Euro Top vs. Pillow Top Mattress: Everything you should know

Euro Top vs. Pillow Top Mattress: Everything you should know


Is your neck pain not letting you have a sound sleep?

Are you not very comfortable while sleeping?

Do you wake up with shoulder pain and aches? 

Then probably it’s time to bring home a pillow-top mattress for yourself!


Pillow top is an extra layer of padding sewn on top of the mattress to enhance its plushness. It is a separate-looking piece on top, and as the name suggests it looks like a pillow.

It is usually made up of materials like cotton, wool, down, fiberfill, memory foam, or latex foam. The material helps in plushness to reduce the bounce and firmness from the coils or innerspring support layers used inside the mattress. The only purpose of the pillow top is to make the mattress soft. 

So, if you are someone who wants to rest your head on a feathery and smooth surface having firm support, it’s a big yes for you.

But the market is full of different kinds of pillow tops, and you are perplexed about which one to buy, right?

We will suggest you read this whole article before stepping out or picking your phone to buy a pillow top. The sole purpose of this article is to let you know every bit of the various pillow-top mattresses. The comparative analysis and review of experts will help you in coming to a decision. 

Rest on this page, so that you can have the best pillow top mattress to rest on!!

How to choose between a Euro Top Mattress and Pillow Top Mattress?


Ample sizes of pillow tops, comprising twin, full, queen, and king are available in the market. There are two types of pillow tops. One is a regular pillow top, which is usually referred to as a pillow top mattress. Another one is a Euro pillow top.

Euro Top and Pillow top mattresses were created to provide sleepers with plush yet supportive bedding.

Both Euro-top and pillow-top mattresses contain an additional layer of padding to increase comfort, but the application of the layer differs, creating a slight variation in feel and appearance.

For example, pillow tops are softer while euro tops display a sleeker look. 

Before choosing one of the two, it’s important to understand each in brief.

What is a Pillow Top Mattress?


Pillow Top Mattress is attached on the top of the mattress leaving a gap above the comfort layer, which gives the impression of extra padding. It gives you unparalleled support and sound sleep. 

The stitch attaching the extra layer to the mattress cover is placed just before each edge of the bed. Therefore, the edges of the pillow top are not perfectly aligned with the edges of the mattress. 

Pillow tops can be found on all types of mattresses, but are most common on beds that have natural firm supports cores, like an innerspring coil. This is because the extra padding increases the softness and cushioning of spring beds and provides pressure relief for various body parts such as the shoulders, back, and hips.  

Pillow tops are usually designed from softer materials like memory foam, latex foam, or wool.

Let’s take a look at the benefits and drawbacks of a pillow top mattress: 

Benefits of Pillow Top Mattress 

Softer Mattress

Sleeping on the pillow-top mattress feels like sleeping on a big fluffy and smoothest cloud. It is for those who are fond of putting a soft pillow mattress under their head.

Pillow top mattresses are way too softer and if you are one of those people who likes to sink into the mattress for a cozy feel, Pillow tops are the best choice!

Wide range of material 

The top layer is made up of different kinds of materials such as latex, cotton, memory foam, and many others. You are free to pick any material as per your preferences.

Less Motion Transfer

If you are freaking out every night due to the motion transfer, then the pillow top mattress is going to be a blessing. As it reduces motion transfer, (especially with the foam component) and gives you undisturbed sleep at an affordable price.

Easy to Flip

It allows you to flip the pillow top mattress as many times as you want. Flipping the pillow top means increasing its shelf life.

Distributes your weight

A good-quality pillow mattress will distribute your weight uniformly. It is scientifically proven that evenly distributed weight while sleeping enhances the quality of one’s sleep. The pressure points and other discomforts also get eliminated.


The pillow-top mattresses are super budget-friendly. It gives you a comfortable and a literal good night at an affordable price.

Disadvantages of Pillow Top Mattress


The weight of the bed bothers many people, so those people need to know that pillow-top mattresses are 20% heavier than the standard mattress. It becomes a little difficult to flip or move it.  


This is one of the biggest disadvantages of the pillow top mattress, it sags prematurely. You will notice a compression in the top layer after some usage due to the body weight and natural deterioration.

