A bed that fits perfectly in the middle of a room - Cubix bed

A bed that fits perfectly in the middle of a room - Cubix bed

Are you looking for elegant room decor while having a space crunch? It's a dream of homemakers to have a sparkling clean and zero clutter house. 

A bed that can accommodate all the linen, cushions and towels while looking trendy and chic, is a temptation you wouldn't surely want to miss. It is the mother's lap that you crave after a hard day at work and retire to get a good night's rest. 

Features of the Cubix bed

The Cubix bed in a contemporary perspective is compact, quirky and trendy. A square tufting detail runs the length of the bed and is visible on every surface. 

Cubix bed has a soft covering on all sides which makes it your small cosy get away from all the worries while vibrant amid a room. This contemporary bed includes removable fabric coverings for easy washing. 

The bed’s small and cosy design promises you a pleasant night sleep and a refreshing morning after with its bed tea friendly design. 

Its spacious bed base has enough room for a TV or laptop so before heading to sleep you could be enjoying your favourite tv show without having to strain your neck just next to you. 

The Cubix bed combines traditional designs with a modern style which assures it to be a feast to your eyes and enchant you and your guests with years to come. 

The design of the Cubix bed complements almost anything you could fathom on your walls ranging from coloured panels to bare brick walls. 

As the bed looks great with anything under the sun, it gives the user the liberty to keep changing the decor and play with colours without having the risk of retiring the bed. 

Features of the Cubix bed

Pros of the Cubix bed

Here are some of the pros of a Cubix bed:

Cost-Effective: The bed frames are cost-effective as they do not require a box spring 

Choice of Mattress: Since the platform bed can accommodate almost any mattress (How to decide on mattress height), it gives users the choice to experiment with the most suitable one rather than sticking to the wrong one.

Clutter-free Design: Cubix bed frames are custom made for tiny bedrooms. The bed frame helps to bring down the clutter quotient and ups the glamour quotient of your home owing to their elegant appearance, and also the requirement of less floor space.

Ultra-Plush: All-round cushioned upholstery and a soft headboard makes reading or watching tv in bed a comfortable affair bringing hotel-like luxury to your bedrooms.  

Vast Choice: Bed Frames are available in a wide variety of fabrics, patterns and rainbow colours which can be matched with almost anything and give your imagination to go wild and experiment and make your dream home come to life.

Sturdy Frames: The bed frames are built of high-quality (High-quality furniture) timbres which makes the bed all the more strong and sturdy. The sturdy bed frame is complemented by lighter contemporary upholsterings all around which give it a sleek and sturdy look combination. 

Luxurious Steal: The Cubix bed frame gives the other bed frames a run for their money as it brings luxury and comfort packed in a sturdy bed frame. 

This is usually not the case with other bed frames as they lag in design and manufacturing techniques. Cubix beds in their encircling form make even the most dilapidated room to the most luxurious room in almost an instant. 

Draping on the encircled form is a cherry on the cake.

Owing to the sheer altitude of diligence required in designing these frames, the cost is usually on the higher side. 

Some of the features of the Cubix bed which makes stand out from the whole crowd of trendsetting designs and a market leader in furnishings for small bedrooms are as follows :

Suitable for small bedrooms

Space crunch is now a reality and having a cosy and comfortable home to retire at home is a necessity. 

Cubix beds are the answer to the dilemma of choosing comfort over designer homes. In smaller bedrooms, another area that is at the top of any homemaker is to use the space as much as possible and reduce clutter. 

Reducing clutter not only makes the room appealing but also relaxes the mind and body after a hard day at school or office.

Just rising above the floor, the bed frame is of sufficient depth and width to accommodate all the extra furnishings which can be used as and when needed. The headboard and the encircled form of the upholsterers make it the best fit for small rooms

The fewer things you have around you at night, the better you sleep. This also means bedrooms should be free from stimulating things and the Cubix bed which makes decluttering a reality helps to achieve a good night's sleep. 

small bedrooms


The design of the bed frame combines comfort and luxury which emanates peaceful vibes all through the room. 

The upholsterings are made up of soft imitation fabric and its encircling form turns your ordinary tiny room into a spacious luxury lounge. You can get lost in your comfort world and get a good night's sleep on any mattress of your choice. 

The bed frame is strong and can support just any mattress you could think of to get that perfect blend of comfort and style. 

The Cubix bed is an absolute delight for book lovers who find it difficult to fall asleep while getting their necks and hands strained while reading in bed. The soft headboard is a favourite for book lovers which allows book lovers to go on an exciting journey through their books on a comfortable bed. 

