Headboard vs Full Bed Frames - Everything you should know!

Headboard vs Full Bed Frames - Everything you should know!


A stylish bed frame? Or a supporting headboard?

We know that you are trying to bring your bedroom together and have already invested in a good mattress, a duvet, beautiful pillows, and even a mattress topper to enhance the beauty and the functionality of your room, adding to your personal experience as well.

But there’s still more to the subject! 

And that is to make a tough decision between a headboard and a bed frame.

You must be confused about whether you should buy a bed frame that plays an important role in increasing the overall vibe and the aesthetics of your bedroom or go for a headboard that gives a luxury aura to the room while providing great support to the sleeper when he decides to prop against something, maybe while watching a movie or reading a book.

Or will it be a good decision to go for a bed frame that comes within a built-in headboard? We understand your concerns and hence we have brought together a unique guide on ‘headboards vs full bed frames’.

From price to the statement, this guide covers every aspect of the headboards and bed frames. And hence by the end of the guide, you will be equipped with the right knowledge to aid your buying decision. With that being said, let’s get into the first part of the section.

Headboards vs. Full bed frames: Which one is for you?


Headboards - Headboards are an essential piece of furniture for bedrooms because they improve the look and sophistication of a room with their elegance and style. Be it a wooden headboard, an upholstered headboard, or maybe a DIY option inspired by the Pinterest board headboards can be easily customized and made to match the look and feel of the individual.

Although headboards are mostly considered as more of a decorative piece of furniture used to enhance the luxury look of the bedroom, headboards also serve the purpose of inputting cosiness and comfortability to the bed when compared to sleeping with a bare wall.

Bed frames - Once again, bed frames are also considered a vital part of a bedroom, an important piece of furniture in the overall house. A mattress is something that most of us concentrate on, to improve our sleep quality. But buying a good bed frame is also a vital piece of the puzzle that aids to improve sleep by ten folds. 

Also, a bed frame can increase the longevity of the mattress, which is an added benefit. Thus we can conclude that bed frames can either make or break the look and feel of a bedroom.

Now that we understand the importance of both headboards and bed frames, let us get to know each of them in-depth to understand which one could be your next investment.

What is a bed frame?


The way the human body has a skeletal system indicates that the backbone and spinal cord are specially designed to keep a person erect, similarly, a bed mattress also requires a backbone to support its posture and thereby support the sleeper’s sleeping position. 

Now guess what is the backbone of a mattress?

Yes, it’s a bed frame.

When you decide to lay your mattress on the floor, you may feel more uncomfortable and can become susceptible to night insects rather than when you decide to sleep on a mattress kept on top of a bed frame.

Thus, in short, a bed frame is the support on which your mattress relies on. So, when buying a bed frame, make sure to buy one that can hold the mattress well enough and thus provide you with a comfortable sleep.

Advantages of bed frames

    • Bed frames will keep your mattress tight and secured.
    • They give good support to your mattress.
    • They provide your bedroom with a good look and a good finish.
    • Having a bed frame can avoid night bugs from damaging the bed.
    • If your bed frame has a storage compartment, it’s an added advantage which means you can store seasonal things and make your bedroom look better.

Disadvantages of bed frames

    • The main drawback of bed frames is that they are heavy and it can get tiresome to keep changing their position.
    • Also, with time, bed frames get worn out. If your bed frame is wooden, you may get termites who can ruin the bedframe causing marks and damages.


The price of bed frames can vary depending on the size you choose. But the general price may range from £649 and upwards, and therefore you may have a wide collection to choose from based on your budget. Bed frames are a long-term investment that needs to be given thorough thought before making the buying decision.

Although there are multiple cheaper bed frame options out there in the market, one needs to make note of the quality as well. Durability is very important here, thus the quality of the bed frame material needs to be taken into consideration. Cheaper options may contain materials that are not durable and can only last a few years.

Thus, make sure that you check with the manufacturer before you proceed to fixate on one particular bed frame.


Earlier and even in today’s modern era, like in many suburban cities, one can notice antique bed frames made out of wooden frames and rails to support a mattress. Some people who like to sleep on a firmer base like to sleep directly on this type of bed frame without a mattress. But nowadays with advancement, you can find more and more people proceeding to buy the below bed frames.

Wooden – They are not the same bed frames as we mentioned above. These wooden bed frames are more polished, styled, and designed with newer patterns that can include wooden panels.

Metal – Metal bed frames are in demand in the marketplace as they are lighter in weight when compared to wooden bed frames. They also come in stainless steel and stainless steel collections are thinner yet stronger, so it would be easier to carry them around. 

Fabric – Fabric bed frames are more concentrated on being part of the decor of the room. They are mainly known for their versatility of styles. You can get different bed frames that are available in myriad fabric options made to suit an individual’s taste and personality.

Leather – Looking for an elegant and classy-looking bed frame for your bedroom? Confidently go for the leather option which is not only classy and elegant but is also easier to maintain. But, please do consider that these types of bed frames fall under the expensive bucket.

Remember, your bed frame may or may not need a headboard, because it solely depends on one’s personal preference. But having it is a plus and hence you can go for bed frames that come with built-in headboards.