Not good for heavy people

It is a good choice for people with moderate weight, as for them it’s like sleeping on clouds. However, it doesn’t offer similar comfort and support to the people having extra weight. It is generally advised; heavy individuals should consider other mattresses for best support.

Less durable

There is little evidence that customers have observed less durability of pillow tops compared to other standard mattresses. It gets flatten and becomes less cushiony after prolonged use.

What is a Euro Top Mattress?


It is crystal clear from the name itself that Euro top mattress originated in Europe. It is also a type of pillow top mattress as it is also extra padding to increase softness, support, and comfort. The only difference is that it is attached beneath the mattress cover instead of stitching it to the top. 

A euro top mattress is made with comfy layers, resting a stacked and uniform look. It eliminates the gap and v-shaped dent found between the extra layers and mattress cover in usual pillow tops. 

No gap in the material means less space for sinking in and more space for padding. This results in a thicker and more supportive bed. 

Like pillow tops, even euro tops are made from a type of foam, wool, or latex foam. They are commonly found on innerspring mattresses. Euro Tops enhances the cushion and pressure point relief to the body.  

Below, let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of a Euro top mattress in detail:

Benefits of a Euro Top Mattress 

Cleaner look

Since the top pillow is sewn into the mattress, no gap is left and it looks very clean. There is no v-shaped indentation and the construction results in a more supportive feel. 

Less Shifting

The Euro top mattress has a clear plus point over the pillow top mattress when it comes to problems faced at shifting. As there is no gap between the euro top and the comfort layer. It gives long-lasting comfort.

More Durable Materials

The Euro top mattress is made up of materials like denser foam or fiberfill than the material used in regular pillow tops.

More Support

The Euro-top mattresses offer you more support with the right balance of firmness and fluffiness. It also eliminates the pressure points and gives relief to the body parts you need most.

Royal & affordable

It is less expensive than the pillow top mattress and gives you a royal look. 

The disadvantage of Euro Top Mattress

Requires extra care

If you are attaching another layer to your mattress simply means you have to take extra care while cleaning the mattress as it is stitched beneath the mattress cover. 

Absorb more heat

If you are someone who usually sleeps hot or has a hot body temperature, the material of euro top needs to be taken care of. The memory foam euro tops will add to your temperature grievances.

Shorter Lifespan

Although it has a longer shelf life than regular pillow tops. However, it also doesn’t beat the lifespan of mattresses without extra padding.

Quick Review



Euro Top

Pillow Top


It is attached to the edges of the mattress and no gap is left between the euro top and the comfort layer.

It is a pillow-like structure that is attached to the top of the mattress by stitching and separates the pillow top from the comfort layer.


It is made of foam or fiberfill.

It is also made of foam or fiberfill.


It has a thickness of 3 inches but without any gap.

It is usually 3 inches and includes the gap between comfort layers


It has uniform stacking.

It has distinct layering. 


It will make you feel cushioning at the centre and firmness towards the ends. 

It gives you a balance of firmness and cushioning.


It is more durable than regular ones as it is stitched beneath the cover. However, they sag at the edges before the pillow tops.  

It is less durable as it gets flatten and becomes less cushiony after prolonged use.


It has better edge support as it is stitched to the edges of the mattress.

As it is stitched to the top of the mattress, the edge support is less.


It depends on the model and brand.

It depends on the model and brand.



If you are shopping for a bed and find every mattress feels too soft or too firm, consider a Euro top or pillow top mattress. These types of mattresses add an extra layer of plush cushioning to firmer feeling mattresses to increase soft comfort without affecting support.

However, Euro-top and Pillow top mattresses vary in construction and feel. To make the best choice for yourself, consider what is the most important thing to you in bed? Additional softness and pressure relief or cushioned support and longevity? For example, although both the tops will enhance the cushioning of your bed, pillow tops are made to the top of the mattress cover, leaving space for sleepers who like to sink in the mattress for generous pressure relief. 

Euro tops, on the other hand, are attached below the mattress cover and better reinforced by the layers in there, resulting in softened support and more lifespan. 

It is a known fact that even the best pillow top mattress of the industry will come to the end of its durability period one day. So, it’s not just a question of which one is going to benefit you longer. 

You have to decide the best top mattress which fits your bed and pocket as well based on the detailed pros and cons of each pillow top and euro top. 

Now make a smart choice, and rest on the best and affordable pillow-top mattress.


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