Grab That Pillow - Best Pillows for Every Type of Sleeper

Grab That Pillow - Best Pillows for Every Type of Sleeper


What are the factors that affect the quality of sleep? 

The first answer your mind might bump into is a mattress (And that’s for a good reason as well). A wrong mattress paired with other factors like sleeping position, not following sleep hygiene, and many other factors can affect the quality of slumber.

But what about a pillow? 

A pillow is as personal and unique as a pair of shoes. Choosing the wrong pillow can exacerbate headaches and cause neck and shoulder tension. Yet, most of the time, we do not associate pillows with poor sleep aspects!

If you had ever spent time in hotel rooms and wondered why you have back pain or maybe you stayed in a friend’s home who has the same mattress as yours but still woke up with a headache - Clearly, the pillow here was the reason.

So, taking time to choose the right pillow for you based on your sleeping habits and personal needs can go a long way in helping you to wake up with energy and pick yourself up for the rest of the day.

But if you had spent some time browsing the internet for the best pillows, you might already know how confusing and frustrating the process is. Because there are a lot of pillows to choose from and how can you determine the right one for you?

Well, please allow CraftedBeds to take a view on this subject and present our personal method of picking the right pillow to ensure good sleep quality. Now, all you need to do is scroll through and read the guide to bring the best pillows for your bedroom.

How to choose a pillow

When was the last date when you bought a new pillow/s? 

If your answer is “A long long time ago”, or something along the lines of “I don’t remember”, then we assure you that you are not alone. Because, as we said earlier, many people focus all their energy on buying their new mattress.

And the pillow sets will be forgotten or will be pushed to the back of the mind, a place where they will remain for the rest of their life. A good mattress can be your number one priority, but choosing the right pillows can also make a huge difference in your sleep pattern.

Sleeping on worn-out pillows, or old pillows that lead to a night of uncomfortable sleep is a clear indicator that you need to shop for new pillows. Even if your pillows are not old or worn out, if they are still uncomfortable, you might want to take a chance at buying new pillows.

So, how to choose the right pillow for yourself? Take a peek at the below three points.

Back and side sleepers

Does sleeping position even mattress for buying pillows?

Yes, there are some general guidelines that you could follow according to your sleeping position, but these are not hard and fast rules that you always need to abide by. And that’s because not everybody sleeps in the same position throughout the night. 

You might classify yourself as a side sleeper but might change your position to your back in the middle of the night. Or you might be a stomach sleeper who also loves to sleep on the side. So, you might need a pillow that might fit you in all positions.

And that is why we have included a section for combination sleepers as well. With that being said, let us get to know what kind of pillow may suit back and side sleepers before moving on to front and combination sleepers.

Back sleepers - A flatter pillow might help the neck and back be in alignment. If you prefer to buy a softer pillow, make sure that the pillow provides additional support to prevent neck pain and provide maximum comfort while maintaining the softness.

Side sleepers - Side sleepers might need a firmer pillow. Look for a thick pillow that fills the gap between your ears and your shoulder.

Front sleepers

What type of pillow might best suit the front sleepers?

Stomach sleepers need a soft pillow underneath their head. Sometimes stomach sleepers need no pillow at all. Also, consider adding a supporting pillow under your stomach and pelvis to prevent backache.

Combinations sleepers

Combination sleepers always find themselves in a dilemma because not many guides mention the kind of pillow that combination sleepers should go for. But, do not worry, because we have taken down the hassle for you.

For a mixed sleeper who finds solace in many positions during sleep, a pillow with medium thickness and medium softness is the best choice. These types of pillows can help combination sleepers to find comfort in different positions. 

But once again, as we have already mentioned, all these are just general guidelines that we recommend. There is no ‘single rule fits all’ theory. So, be confident and make a choice that will aid you to fall asleep faster - Even if that means breaking the norm!

Types of pillow depending on use:

The single important job of a pillow is to support the go-to-sleep position of a sleeper throughout the night. And by ‘support’ we don't mean to point our fingers at a pillow that feels comfortable and cosy.

The perfect pillow is the one that keeps the neck, head, and spine in neutral alignment and thus supports the natural curve of the spine. The advantages of using a pillow that supports the natural curve of the spine are many.

These pillows alleviate neck pain and also relieves pressure from the pressure points. This means that you can enjoy a great night sleep and wake up without body pain and ache. A refreshed and energetic start for a successful day. 

There are different types of pillows that can support different sleeping positions and hence provide support to the spine. So, which pillow can you choose to support a healthy body posture while also being compatible with your sleeping positions? 

Let us discuss the qualities of each type of pillows below. Keep reading to find the perfect pillow that will have the special features to help you maintain a healthy sleeping posture and hence make the best pillow purchase ever.

Support pillow

A support pillow is a type of pillow item that is available in different shapes and sizes. But regardless of the size and the shape, these pillows are known to provide additional support to different body parts based on the requirement.

