Choose the Right Mattress Height

Choose the Right Mattress Height


Memory foam mattress or hybrid mattress…?

That colour or this…?

What headboard will go well with the mattress…?

Choosing the right mattress is a pathway riddled with many questions and confusion. Even after reading and making notes from various sources, the actual process might seem daunting.

And in the jazz of choosing the right mattress, the perfect size, and the needed accessories to go with the mattress, it is very likely to forget thinking about the most important aspect of a mattress - The mattress height!

And that’s what many online resources forget about as well!

You can find many blogs about choosing the right mattress for yourself or your family, but the right guide that helps you to choose the right mattress height is found very rarely.

And that’s why we needed to cover this specific topic for you. CraftedBeds (See our beds here) has brought this unique ‘mattress height guide’ to help you choose the perfect mattress according to your personal preference and budget.

So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the guidelines to make the right mattress height purchase.

Standard Dimensions of Mattress

As much as the quality and the material of the mattress matters, buying the right mattress size can change your sleep game for good. No one wants a too small or too big of a mattress or nobody wants to buy a wrong sized mattress just to ship it back!

So, we have brought together the chart of the right standard mattress sizes in the UK - So, have this next to you whenever you are making the next mattress purchase.

Small Single Mattress - Small single mattresses are the perfect choice for your children when they want to take a leap from their cot to their bed. They also make a great option for someone who wishes to save more space in their bedroom.

Standard Single Mattress - One of the best options for kids and bunk beds, Standard Single Mattresses are a popular mattress choice in the UK. Make sure to pair the mattress with the right bed size to get the most pleasure and sound slumber. 

Small Double Mattress - These mattresses are specially designed for two people who want enough space for both but also want to design the bedroom to save more space, in case the bedroom is extremely small.

Standard Double Mattress - Be it any type of room situation, the most chosen mattress in the UK comes down to the Standard Double Mattress. Look for the right size from the below chart and you will be good to go. 

King Mattress - The most comfortable sleep guaranteed! And this could be the perfect statement to describe the luxury and comfort of a King size mattress. The additional space in this bed is an amazing option for people who love having a big bed for themselves.

Queen Mattress - Have a huge bedroom? This nice, big guy (or maybe a girl), would be the best option for you. Check the right dimensions from the below table and bring home the snuggle buddy who is a huge sleep partner!

Mattress Type

Mattress size in CM

Mattress size in Inches

Small Single Mattress

75 x 190 cm

29.5″ x 75″ / 2’6″ x 6’3″

Standard Single Mattress

91 x 190 cm

36″ x 75″ / 3′ x 6’3″

Small Double Mattress

120 x 190 cm

48″ x 75″ / 4” x 6’3″

Standard Double Mattress

137 x 190 cm

54″ x 75″ / 4’6″ x 6’3

King Mattress

152 x 198 cm

60″ x 78″ / 5′ x 6’6″

Queen Mattress

180 x 200 cm

71″ x 78″ / 6′ x 6’6″

How to Choose the Best Bed Height for You?

So, is it a high bed frame? Or should I choose the low one? Which is perfect for me?

We know you might have many questions regarding the bed height that is the most suitable for you and for your bedroom. 

Because along with the mattress height, a bed height can also determine the look of your bedroom while enhancing the quality and comfort of your sleep.

In this section, we will guide you to make the best purchase when it comes to bed height.

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing the best bed height -

  • Comfort

Comfort is the most obvious reason why we buy a new mattress or a new bed. The perfect bed height will neither strain you to lift your body being too low to the ground nor make it hard for you to climb the bed by being too high.

An average bed height is 25 inches long and will allow a person of average height to sit comfortably on the bed with his feet touching the ground. But there is no hard and fast rule. 

All you need to do is to find the sweet spot when it comes to your comfort and align the bed height with your personal preferences. 

  • Age

Bed height mattresses are more for elderly people than young adults. Because age affects the mobility of a person, it will impact how high or how low a bd height should be. 

And when it comes to small kids and children, although the bed height doesn’t matter a lot, make sure that you still give a thought about buying the best height bed for your child to prevent injuries. 

