Halloween bedroom ideas

Halloween Bedroom Ideas For 2023

Halloween is a spooky season that we celebrate on October 31st every year - But we do not want the celebrations to start and end in October!

We know some people are always drawn closer to the spooky corners of their homes, the witchcraft, sorcery, the carved pumpkins, and the 'Avada Kedavra' pillows.

This guide is especially for those who want to attend the Halloween celebration throughout the year!

This 2022, we want to help you  spice up your bedroom with ghosts, ghouls, gnomes, spiders, skeletons, Dracula, and many other notable personalities of Halloween.

Ready to create spooky vibes in your bedroom? Ready to snuggle up in the cozy corners with little pumpkin pillows watching 'Annabell'?

Grab some caramel apples or corn, and let's discuss how you can  transform your bedroom to speak about the tradition of Halloween for the rest of year.

Spooky Season Bedroom Ideas

What Colours Fit Into The Halloween Theme?

From hanging Halloween clocks and candle holders to decking up your bedroom with numerous Halloween toys and sprinkling some skeletal bones here and there…there is so much to do.

But  what colours will better speak about our taste for the spooky season? Which colours will symbolise Halloween at first glance?

You might be overwhelmed by the different colour pallets you must choose, but Halloween is a pretty simple theme that only involves three primary colours.

If you have  a dark bedroom or a bedroom in neutral colours, all you need to do is add some final touches to complete the look.

But if your bedroom is vibrant or showcases pinkish tones, you might need to add more black and orange colours to get the proper 'October 31st' look.

Black And White

Halloween or not,  black and white are the supreme colours that will never fall out of the trend, be it 2022 or 2202! Black and white colours will powerfully depict your love for Halloween and bring more elegance to the spooky vibes!

Whether you are throwing a Halloween party for your colleagues or want to keep the Halloween decoration a secret (just to your bedroom), some black ravens, spiders with white skulls, and ghouls are never a letdown.

So, add some black and white themed beddings,  throw pillows, and screens to your cart, and you are all good to get the spooky decorations rolling.

Black and white bedroom


Can we ever remember the colour orange when speaking about Halloween?

What is Halloween even without orange and creepy carved pumpkins staring at us in the dark? (Okay, that's too intense!)

If you do not want to be an 'all black and white' magician, orange is your saviour! This warm colour brings life to the spooky season with its less intense vibes.

All you need to do here is bring some orange pumpkins, orange-themed blankets, and orange lights, and throw it all in one place - Hocus Pocus; you are ready with your Halloween bedroom within seconds. Speak about an easy makeover?

So, black, white, and orange are the colours we suggest - Not only are they easy to choose from and   decorate a small bedroom, but they also are easy to set the foundation for a spooky season (No confusion is what we mean).

We have chosen the colours; what next? Of course, the decoration itself - Let's move to the themes and decor, shall we?

Pumpkin Theme

Invite your friends and family to participate in pumpkin carvings, a fun activity to get together and enjoy quality time with family.

Your pumpkins can be black, white, or natural orange, and you can carve them, paint them, or place candles inside them to bring the  glow to your bedroom.

So easy and cost-effective, yet the most decorative and fun part of your Halloween decorations. And the way you can go about pumpkins is simple as well.

You can place your carved pumpkins next to your bed on the bedside table and bring a definitive spooky look to your bedroom or make a pumpkin lamp and  decorate your bedroom with just pumpkins.

What are you waiting for, then? Go make pumpkin purchases, and let's please the spooky magicians, witches, and sorcerers!

Mirrors On The Wall

What fun having  mirrors on the walls and seeing your friends freak out at their reflections! Let us primarily speak about haunted DIY Halloween mirrors, with many unique ideas, splendid designs, and lovely touches.

Front Porch For Halloween Mirrors

Hanging your mirrors on the front porch can be a great idea to bring spooky vibes (Also, to see your friends get scared at their own reflection!). There are many fantastic ideas online where you can get inspiration. Definitely the best idea for Halloween 2022.

Try A Spooky Halloween Haunted Ghost Mirror Look

The eerie haunted ghost mirror concept might be a little frightening and contributes to a more intense look, but it is one of the favourites for people who love to bring more spookiness to their decor.

A Ghoul Halloween Costume With Multiple Haunted Mirrors

If you are still trying to figure out  where to begin, a ghoul Halloween costume with multiple haunted mirrors will help you stand out with the decor and theme. We recommend you buy a ghoul costume and get ready with multiple haunted theme mirrors for this year.


Create A Moody Atmosphere

A dingy, foetid basement, attic with no windows, thickets, did your mind go to the locales of horror movies? That's the point here.

These are the kind of themes that horror films majorly rely on. There's something about shadows that conjures up images of mystery and spookiness in all of us.

Look for dark corners in your home that produce fascinating patterns to bring fear and mystery to the air. This doesn't have to imply photographing after sunset, but there are plenty of possibilities you can bring with you different spooky art pieces.

Take it head-on, and don't be scared to bring intense vibes... the grittiness of your basic ideas may add to your personal style and the ambience!

Create Mystery

Colour manipulation can be a vital tool for  influencing mood and ambience, which we always see in movies.

Infusing the shadows into the atmosphere with alien greens and mesmerised purples is an extremely great idea for a creepy or supernatural mood.