Statement (A mini Buying guide)

A person spends 1/3 of their life on a bed. So, anything related to sleep and sleep products needs to be an important decision, isn’t it?

We know you require a bed frame or headboards, trying to decide between the two. However, you should not rush into making a decision. This is an important decision that needs time. And hence we have penned down a buying guide in this section that will help you in choosing the best option for your bedroom. 

    • Mattress size – A basic but vital reason to consider before buying a bed frame. You need to know your mattress size so that you can fit your mattress comfortably into the bed frame to avoid your mattress slipping and getting damaged eventually.
    • Bedroom size – Make a decision about your bed frame considering the size of your bedroom. Your bed frame must not be too big nor too small for your bedroom, right? So, you need to choose accordingly.
    • Choose the right support for your mattress – Mattress needs support from the base. Your bed frame should provide maximum support like platform beds or box springs provide.
    •  Choose the height of the bed frame that you need - Once again, this is a vital step before buying a bed frame. We suggest that you buy your bed frame considering the height of your mattress (Which means you can go for the standard heights and sizes like queen size and king size)

Use these tips to make the right decision when you choose your next bed frame.

What are headboards?


Headboards are something that has been in style for many years and will continue to be in style for furthermore years. The only difference from the past to the present is that the texture, material, and design styles will keep changing according to the tastes of the end consumers. They can be simple and plain coloured, can have a texture colour, or can be royal or extravagant as per the needs of the buyer.

So, why is there a demand for headboards if they only serve the aesthetics purpose? Read on to find out.

Advantages of having a headboard

    • Gives a good addition to the look of your room – If you are shifting into a new house or re-doing your room, you may have the desire to make your bed look like a royal chamber to sleep in. Headboards assist you in this. They give your bed a look of royalty and luxury at the most affordable costs.
    • Can give you a comfy feel during winters – In the UK, or any country that experiences winter, if you have to prop against the wall, you may have experienced chill that goes up your spine, have you? This issue can be easily solved with the help of headboards as they give you warmth while you sit in bed and you need not have to experience chills and cold walls ever again.
    • Provides good back support especially when you like to sit/have breakfast on the bed – As mentioned in the previous point, the backrest is something you will get when you have a headboard, thus when you have your breakfast in bed or decide to read a book on the bed before going to sleep, you can rest against the headboard which will support your back to keep it straight and unstrained.
    • Keeps bedding in place – If you have problems such as falling pillows or any other problems of your mattress slipping, your phone or tablet falling between the space, or more, having a headboard can easily solve the problems. Headboards act as a barrier between the wall and the bed and will give pillows a good compact feel so that your sleep will not be disturbed by anything that falls during the night.

Disadvantages of a headboard

    • You can hit your head on the headboard by mistake – If you are a restless sleeper you may hit your hands onto your headboard and get bruised or if you have stacked books on your headboard for aesthetics purposes, you may knock some of them down and suffer a head injury.


Once you have made up your mind that you are going ahead with a headboard model, the next question that comes up is about the budget assigned for the purchase.

If we are to visit our website here at Crafted Beds, you will see that our headboards range in the prices between £149.00 to £329.00.

Headboards are manufactured based on customized requirements, and change depending on different sizes, fabrics, height as per individual preferences, and any add-on features that would make it just the way you like it.

So, even if the headboards might feel like an expensive option. This is a long-term investment, filled with a lot of benefits. So, why not?


Style is the hardest part of any selection process. What style of headboard matches your custom or matches the colours in your room? Let’s see below.

Depending on the material used, colours used, the texture used, positioning of the headboard/bed, the style of the headboard must be decided. 

The material used can be wood, metal, cloth, upholstered, leather, rattan, wicker, etc… and the positioning can be that it is wall-mounted, mounted to the size of your bed frame, free-standing, etc… while the design of your headboard can be of an ancient traditional design, panel headboards, or something different that brings out an elegant look.

Headboards come in different sizes ranging from 3’0 to 6’0. According to your requirement, you can purchase the size you prefer.

Make your choice according to what suits your preference and comfort. Ultimately what gives a good look to the room and comfort to the sleeper must be a great option to choose.

Statement (A mini Buying guide) 

Before you purchase or install a headboard, take the below tips into consideration.

    • Always make note that your headboard needs to be a few inches below the top of your mattress. Your mattress needs to cover the bottom portion of the headboard. And from the top, it should not be too tall. If otherwise, you will have a space between the headboard and the mattress which can pinch your arm or hair and can be a potential risk factor for kids. 
    • Also, don’t forget to buy a headboard that can be fixed with ease, if any future problems may arise.
    • A headboard is prone to collect dust within the room. According to your frequency of room cleaning, get a headboard that can be cleaned with little effort.
    • What is the purpose of your purchase? Is it only for good looks, or is comfort your main reason? If it is the latter, then you need to check out a style or material that can be comfortable for you to sit up without hurting your back. But if you are looking to improve the aesthetics, you will have several options.



You now have an in-depth understanding of what bed frames and headboards are. Thus, when you are to make your decision in getting one, make sure you think about it well before the purchase. It’s a long-term investment and hence you need to get the right style to fit in with your room design as well as your personality.


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