Different Type of Mattresses & their Benefits

Different Type of Mattresses & their Benefits


The calm environment in your bedroom, your fur snuggle buddy, music to accompany your sleeping journey...all this will impact your sleep. But what’s more important and can single-handedly overpower all these is a mattress.

Even if everything around you is sleep-inducing, if your mattress doesn’t perform to its best, then we can already predict the future of your sleep story. This is why buying a mattress that will be your sleep changer is a challenge.

Maybe you need a mattress, read the mattress buying guide and walk into a mattress showroom to fish for the best mattress. But that overzealous sales guy only proceeds to show you the couple best “high priced and high quality” type of mattresses.

And lying down on each mattress for a few seconds, under the grace of showroom lights, and with the prying eyes of the sales guy, we are sure you will be landing square one. So, what is the best solution for you to make the most amazing mattress purchase?

Once again CraftedBeds has your shoulders. We have put our resources, research, and knowledge together to compile this guide which has information about all types of mattresses and also includes each one of their benefits.

You can simply read this guide, make a checklist that matches perfectly with your preference, and there you go, you will be several steps ahead and you can easily walk into your nearest mattress shop or log into the CraftedBeds website and make a confident purchase!

Innerspring mattresses

Involving the most ancient and popular technologies, innerspring mattresses are one of the most sought after mattress types even in today’s day and age. 

Although the trends and the trendsetters are moving away from this ancient marvel to other types of beds like memory foam mattresses, air beds, and hybrid mattresses, innerspring mattresses are still in the competition for sure.

Innerspring mattresses, also known as coil mattresses, have been in the game since the 1900s. They are constructed using steel coils that can compress when they are subjected to weight. 

Each innerspring mattress can vary in shape, size, and number of coils. But as a general rule of thumb, one can understand that the more the coils, the more the quality and support provided. 

So, why do people prefer to go for innerspring mattresses among others? It’s because these mattresses make the most affordable options on the market. The springy bounce this bed provides is often chosen by most people.

But there are some cons associated with the innerspring mattress as well. Innerspring mattresses undergo wear and tear within a short period and hence they must be replaced very frequently. 

But keeping this factor aside, this mattress is a great choice for people who love to get both bounce and support at the most economical prices. With that being said, let us get to know the types of innerspring mattresses available in the market.

Types of innerspring mattresses

There are five types of innerspring mattresses. So, geared up to know in-depth about them? Then let’s get straight into each one of them without further ado.

  • Continuous coils 

These types of mattresses use a single wire to form the complete support system of the bed. Rather than using a traditional coil type, these coils are made to form an S-shape. 

Because these mattresses are made of single, and interlinked wires, you can get more durability at the most practical and competitive rates.

  • Bonnell coils 

The first invested type of coils are Bonnell coils, and they are still used in the modern age. Although they were first made to support buggy seat cushions in the 1800s, they were later adopted to support mattresses. 

When these Bonnell coils are put together, they form a helix. But when they are in singular form, they look very similar to hourglasses. Bonnell coils are not too highly praised but not a cheap option as well. So, they fall somewhere in the middle.

  • Offset coils 

Worried about your innerspring mattress squeaking and making weird noises throughout the night? Then offset coils must be the priority choice that you should make.

Just like Bonnell coils, offset coils also make an hourglass structure with the only difference being that top and bottom edges of these coils are flat creating a hinging effect that will support the mattress to contour to the shape of the body.

These types of coils are known for their sturdiness, durability, supportiveness, and also for not making squeaky noises as normal innerspring mattress coils do. 

  • Marshal or pocketed coils

Marshak coils, also known as pocketed coils, wrapped coils, and enclosed coils, are coils that are not wired together and more or less work independently to provide motion isolation and support to the sleeper.

These coils are made of thin-gauge that are barrel-shaped. They are often referred to as coil gauges and higher coil gauges represent thinner gauges used in the mattress and vice versa.

The thinner the coil gauge, the softer the mattress while thicker the gauge, the mattress offers more support and durability. 

  • Pocketed coils

These coils are very similar to the marshal coil type. The higher the number of these coils, the more the comfort and quality of the mattress.

Memory foam

Put forth by NASA in 1966 (to enhance the safety features of aircraft cushions), memory foam (viscoelastic) mattresses are adapted in a variety of commercial applications like mattresses, pillows, furniture, blankets, wheelchair seats and even in shoes. 

But today, memory foam mattresses are widely used as mattress material and are often the most popular option for sleepers because of their‘ sinking in’ sensation and the body contour properties that are appreciated by many memory foam lovers.

The ability of this material to cradle the body and then return to its original shape is truly amazing. The cushioning and support of the memory foam mattress makes it more of an ideal option for side sleepers.

