Do You Need a Special Mattress for an Ottoman Bed?

Are you tired of struggling to find the perfect mattress for your ottoman bed?

Do you find yourself tossing and turning at night, unable to get comfortable on your current mattress?

If so, you're not alone.

Many struggle to find the right mattress for their ottoman bed, leading to restless nights and discomfort.

But fear not because we have a solution for you.

Instead of constantly searching for the right mattress, have you considered buying a new ottoman?

An ottoman bed is a type of bed that has a storage space underneath, perfect for small spaces or those looking to maximise their bedroom storage.

But with this unique design comes the need for a particular mattress.In this article, we will discuss whether or not you need a particular mattress for an ottoman bed and provide solutions to help you get the best sleep possible.

So, let's dive in and discover what your options are!

What is an Ottoman Bed?

An Ottoman bed is a unique type of furniture that has been gaining popularity in recent years. This distinctive piece of bedroom furniture, often called an ottoman storage bed, offers a dual purpose - providing a comfortable sleeping space and a clever storage solution.

Detailed Explanation of Ottoman Beds

The defining feature of an Ottoman bed is its gas-lift hydraulics that lift the base to reveal a sizable storage area beneath. This extra storage space in ottoman beds is particularly beneficial for those tight on bedroom space, as it allows for the easy and tidy storage of items such as clothes, shoes, and bed linens.

Unlike divan beds, most Ottoman beds come with a sprung slat base. These beds not only enhance comfort but also improve mattress longevity. An Ottoman bed frame is typically upholstered, lending a contemporary aesthetic that can complement any bedroom decor.

Features and Benefits of Ottoman Beds

  • The storage area of Ottoman beds far exceeds standard bed frames, making them a practical choice for those needing additional storage solutions.

  • Furthermore, the way the bed opens can be adapted to your room layout - some Ottoman bed bases open from the side, which is ideal for smaller bedrooms or rooms where only one side of the bed is accessible.

  • Although foam mattresses are commonly used with Ottoman beds, the bed's construction supports various mattress types.

 If you're looking for a bed that offers both luxury and practicality, our premium Majestic Ottoman bed is the perfect choice. Its stunning art deco design and ample storage space make it a statement piece that serves as a functional storage solution.

Can You Use Any Mattress on an Ottoman Bed?



Now, if you have an ottoman bed, you may wonder if it is possible to use any mattress. The good news is that an ottoman bed is incredibly versatile regarding mattress compatibility.

An ottoman bed is designed to accommodate standard mattress sizes, so you can utilise any mattress type you choose. However, while the ottoman bed is flexible regarding mattress usage, there are a few factors to consider when picking the perfect mattress for your bed.

A crucial point to remember is the weight of the mattress. Since ottoman beds have a lifting mechanism to provide extra storage space, a lighter mattress might make it easier to lift the bed frame.The memory foam mattress is particularly well-suited for an ottoman bed as it contours to your body's shape, providing excellent comfort and support.

However, personal preference plays a significant role, and therefore, the choice of mattress ultimately relies on what you find most comfortable. On the other hand, ottoman beds require a sturdy construction due to the lifting mechanism.

Therefore, the quality of the ottoman bed frame is essential, especially if you're planning to build an ottoman bedA cheap or poorly made ottoman might need help lifting heavier mattresses, so always opt for a high-quality bed frame.

The Perfect Fit: Mattress Sizes for Ottoman Beds

Keep in mind that finding the perfect fit for your mattress can be a daunting task when it comes to ottoman beds.

Ottoman beds offer substantial storage space beneath the bed base, making them a practical solution for tidying bedrooms. But the "question often arises - do you need a particular mattress for an ottoman bed?" The answer is no; ottoman beds are designed to accommodate standard mattress sizes, from single to super king.

Ensuring the correct mattress size for an ottoman bed is vital. A well-fitting mattress sits neatly within the bed frame, offering optimum support and contributing to a good night's sleep. It also allows for the smooth operation of the bed's lifting mechanism, powered by gas struts, providing easy access to the storage compartment beneath.