  • Height

As we said earlier, an average bed is 25 inches long and will work for most people. Still, one needs to make sure that they have the perfect bed in correspondence to their height. 

One can check this by sitting on the bed and observing if their hips and knees are aligning and forming a straight line. If the hips and knees are not aligning, then you might have the wrong bed height.

  • Mattress height

Yes, the mattress height will also affect the bed height. Make sure to check whether your mattress is a single-layered mattress or a mattress with many layers that will just double the height of the bed.

Also, consider noticing how many layers you add to your bed. The mattress toppers and protectors too add to the overall height. So, don’t forget to keep this in mind.

  • Specific health conditions 

Do you have any specific health conditions like fibromyalgia? Specific health conditions make it hard to sleep and we do not want to up the difficulty bars by adding in the wrong bed to our room.

Believe us, quality sleep can be a magic solution to your health conditions. When you sleep right, your health will thank you for it. So, always consider your health conditions when choosing the bed height.

Pros and Cons of Thick Mattresses

Everybody will have a different opinion when it comes to thick mattresses which makes it harder for the people on the lookout for new mattresses to question the advantages and disadvantages of a thick mattress.

When compared to thin mattress types, thick mattresses are known to provide more comfortable and encouraging space to the shoulders, hips, and other pressure points of the body. But they also have certain disadvantages.

Here is a table that quickly compares the pros and cons of the thick mattresses - Remember to save this table for future reference.

Pros of thick mattress

Cons of thick mattress

As we mentioned earlier, thick mattress provide more cushioning and comfort to sensitive places of the body

And if you have too high of a bed a thick mattress will add to the height of the bed and make it too tall for you to climb the bed.

More people can sleep on thick mattresses without having to compromise on sleep quality.

Thick mattresses are heavier which makes it difficult to move, and they are also extremely expensive. 

Why Mattress Height Matters?

Okay, now that we have browsed through the standard dimension of a mattress, the factors that will influence the selection of a bed height, and the pros and cons of thick mattresses, but why is all this important in the first place?

Why does even mattress height matter?

Let’s get to the depth of the subject. When we buy a mattress, the first thing that we look for is the comfort it offers, the support it provides, and finally the feel of the mattress that will enhance the quality of the sleep.

Based on your personal preferences and other important factors like health conditions, you choose the mattress with the quality and the material that will suit you the best in the long run. But still, we might not be able to get the perfect mattress!

Why? Because we forget to consider the most important factor here, which is the mattress height/thickness. There are mattresses available from 6 inches to 36 inches! While thin mattresses are firm and good for spinal alignment, the thick mattresses are soft and give a cloud hug.

And most people believe that a thicker mattress is better than a thin mattress, but that is far from the truth. Everything comes down to your body and its requirements. So, mattress thickness is extremely important for quality sleep.

So, it is extremely important to choose the right mattress size and height to ensure that you will get the best quality sleep. And that is the reason why we gave an extra ounce of attention when curating this guide.


The right mattress height can impact the quality of sleep you obtain every night on your mattress, which means that the height of a mattress is an extremely important factor to determine when making a mattress purchase.

Not many people out there actually consider the height of their mattress or even the height of their bed or platform until they experience some kind of back pain or health condition that is caused by their mattress.

We clearly didn’t want that to happen to our customers and readers and hence we made this guide - Which is a one-stop solution for all your height and dimension related questions and once you read this guide, you are all set to make the perfect mattress purchase.

Make sure to go through this guide or keep this guide handy whenever you visit an online mattress shop or even an offline mattress store so that you can clearly identify the perfect mattress choice in regards to its height and depth.

With that being said, we are now going to take a leave, only to come back with another fresh bedroom or mattress guide that will give you all the more needed knowledge about beds, more bedroom ideas or mattress types.

While we compose one more guide for you to go through and gain information, you can check our blogs section for some great blogs on mattresses, beddings, winter bedroom ideas, furniture, and much more. Check them out and we promise you will never regret your action!


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