Support pillows are most commonly used to assist sore muscles to relieve pain from the muscles and most of the time, these pillows are used after an injury, to support the injured part of the body. 

And hence these pillows are greatly suggested by the medical experts to obtain relief from pain, pressure, and also to fight off the discomfort. But support pillows are not only used by injured patients. They can be used by healthy individuals for different purposes. 

There are doughnut support pillows that provide support to tailbones, there are neck support pillows that are used during travelling in planes or trains. So, regardless of the need and the situation, there are many support pillows out there to assist your cause.

Side sleepers pillow

To keep a healthy sleeping posture, side sleepers need a pillow that has a high loft and firm support. So, why do side sleepers need this type of pillow for their comfortable sleep routine? Let’s get to the bottom of the answer.

High loft - A taller profile pillow helps side sleepers prop the head up and helps keep the spine in neutral alignment. 

Along with this benefit, a high loft pillow also helps relieve shoulder pressure and makes sure that your shoulder is not being crushed under the weight of your body. 

So, if you find that your shoulders are actually painful when you wake up or that your shoulders are buried deep into the mattress, the only reason could be that your mattress is not lofty enough.

Firm support - A firm pillow with medium support or high firmness level will help side sleepers to keep the head and neck in alignment with the spine throughout the night. 

If your pillow seems to be too soft, then you might have a stiff neck because your head will sink into the pillow sometime during the night.

Back sleepers pillow

A medium loft with medium firmness is the right pillow for back sleepers. So, why do these specific pillows help back sleepers? Let’s find out the answers. 

Medium loft - A medium loft pillow will help back sleepers get relief from pressure that would be accumulated in their neck and shoulders. These pillows offer to serve you as that nice, cushy, and soft buffer between you and the mattress.

What happens if your pillow is too lofty?

You will end up with a painful neck in the morning because of a crane head position. And if it’s a reverse situation, where you are sleeping on a flat pillow, it’s pretty much uncomfortable, to say the least (What is the need for a pillow?)

Medium firmness - A medium firmness will help keep the spine in alignment. A pillow that flattens over the night or a pillow that is too soft can cause your head to go down and ruin the spine alignment.

Stomach sleepers pillow the right pillow out of the mattress pond can be a tricky part for stomach sleepers. Some medical experts suggest sleepers eliminate this position altogether due to potential risk factors like strained neck and painful lower back or abdomen region due to extra pressure on the region.

But still, there are many people who love this sleeping position, so we have brought together the perfect sleeping pillow for you as well. 

  • Low loft - A low loft pillow, that is two inches or even shorter, will help to keep the spine in alignment. If you have a pillow that has a high loft, you will have your head craned upwards, and you will lose the shape and curve of the spine.

Soft support - Pillows with soft support will fill the gap between your shoulder and the mattress and will make sure that your head is not too propped up or let down.

Types of the pillow by materials:

There are different types of pillows based on the type of materials they are made with and they are made to serve different purposes. For example, for people with allergy symptoms or asthma, a hypoallergenic type of material might be more suitable. 

And different materials also means that the budget can vary for each pillow kind. So, depending upon your personal preferences and needs, you can consider or boil down your options to certain types of pillow materials.

In today’s guide, we will be going through 3 types of pillow materials and looking at the complete breakdown of each type of pillow. These are our top choices, by the way, so you can consider them as your priority options.

Memory foam pillow

Memory foam pillows are made of polyurethane that is further mixed with other chemicals to make the perfect choice for memory foam lovers. Memory foam pillows are similar to memory foam mattresses and they contour to the head of the sleeper.

These pillows provide great support to the neck, shoulders, and jaw. But as with the memory foam mattress, memory foam pillows have the same condition of causing ‘sleeping hot’ scenarios and also take some time to mould into the shape of the user.

But if you already love your memory foam mattress and its ability to support the natural curve of the body, you might fall in love with memory foam pillows as well.

Feather down pillow

Made from geese or duck downs, these pillows offer firmness and loft that best suits the side sleepers. But if you go for a pillow with a lesser loft, they can be the best option for back or stomach sleepers as well. 

Because these pillows are made of natural materials, they are durable, breathable, and resilient. But these pillows can cause allergies to exacerbate asthma conditions (Although there is no scientific evidence to back this claim).

Latex pillow

Once again, a natural option for environmentalists. Made from rubber trees, these pillows are elastic and resilient. And the good news is that these pillows are also good for people with allergies, so, if you want to go natural with your pillows, latex makes a great voice.

Moreover, latex mattresses are cooler than memory foam mattresses. But the downside of the latex pillows is that they are expensive. But still, as per our experts, latex pillows are definitely worth the price for their unlimited advantages.

And with that, we end this guide. We hope that this article helps you to navigate through the pillow buying process and helps you to decorate a bed with pillows that are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.


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