How to Assemble Ottoman Bed

Are you struggling to assemble your new ottoman bed?

Are you tired of clutter in your bedroom but don't have enough space for extra storage?

Don't worry because we have the perfect solution for you - the best ottomans.

Ottoman beds are cleverly designed to provide ample storage space while adding elegance to your bedroom.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to assemble an ottoman bed so you can enjoy a clutter-free and beautiful bedroom in no time.

So let's get started!

Are Ottoman Beds Easy to Assemble?

Are Beds Easy to Assemble?

Well, assembling an ottoman bed, a more extensive and seemingly complex piece of furniture is a concern for many buyers.

However, contrary to the perceived complexity, users and experts suggest that the assembly process is straightforward. Crafted beds also provide detailed assembly instructions, making the process manageable.

The assembling process involves:

  • Attaching side rails to the bed base with bolts.

  • Fitting the gas lift mechanism.

  • Attaching the legs.

While the time taken varies based on the specific model and brand, it can range from twenty minutes to an hour. Wooden ottoman beds, being heavier, may require two people for assembly.

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Tools Needed for Assembly

When it comes to assembling things, having the right tools can make all the difference in how smoothly and efficiently the process goes. Before you begin to build your new ottoman bed, it's essential to double-check that you have all the tools needed to ensure a seamless assembly process.

For a typical gas lift ottoman bed, you'll need the following essential tools:

  1. An Allen key: This is often included with the flat pack furniture, but it's always good to have one handy. It's used to tighten the bolts that hold the bed frame together.

  2. screwdriver: This is used to attach the side rails to the ottoman bed base and secure the headboard if your bed has one.

  3. hammer: This is primarily used to tap the wooden dowels into place.

In addition to these tools, it's advisable to have a clear, clean floor space to lay out all the bed parts and follow the assembly instructions. Organising your workspace can significantly reduce the time and stress of assembling your new mattress.

Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

Step-by-Step Instructions

Assembling a bed may seem daunting, but it can be done efficiently and quickly with the right tools and instructions. Let's now break down the assembly process for ottoman beds into manageable steps:

Step 1: Unpacking the Ottoman Bed

Start unpacking your new ottoman bed and organising all parts on a clean floor. This helps identify all components and ensure no small pieces like bolts are lost.

Step 2: Assembling the Bed Frame

Proceed with the bed frame assembly by connecting the side rails to the headboard and footboard using the bolts. Ensure the correct positioning of the rails as per the assembly instructions.

Step 3: Installing the Gas Lift Mechanism

Proceed to the next step, the installation of the gas lift mechanism. This system facilitates bed elevation, unveiling additional storage. Strictly follow the instructions for accurate installation. Due to the substantial weight of the system, extra assistance may be required.

Step 4: Attaching the Bed Slats

With the gas lift system installed, proceed to affix the bed slats. These are usually fastened to the side rails with clips or screws, ensuring their even distribution for balanced mattress support.

Step 5: Finishing the Ottoman Bed Assembly

Upon securing all components, lower the bed base into position. Confirm smooth operation of the gas lift system. Your fully assembled ottoman bed should now be ready for use.

Special Instructions for Velvet Beds

When assembling velvet beds, be careful not to spill any liquids on the fabric as it can stain easily. Also, when moving the bed, lift it rather than dragging it to avoid damaging the velvet.

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Tips for a Successful Assembly

Assembling large furniture pieces, like beds, may appear overwhelming due to their complex components. Yet, with a strategic approach and the right guidance, you can effortlessly put together your new mattress.

  • Begin the assembly process by thoroughly understanding the instructions provided.

  • Gather all necessary tools before starting. These usually include a screwdriver, a wrench, and potentially a hammer.

  • Layout all the components in your room before you begin assembling to gain a clear overview.

  • Start the actual assembly with the base or legs of the bed, ensuring they are securely fastened.

  • Assemble the bed frame next by attaching side rails to the head and foot of the bed.

  • Position the bed slats evenly along the side rails for balanced support and secure them with clips or screws.

  • Lower the bed base into its final position, checking if any gas lift mechanism operates smoothly.

  • Patience and attention to detail are essential, as every bed model has a unique process.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting

Now that you are fully versed in the basics of ottoman bed assembly, let's dive into some common issues and their respective troubleshooting steps.

  1. Issue with Lifting Mechanism:

    • If it's not functioning smoothly or overly stiff, this could be due to incorrect installation or misalignment.

    • Solution: Revisit the instructions and ensure all steps have been followed. Adjustments might be needed for a perfect fit.

  2. Fitting the Mattress:

    • This could be a sizing issue if your mattress seems too snug or loose on the bed frame.

    • Solution: Ensure you've purchased the correct size of mattress that fits comfortably within the frame without any overhang.

  3. Assembling the Headboard and Footboard:

    • This could be a sizing issue if your mattress seems too snug or loose on the bed frame.

    • Solution: Ensure you've purchased the correct size of mattress that fits comfortably within the frame without any overhang.

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Final words

Now that you have all the information you need to assemble the ottoman bed frames, it's time to choose your bedroom. You can find many high-quality and stylish ottoman bed frames with Crafted Beds.

For a smooth and hassle-free assembly, we recommend checking out our bestselling ottoman bed frames - the Ascot and Majestic. Not only does it offer ample storage space, but its sleek and modern design will elevate the look of any bedroom.

So, don't compromise on your sleep comfort and storage needs when it comes to bed; choose from our range of mattresses designed for a restful night's sleep. Plus, with our exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail, you can be sure that our ottoman beds will last for years.

Take the first step towards better sleep and a clutter-free bedroom by exploring our ottoman bed collection today.

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