More minor changes can also be effective: Chilly tones evoke eerie night time colours, while a hot white balance (particularly with bright, orange colours) might evoke catastrophic feelings.

Candles And Lanterns

The witching hour begins as soon as the sun sets on Halloween, so make sure you're ready with some festive lanterns. You don't have to buy anything new—there are many ways to make your own Halloween decorations with the aid of your skill level/s.

Anything from repurposed milk bottle skull lanterns to more sociable, Haunted Mansion–inspired metal lanterns is simple to make. Whatever you like, there are plenty of ideas online to get you started. Here are a few ideas you can take note of:

Lantern Made From A Milk Jug

These are among the most straightforward lanterns to construct. You'll need milk jugs, a permanent marker, and string lights.

Halloween Lights Made Of Origami

The Jack-o'-lantern tradition is given a creative twist with origami lantern lights. You may use these lantern lights to  decorate your house or make a centrepiece showcase in your bedroom.

Mason Jar With Spider Lights

Arachnophobes will be terrified to death by this creepy-crawly craft. A mason jar with basic spider, web, and spray paint decorations is all required.

Plastic Jack-O'-Lanterns That Glow

Plastic Jack-o'-Lanterns that glow are another easy and mess-free lantern you and your family may construct this year. You can make this in a matter of seconds if you have a few plastic jack-o'-lantern buckets and some little lights.

Lanterns Made Of Candy

You do not even have to conduct any crafting for the lanterns made of candies. Fill your current lanterns with sugar to turn them into Halloween decorations!

Lantern Made With Plastic Cups

Making a plastic cup lantern is both easy and enjoyable. You can construct this cute Halloween lantern with some of the tea lights you have on hand.

Mason Jars With A Glow

This is the Halloween DIY if you've never met a mason jar you didn't like. Just spruce them up with paint and blazing light, and you're good to go.

Luminaries Of The Mummy

For this one, you'll only need paper-mâché materials (or cheesecloths) and mason jars. If you're short on time, you may use any spare bandage materials from a first aid kit to make the best lanterns.

Lanterns From A Haunted Mansion

Recreate your favourite Disney ride's  decor at home! They've been authorized by Jack Skellington and are ideal for folks who love sleek, clear lines in their design.

Candles and lanterns

Halloween-Themed Linen

One of our favourite things about  linen is how long it lasts. There's a reason linens have been passed down through the generations: they just look fantastic for years and years.

Halloween-themed linens can be made from saved bits from old linens, which are biodegradable and produce no waste. Thus, you will save money and help the environment thrive.

There's no need to go out and purchase a bunch of plastic knick knacks to decorate your house for Halloween (unless that's your thing, in which case, go ahead and do it).

Instead, you may have fun designing your seasonal decorations while maintaining a professional appearance. Here are some ideas for Halloween decorations and costumes you can make from old household linens.

Driftwood Pumpkins Made Of Linen

Homemade decorations should be inexpensive and preferably prepared with items you already have on hand.

Paper rolls, driftwood collected on a beach trip, and fragments of  naturally coloured linen sheets can be used for creating impressive and entertaining DIY Driftwood pumpkin pieces for Halloween.

These would be wonderfully arranged in a row up some steps or on either side of a fireplace.

Garland Of Linen Ghosts

Because you can do all of the cutting out ahead of time, this is a great Halloween activity to do with  children.

Simply cut an old linen tablecloth into 30cm × 30cm squares (ideally white or natural-coloured). Place a tiny ball (about the size of a walnut) in the centre of the square made of toy stuffing or small styrofoam balls.

To make the head, gather the cloth around the ball and bind it with a piece of twine.

Allow the corners to droop, then use a black Sharpie marker pen to design two eyes on the head. Make a quick loop at the top and thread a longer string length through it. And you are ready to go with your cute little linen ghost.

Linens With Vampires On Them

Use white linen napkins and splatter fake blood to make them look highly creepy for your visitors.

You can spread the linen napkin on the dining table and serve dishes to bring the creepy Halloween vibes. This is an excellent idea for anyone to make the place represent 'flesh and blood' with minimal costs.

Mummy Pillow

Transform a white  pillow into a mummy pillow using cheesecloth and black felt. You can search online for some great inspiration. They're adorable, in our opinion!


Now that you know all about the best halloween bedroom ideas, let’s take a look at a few frequently asked questions.

How Do You Make A Room Look Scary For Halloween?

First things first: always start with hanging haunted hangings down your ceilings and walls. You may also use cool lighting and add a bunch of candles and fancy halloween props to enhance the look.

How Can I Decorate My Room For Halloween Cheap?

Halloween is all about DIYs. Explore your artistic side and make use of the artsy material you have lying around your house. Give a spooky look to your house plants and hang down origami bats down your ceilings and windows.

Wrap Up!

And with that, we are at the end of today's guide. You do not need the Halloween season to  decorate your bedroom or home with spooky spiders and ghouls. All you really need is a bunch of creative ideas to get started with and you are good to go! Prepare some bakes and crafts, and enjoy the spooky season even before the spooky season! Happy Halloween.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to enhance the halloween themed look of your room this season and take your preparations to the next level, check out  Crafted Beds. We have a wide range of bedding accessories and furniture in all the colours that you can possibly imagine. So what are you waiting for? Hope on to our webstore and get your hands on the best deals ever!




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