Who doesn't love to have breakfast in bed just like in a hotel? But most of the time we let go of this comfort owing to fear of spoiling our beloved mattress. The Cubix bed frame is spacious enough to make breakfast in bed a reality and also allows you to work on a laptop or view a small t.v. while doing so. 

Universal style

A universal design usually means it is crafted to be simple, useful and accommodates an extensive range of individual needs and requirements. This style tends to be useful to a wide range of people solving a common problem of space crunch. 

The Cubix bed also addresses the issue of bed and wall design compliance. It is available in such diverse forms and designs that it is practically impossible to not match the creativity of the users. 

The bed frame is built of solid timbre so its durability is guaranteed. The users can enjoy a durable bed while having all the liberty to change the decor of the room once in a while, minus the need to change any furniture. 

This is owing to the feature of easily removable upholstery which can be changed to suit the mood and colour of the room.

The presence of the soft headboard is icing on the cake as most people are looking for comfort while reading or watching t.v. and it caters to serve a wide range of people with this feature. 

There can be various ways to design the room using the Cubix bed by stationing it in the centre or against a wall whichever fits the imagination of the user. 

How to design your bedroom with a Cubix bed?

If you are having a small bedroom and you are looking to maximize the floor space, the following could be on your to-do list:

  • To maximize the floor space, instead of centring the bed at the centre, tucking up the bed near a wall or corner is a win-win situation. This would create a soft and snuggly space that not only gives an illusion of a bigger bedroom but also uses up the space in an affordable manner without giving up on the trendy requirement.
  • The next on the list would be to get a trendy headboard for your bed otherwise you lose those brownie points on the trendy meter. A headboard gives the required comfort as well as an overall aesthetic look to the room without which your room could be looking like a dorm (which you definitely would be willing to avoid).
  • A slim headboard and a bed frame could do wonders in turning around that small cluttered bedroom to a modern large bedroom. Well not literally, but the appearance of a small bedroom could be improved a hundred folds to get that comfortable good night's sleep
  • The less the better in a small bedroom, so best suited for this scenario is a bed with lots of storing space such that no other furniture like a table, a wardrobe is required. A good built-in around the bed not only gives that cosy encircling form but also lots of inbuilt storage which is not even visible. This makes the bed a perfect fit in a small bedroom while giving a mirage of a spacious large bedroom.

The Cubix Bed has all the features to upgrade that lustreless small bedroom to that trendy bedroom which not only looks large but also is cosy as a mother’s lap.

design your bedroom with a Cubix bed 

Cubix bed as a bedroom centrepiece

The other way of using the Cubix bed would be stationing it at the centre of the room as the centrepiece. 

This could work as a masterstroke in getting that right combination of comfort and trend. Since the bed frame is large enough to store all the extra clutter and linen of the room, it is possible to have minimalist furniture with only a bed as a centrepiece. 

This approach not only helps to maximize the floor space but also gives an illusion of a large bedroom. 

In today's times when space is such a great factor in designing houses and turning them into cosy homes is such a challenge, the Cubix bed is the perfect cheat sheet to make your homes cosy, comfortable and while being high on the style quotient. 

The storage allows us to have minimalist furniture so it gives way to having a sleek bedside table with state of the art designer lamps or artefacts to further improve the aesthetic design of the room such that every corner of the room invites you in for a lovely night out at your comfort den. 


The overall takeaway is that the Cubix bed is designed for a small bedroom with a space crunch. By using the latest design and technology, the bed not only maximizes the floor space but also creates an illusion of a larger bedroom. 

The bedroom space to be optimized to its fullest should be having as little furniture as possible. The least furniture feat can be accomplished by having a bed frame that has abundant storage. 

The large storage not only accommodates all the extra linen, cushions and towels inside but also declutters the space which is a very important ingredient of a comfortable and good night's sleep which we crave for. The decluttered room not only gives a sense of peace but also converts a small space into a large one. 

The presence of a soft headboard is not only comforting while watching t.v. but also resting the head while reading. The headboard gives an aesthetic look to the whole room if the Cubix bed is used as a centrepiece. 

The soft covering on the whole frame gives it an encircling form which makes it cosy as well as hides the large storage space underneath. The bedframe coverings are available in a large range of fabrics and textures which cater to the taste of a large section of users. It has something for each one and promises to deliver a stylish and elegant product.

The bedframe is spacious enough to include a T.V.or a laptop while one retires to bed for the night. Also, it makes breakfast in bed in reality due to the spacious frame and elegant design. The bed frame is sturdy enough which makes it a candidate to last longer and has changeable coverings giving the users the freedom to experiment with their imagination over the years.

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