Green and white bedroom ideas

Green And White Bedroom Ideas

Do you know that colour can help you to get better sleep and mental peace by bringing harmony to your life?

We spend the majority of our time in our bedroom and a combination of colours in the bedroom play a crucial role in our moods.

We look for peace, positivity, and calmness in our bedrooms to get rid of our tiredness and take high-quality sleep, the right colour combination in our bedroom can help us in that.

According to verywell mind, colours can be used as stress busters and have a huge impact on our moods that’s why having the right colour in our bedroom is important because we start our day from the bedroom

But it is difficult to choose the best combination of colours for our bedrooms and we agree with you. Because there is colour psychology behind every colour and everyone don’t have time to learn about it and that’s the reason you find it difficult to decide on colour combination.

Since we are in this business of helping customers have comfortable and luxurious life we did the work for you and came up with two colour combination ideas to transform your bedroom that will make the environment of your bedroom calmer, relax and your bedroom looks more attractive than ever before.

In this article, we are going to give you great ideas for a green and white bedroom. We will also tell you the science behind these two colours and how can these colours help you take a rest in your bedrooms with more peace and positivity.

How Do Green And White Create A Relaxing Ambience?

Do you remember the feeling of peace, joy, positivity we get when we visit the garden in our neighbourhood and we forget all our tensions and fear and get so relaxed?

The reason for that is the green colour is the symbol of nature, growth, health and leads the way to harmony and calmness. Green is responsible for removing anxiety by creating an ideal environment.

An example of this is people often wait in the green room before facing the camera because green helps people feels rested and relaxed.

The white colour stands for purity, innocence, freshness and give a sense of calmness. White colour is also the sign of a new beginning. White give a sense of calmness and helps in increasing the focus. The white colour also helps in times of stress and get clarity of thoughts

Green and white colours almost have similar nature and when both the colours are combined it will bring a relaxing ambience to your bedroom. The feeling of calm that we get in nature and greenery is the same kind of the feeling we get with greenery in our room.

After having a long and tiring day you take a rest in your bedroom and when you enter your bedroom with relaxed vibes you get rid of your tiredness automatically. These two colours can be great for teenager’s bedrooms because sometimes they take pressure in the era of competition and it brings calmness to their life.

Create relaxing ambience

Why Do Green And White Go Perfectly Together?

The combination of the green and white colour is more flexible and versatile you can easily add others colours with them according to your creativity to decorate your bedroom.

As we discussed earlier as well green and white colours are almost the same and using them together will lead to positive vibes. Green is associated with nature and white is associated with freshness, freshness is directly related to nature that’s why green and white can be the perfect combination.

These two colours can be used for bedrooms of any age group because they are flexible.

Ideas For A Green And White Combination

Till now we talk about what are the qualities of green and white colour, the psychology behind both the colours and what it feels when you wake up and see the environment of your bedroom.

Now we will talk about some ideas for the green and white combination that you can use in your bedroom to get proper sleep and positive energy.

Here are some amazing green and white combination colour ideas for your bedroom.

Mint Green Coastal And White - Walls painted with mint green colour with white accessories, furniture, with accent bedsheets and pillow cover is the amazing idea to experiment in your bedroom.

White Walls And Light Green Furniture - A simple but attractive and pleasant look for your bedroom helps in improving focus. Light green small couch with white accent carpet, small green plants and night lamp can look amazing in your bedroom.

Dark Green Walls With White Bedsheets And Wooden Furniture - A room with dark green walls and a white colour ceiling with some indoor plants and a combination of green pillow and white bedsheets on wooden furniture can bring new layers to your bedrooms.

Green Walls With A Wood Accent - A combination of green and wood on the wall along with wooden furniture and carpet and white colour small study table.

White Walls With Green Accent Wall Behind The Table - A bedroom with white walls and green accent wall behind the bad, white curtain, bedsheet, black and white accent pillow cover and black night lamp is a killer combination that gives your eyes a pleasant and relaxed feeling after a tired and long day.

Green Shade Brickwork On A Wall Behind The Bad - A green shade wall with a white and grey combination of bed sheets, blanket and white and blue accessories and brightness of led light will bring a classic and natural look to your bedroom.

Deep Forest Green Wall With White Carpet - A deep forest green colour on the wall with some beautiful accent, white colour carpet, and adding plants as a green touch will give you feeling of spiritual environment.

Olive Green And White - A combination of olive green colours with matching curtains and one white colour wall that makes your room look larger. A bedsheet with white colour and olive green blanket on the bed gives your bedroom a luxurious and natural look.

Artificial Forest Look Behind The Wall - A white colour all over the room with artificial forest will create a spiritual environment in your bedroom.