However, using an incorrectly sized mattress can lead to several issues. A mattress that's too large could hinder the bed base's closing, disrupting the storage space's functionality. On the other hand, a mattress that's too small may not offer enough support, potentially damaging the sprung slatted base over time.

Comfort and longevity are two significant factors to consider when selecting a mattress for your ottoman bed. A high-quality mattress, such as a latex mattress, can enhance your comfort levels and ensure a restful sleep. Moreover, a durable mattress can withstand the regular opening and closing of the ottoman base, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Quality Matters: How to Select a High-Quality Mattress?

Let's discuss selecting a high-quality mattress for your Ottoman bed. The quality of a mattress significantly impacts not only our sleep but also our overall health and well-being.

The importance of a mattress's quality for comfort and longevity cannot be overstated. A good mattress can reduce pain, improve posture, decrease tossing and turning, improve sleep, and enhance daily functioning. Moreover, proper care and maintenance of the bed are essential to ensure it remains in good condition and lasts for many years.

When choosing a high-quality mattress, there are several factors to consider. For instance, the number of pocket springs can significantly influence the comfort and support a mattress provides. The more pocket springs a mattress has, the better it can contour to your body, providing personalised support and pressure relief.

In addition, the mattress's weight can affect the Ottoman bed's functionality. A heavier mattress might require advanced gas struts for smooth operation. Furthermore, the mattress size should correspond with the bed frame to ensure a snug fit.

Lastly, the storage compartment of an Ottoman bed offers ample space to organise Ottoman storage, making it a practical choice for those looking to maximise their bedroom space.

For a blend of elegance and functionality, consider our deluxe Ascot Ottoman bed. Its striking Art Deco aesthetics and substantial storage capacity make it an eye-catching centrepiece and practical storage solution.

Types of Mattresses You Can Use with Ottoman Beds



A few options are available when choosing the perfect mattress for your ottoman bed. The type of mattress you select can significantly impact your comfort, the functionality of your bed, and even your storage space.

Whether you're looking for a mattress that offers pressure relief, durability, or bounce, there's something for everyone. Now, we'll explore the different mattresses suitable for ottoman beds.

Memory Foam Mattress


Memory foam mattresses have been a game-changer in the world of sleep, offering numerous benefits that make them a popular choice among many sleepers.

Memory foam mattresses are particularly well-suited for ottoman beds because they are lightweight and flexible. Another key advantage is their ability to offer exceptional pressure relief, providing an ideal sleep experience.

They conform to your body shape, distributing weight evenly across the mattress surface and reducing pressure points. This personalised contouring can significantly enhance your sleep experience. Moreover, memory foam mattresses are typically weightier than other types, such as latex or innerspring mattresses.

This feature makes them ideal for ottoman beds, especially those with weight restrictions. This mattress's compact and flexible design allows easy lifting of the bed base, giving you effortless access to the more excellent storage compartment beneath.

Another significant benefit of memory foam mattresses is their ability to reduce back pains. Memory foam mattresses provide the necessary support and alignment for your spine, helping you maintain a healthy sleep posture. Despite their advanced technology, they come in a great range of prices, making them accessible for various budgets.

Latex Mattress



Latex mattresses are another top-tier option for ottoman beds, revered for their durability and resilience. These mattresses provide a solid foundation for a good night's sleep, offering support and comfort .Latex Mattress contain natural or synthetic latex that combines firmness and slight bounce, a characteristic many sleepers enjoy.

Regarding compatibility with ottoman beds, latex mattresses excel due to their inherent durability. They're designed to withstand regular use, including the frequent lifting of the bed base that comes with using an ottoman bed. However, latex mattresses, like memory foam, tend to be heavier than other types.

This means you must ensure your ottoman bed frame and gas pistons can accommodate the extra weight. If they can, you'll have a mattress that offers comfort, support, and longevity.

Innerspring Mattress



Innerspring mattresses are a classic choice for many households, known for their firm support system.These mattresses are built with steel coil springs that provide a stable and supportive base. This type of mattress also offers a more excellent sleep surface, making it ideal for those who tend to overheat at night.