Gel-infused foam

Why gel-infused memory foam mattress? 

Because many people complain about the heat-trapping nature of the memory foam mattress. Since the foam is too dense to provide the required contouring and support to the body, it limits the airflow and hence causes the temperature to rise.

And the heat that is formed due to the density of the material gets trapped in the mattress and makes the sleeper feel hotter and uncomfortable. And hence the gel-infused foam mattress was introduced to the mattress market to deal with the situation.

A gel is infused into the memory foam mattress to work against the heat effects caused by the foam. The gel will take the temperature off of the material and help the sleeper stay cool throughout the night.

Hybrid mattresses

These mattresses are extremely popular because these mattresses combine the goodness of both innerspring mattresses and latex or memory foam mattresses. 

So, you get to experience the bounce and support of innerspring beds while also getting to enjoy the benefits of memory foam mattresses or latex mattresses like comfort and softness. So how are these goodnesses combined?

The coiled springs of the latex mattress usually form the base of the hybrid mattress accompanied by three layers of latex or memory foam that forms the top of the hybrid mattress. So, combined, these give a more customised experience.

There is everything for everyone when it comes to hybrid mattresses. Be it a duo of springy bounce and pressure relief, or compatibility of bounciness and support, you get all you want in these categories.

Latex mattresses

And we come to the natural mattress part. This mattress is the number one choice of every environmentalist because it is a byproduct of the rubber tree. So, if you are looking to go for a natural bedding option, natural latex mattresses are the one to go for.

The latex mattress is similar to a memory foam mattress. It offers pressure relief and also can contour to the body shape (But it does not do it to the extent that a memory foam mattress does). A latex mattress is also known for its bounce and support. 

So, if you are torn between a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress, consider going for a memory foam mattress if you like the feeling of sinking deep. But if you like more bounce and a mattress that retains less heat, a latex mattress can be the winner.

There are two ways of manufacturing latex beds and it results in two types of latex mattresses. They are -

  1. Dunlop - In this type of manufacturing process, the latex is poured into the mould in one single pour. The resulting mattress is denser on the bottom and softer on the top layer.

2.  Talalay - This latex is made when the mould is filled and then the mattress sucks all the air out of the mould. The material is then frozen to stabilize the structure. The latex mattress hence formed will have a more consistent feel than the Dunlop mattress type.

Other types:

We brushed through the top mattress type like an innerspring mattress, memory foam mattress, hybrid mattress, and latex mattress. But is that all you have to get to explore in the mattress market?

No, there are further 4 types of beds that you can explore if you are not satisfied with the more popular choices. And worry not, we will get into the depths of each type of bed in the next part of the guide.


Wait for a second, are these the same mattresses that we used to put on the floor during college trips? Well, they are not! Airbeds are high-quality mattresses that are a refreshing breath of air from all other bulky mattresses.

Once again these beds are adjustable on each side, so they are the perfect match for couples who have different sleeping preferences. A custom sleep experience to make sleep more enjoyable for couples.

Airbeds are made with foam layers. And unlike traditional mattress types, these beds do not sag over time and hence they are a great long term investment.

Pillow-top mattresses

Pillow top mattress, also known as a euro-top mattress, has several layers of padding that adds up to the thickness of the mattress. The padding is particularly designed to deliver additional benefits like comfort, softness, and body contouring.  

Pillow top mattresses can be constructed with a variety of materials including cotton, latex, foam, or wool. But the only disadvantage these mattress types have is that they fall under the expensive budget brackets.

So, if you are looking for a budget-friendly mattress type, this cannot be the one for you.

Organic mattresses

Organic mattresses, as the name suggests, are the type of beds that are most suited for people who want to limit exposure to toxins and chemicals present in the beds. These mattresses are made with natural latex, organic wool, organic cotton, or recycled steel coils. 

So, an eco-friendly, sustainable and toxic-free mattress option for all-natural mattress lovers.


Waterbeds have been around for an even longer period than innerspring mattresses. These beds were invented by Dr Neil Arnott (Scottish Physician) to help patients who were suffering from bedsores. 

We all know the soothing feeling of floating in a waterbody. And that’s the exact soothing effect you feel when you sleep on a waterbed. Waterbeds are also customisable depending on how you want the water to react to your body weight.

You can set the chambers inside the waterbed and get free-flowing or restricted types of water flow. Some waterbeds are also designed exclusively for couples who may have different preferences. 

This means that you can adjust the setting on each side without changing the settings of your partner. So, all these pros make waterbeds a great choice for people but there are some cons to these beds.

They are extremely heavy, and hence difficult to move around. Also, waterbeds consume a lot of time to set up which can be a turn off to many people.


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