Diagonal Colour Combination - A combination of white and green colour in diagonal shape with wooden furniture will give your bedroom natural and modern touch.

Green Graphic Wallpaper - A green graphic wallpaper behind the bed with white colour on walls all over the room.

These are some great ideas for your green and white colour combination for your bedroom and a combination of the two-colour can be a great way to change how you start your day.

Green walls with a wood accent

Add Bold Accents

Bold accents will make your bedroom more attractive and provide you with more options to decorate your small bedroom according to your preference. Accents add a new dimension to your bedroom, bold accents make a specific part of your bedroom the centre of attention and your bedroom look large.

In the case of green and white bedroom, you can choose something that gove you the feeling that you are close to nature or brings positivity. You can use accents colours for blankets, pillows, and, bedsheets because using accents for them is low cost in comparison to wall accents and you can change the accents as well on a regular period.

Some of the ideas for using accents in your room:

Accent Wall With Greenery - A wall with a dark green accent with different types of textures or forest green colour can be a great idea for your bedroom.

Bedroom Plant - You can place the plant alongside the wall, on window sills, in corner of the room or you can hang up the plant according to your convenience.

Accent Pillow Cover - You can easily buy them online and replace them with time.

Other Accent Ideas - Green chair, black and white combination carpet, small furniture, and night lamp.

Green Combined With The Wood

We all are children of mother nature and we get the same feeling while we are in the lap of our mothers.

That is the reason the human body feels more happy and positive when we are close to nature and the creation of a natural environment in our bedrooms will bring positivity and peace.

A combination of green with wood in the bedroom will bring a new experience to your bedroom. Natural wood without any paint will give classic look to our bedrooms and with that, you can use the wood carpet for floors it will become more pleasant to our eyes.

Green and white colour with wood prevents your bedroom from feeling too dark and look beautiful with wood trim. Wood and green is not a colour combination but green work very well with natural shades and colour because the green colour is all about nature and because of that you can use wood with green colour without any doubt.

Green combined with the wood

Glamorous And Modern Touch

The environment of the bedroom should be pleasant, relaxed, and always give positive and energetic vibes when you wake up in the morning and we discussed how the combination of green and white colours will create this type of environment.

But, what about the style and modern touch in the era of modernization you can’t compromise on that.

In this part of the article, we will discuss how we can add a modern touch to your bedroom.

  • Dark coloured walls: A combination of one dark wall with a light colour on the other walls of the bedroom will make your bedroom the centre of attraction in your house.
  • Small and stylish furniture: Thera is several lifestyle brands in the market that specifically deals in this type of furniture. These products are designed in a way that covers less space and makes your life more comfortable.
  • Led lights: wall mounted lights, ceiling lights, and other modern lights will give your bedroom a modern touch.
  • Graphic wallpapers: A graphic wallpaper is an easiest and convenient way to add style to your bedroom.
  • Colour blocking: A different type of colour on the specific part of your room will make your bedroom like a studio apartment.
  • Use bedframe as a display: Place different types of artwork, books, and vintage accessories.
  • Natural Materials: Green and the white colour combination gives your bedroom a natural look and combining them with natural material will give it a contemporary style.
  • Vintage artwork: A collection of artwork is a great way to give a classic and modern touch to your bedroom.


Now that you know all about green and white bedroom ideas, let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions.

Is Green A Good Colour For Bedroom?

Green is a great choice for bedrooms because it’s a versatile shade which goes with almost all sorts of interior design styles. Furthermore, green also helps create a calming and stress-free environment in the room.

Does Green And Grey Go Together In A Bedroom?

Grey is the perfect neutral shade, because it goes perfectly with splashes of various colors. The combination of grey with a vibrant green colour is a great way to add life to your bedroom. 

How Do You Style A Bedroom With Green Walls?

In order to style a bedroom with green walls, ensure avoiding elements that make your room look dramatic. Additionally you may add dark wooden furniture pieces and wooden floors. Mixing lighter shades on our walls is also great to add contrast.

Wrap Up!

A bedroom is not only an important part of our house but also an important part of our life because we do one of the most precious activities in the bedroom is sleeping. Quality sleep makes the difference between good health and bad health.

That is the reason creating a good atmosphere in the bedroom is important. We hope you get some ideas to design your bedroom with a combination of white and green colour.

As of now, we discussed why having the right kind of colour is important in your bedroom the psychology behind the green and white colour. What type of environment do they create and why are these two colours are the perfect combination for your bedroom.

So, if you are ready to bring peace, harmony, and an energetic environment to your bedroom, then head over to Crafted Beds to get your hands on the perfect furniture for your green and white bedroom. Our wide range of bedding furniture and accessories are available in all colours and styles that can give your bedroom elegent and calming look with no much efforts. So, visit our website now and choose the best one which suits your needs!

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