When used with an ottoman bed, innerspring mattresses work well due to their rigid structure. Innerspring Mattress provides a solid top for the bed and can handle the weight of the sprung slats, ensuring a stable and comfortable sleep surface.

However, they may be heavier than foam or latex mattresses. It's crucial to check the weight restrictions of your ottoman bed before choosing an innerspring mattress. If your bed can accommodate the weight, an innerspring mattress can offer a traditional, supportive sleep experience.

Hybrid Mattress



Hybrid mattresses are a unique blend of various mattress technologies, hence the term 'hybrid'. They incorporate the best features of different mattresses to deliver a balanced sleep experience.

The core of a hybrid mattress generally consists of a spring pocket, similar to those found in traditional innerspring mattresses. These springs provide a sturdy base and deliver firm support, making them ideal for those needing extra back and joint reinforcement.

On top of this pocket spring core, hybrid mattresses feature comfort layers made from memory foam or latex. These materials contour to the body, relieving pressure points and delivering a plush, comfortable surface to sleep on. This combination of supportive springs and comfortable foam or latex creates a mattress that offers support and comfort.

In the context of ottoman beds, hybrid mattresses are an excellent fit. This mattress has the necessary support and comfort while maintaining a reasonable weight, which is crucial for the smooth operation of the ottoman bed's lifting mechanism.

Plus, hybrid mattresses come in various sizes, from single to super king, allowing you to choose a size that fits your ottoman bed perfectly and maximises your storage space.

Discover the perfect balance between sophistication and utility with our top-tier Valentina Ottoman bed.


Airbed Mattress



Airbed mattresses, though less common, can offer a versatile solution for specific situations. Unlike other mattress types that use springs or foam for support and comfort, airbeds rely on air chambers that can be inflated or deflated to adjust the mattress's firmness. This gives you the flexibility to customise the comfort level according to your preference or the needs of your guests.

However, despite their adjustable nature, airbed mattresses must catch up when providing consistent support, especially for everyday use. They lack the structural stability of other mattress types like memory foam, latex, or innerspring mattresses. Therefore, they're often recommended as a temporary or flexible solution, such as for a guest room or a smaller space where a regular bed might not fit.

An airbed mattress can be a suitable choice for ottoman beds if you need a lightweight, flexible mattress. Its lightweight nature makes lifting the ottoman bed base easy, providing easy access to the storage compartment.


Can Any Mattress Be Used on an Ottoman Bed?

Any mattress that fits an ottoman bed can be used. Consider size, weight, and comfort when selecting one. Memory foam, latex, innerspring, hybrid, and airbed mattresses are all suitable choices.

What Are the Disadvantages of Ottoman Beds?

Ottoman beds have ample storage space and a stylish design, but they tend to be heavier and accessing storage space requires lifting the mattress.

What Is the Best Base for an Ottoman Bed?

 Ottoman beds have two types of bases - solid platform tops or slatted bases. Platform tops provide consistent support, while slatted bases offer better ventilation. The choice between the two is a matter of personal preference.

Does an Ottoman Bed Stay Down Without a Mattress?

Yes, An ottoman bed should stay down without a mattress; its lifting mechanism is designed to counterbalance the mattress's weight. But beware, without the counterweight of a mattress, the bed may open more quickly or easily when unlatched.

Final Words

Now that you've learned about the benefits of an ottoman bed and the importance of choosing the right mattress, why not upgrade your bedroom with a new ottoman bed and mattress set from Crafted Beds?

Our expertly crafted ottoman beds provide both style and functionality, while our wide selection of mattresses ensures you'll find the perfect fit for your sleeping needs.

Plus, with our affordable prices and top-notch customer service, you can rest easy knowing you made the best choice for your bedroom.Elevate your bedroom with Crafted Beds and experience the convenience and style of an ottoman bed.

Remember, Your ottoman bed is just a click away!

So, don't wait. Let the transformation begin!


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