroom, and texture – and it may even provide a delightful decorating surprise. Because of slope components and sometimes modest dimensions, the construction of one of these homes might make installing wall decor more difficult than it would be otherwise. 

However, like the examples we've compiled illustrate, there are still a plethora of methods to add wall décor and personalize any farmhouse-style bedroom. We'll show you how to design the walls of a farmhouse bedroom with modern farmhouse ideas that combine rustic and contemporary aesthetics for a warm and beautiful look.

When a bedroom is small, it may appear that there isn't enough area to accommodate farmhouse bedroom wall décor. The window area, on the other hand, may serve as a terrific stand-in, as this room demonstrates.

The artwork is pushed against the window and lifted above the height of the bedside chair creating a comfortable aesthetic perfect for a rural room. Is this strategy going to make the room too dark? The light neutral hues of the farmhouse design style allow you to lose a little natural light without it being a negative since they will double the amount of natural light that enters the space.

Fitting shelves provide a space for farmhouse bedroom wall decor and are ideal for both children's and adults' rooms, allowing them to display their current preferences. Shelves customized to fit under a slanted ceiling or built into an alcove can provide plenty of display space in farmhouse bedrooms, but leave breathing space between solo decorative pieces or groupings for a style that's more contemporary than classically rustic.

Wall Sconces in bedroom

Classic Quilts

Quilts and the farmhouse decoration concept go together like peanut butter and jelly. While you might be able to discover a vintage quilt on the internet, in an antique mall, or a specialist shop, you can also buy a new quilt that looks vintage. Another feature of the farmhouse design is layering a quilt over a bedspread, as seen in this room.

'When attempting to attain a certain aesthetic, bed linens picked with your theme in mind might even be more significant than your bed frame,' explains Susan Peters of 9108 Designs. 'Pair a basic linen ruffled comforter cover in a single colour with patterned sheets, a couple patterned throw pillows and even a bolster pillow in complementing hues,' says the designer.

The team behind Jeffrey Alan Marks Design's rustic farmhouse bedroom ensured that the area had a fresh informality, good attitude, and whimsical appeal.

A beautiful bedroom like this demonstrates how just a few items can bring space closer to the farmhouse style. The wooden sliding door and chandelier make bold statements that complement the timber ceiling, white walls, and bedding without being too rough.

You can tell how relaxing and comfortable it would be to rest in this environment just by looking at it. The combination of woven textiles and rusty, warm hues, together with a freestanding tub and aged wood decorations, blurs the boundary between farmhouse and bohemian.

When it comes to creating a rustic look, the texture is essential. Wood, natural textiles, and raw materials are used extensively in the farmhouse style. This bedroom checks all of these boxes and looks quite inviting.

If you love dark colour palettes but can't get enough of beadboard, the addition of black can help you achieve your goals. Paint over wooden walls and buff them out to give them an older look, then match them to your bedding and lighting for a setting that smoothly blends seemingly polar different aspects.

There's a rustic undercurrent in every farmhouse setting. If you want things to be a bit less consistent and neat, a bedroom like this one from We the People Style's Jessie Bush will tick all the boxes. It's a lovely farmhouse escape, with exposed rafters, soft textiles, and plenty of wood.

Farmhouse design favours artwork that connects interiors and exteriors, but you don't have to opt for a single enormous piece to cover the space above the bed and draw attention to this main point. Instead, be inspired by this design, which features a quartet of connected pictures that work well together while still providing individual appeal. 

When picking pendant lighting, follow this scheme's lead and make sure it doesn't block the view of the images above the bed's headboard.

Chesterfield beds in farmhouse bedroom

Farmhouse bedroom ideas and decor can be so much more than shiplap and repurposed barn doors — with the appropriate design elements and statement items like chesterfield beds, they can be quite opulent and elegant. 

These farmhouse bedroom ideas are guaranteed to ignite your imagination, whether you're seeking inspiration for your bedroom or want to liven up a guest bedroom or cottage.

A clever four-poster bed frame is a terrific way to give a modern or contemporary-inspired bedroom a subtle country feel. Choose reclaimed wood bed ideas for a more rustic look, or go sophisticated with a neutral-coloured canopy.

Chesterfield beds in farmhouse bedroom

Final Words

For good reason, black and white is a classic colour combo. Strong neutrals provide a firm foundation for a wide range of materials and décor styles. While incorporating these two hues into your sleeping environment may seem intimidating, it works when you layer and accessorize. These areas are proof of it.

Bedroom decor in black and white has a traditional, elegant appearance. The black-and-white damask wallpaper, a dramatic four-poster bed, and an extravagant chandelier in this opulent apartment give powerful flair in a restricted colour palette. 

Adding a range of textures to the white bedroom, such as a shaggy area rug, fringed cushions, and sleek metals, adds even more intrigue. 

Rustic furniture, muted colour palettes, and soft industrial items are crucial design aspects for a modern farmhouse bedroom. Consider wood floors or wood beams on the ceilings if you want a more classic farmhouse vibe and want to emphasize the rustic image.

Opt for one or two main components, such as a sisal rug, rattan headboard, or ornate wall sconces, instead of a cluttered look.

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