How to become a pro in designing your bedroom?

How to become a pro in designing your bedroom?


Tranquil colours, soothing lights, and beautiful ambience-you don't need to be an interior decorator to spot a perfectly designed bedroom. And contrary to popular belief, incredible bedroom designs don't need a high budget or professional advice! Whether you draw inspiration from social media, your friend's house, or the luxury resort on your last vacation, follow these steps to decorate your bedroom like a pro!

Take your time to design


Marvellous bedrooms aren't built in a day. While you might have a few designs in your mind, the functionality of your bedroom goes beyond the looks. Instead of rushing through the process, it is better to pause and think about what you want the room to look like.

To begin with, you can browse through any designs you have earmarked. While not all images are similar, you will notice some common elements that you like. Use them to create your ideal bedroom type. 

You can also ask your friends and family for recommendations. Does your friend love a particular feature in their bedroom? Check if you would like to include the same. Additionally, go through our remaining tips before you finalize a design.

Think about the floor plan


Most people neglect the flooring when it comes to bedrooms. But flooring contributes equally to the comfort and aesthetics of the room. One of the popular options for a bedroom floor is carpet. It is warm, comfortable, and comes in several colours. But it is also very difficult to clean. 

The other popular option, hardwood, doesn't have many colour choices but is sturdy and classic. If you choose a wooden floor, you can customize it by adding rugs or other accessories. Rugs are also good if you want to seasonally change your bedroom look. 

While wooden flooring is a great choice, it isn't pocket-friendly. If you find it to be expensive, you can go for engineered wood, which looks similar. Other types of flooring, such as vinyl and laminate, also work for the bedroom floor.

Keep it simple


When you are redesigning your room, it is tempting to go all in. But for bedrooms, less is more! Start with getting the right size of the furniture. While a bed is essential and takes up considerable space, a large table in a small bedroom isn't practical. 

Anything apart from a bedside table, dresser, and chair are unnecessary. Even if you want to add something fun, keep the accessories to a minimum. Don't add large pieces of furniture or artwork unless your bedroom is also particularly large. Swap any decorative pieces with a photo frame or some candles to keep it simple. As a rule of thumb, you can include only one signature piece of art or furniture in a bedroom.

Make sure you have enough storage


Storage units are all about keeping the clutter away but make sure they aren't bulky or taking up too much space. With a few creative ideas, you can use the existing spaces to create discreet storage units without compromising on the aesthetics of the room. 

Start by investing in a built-in wall closet instead of a standing wardrobe. They appear as one of the walls and also have more storage space. You can also customize your bed and bedside table to include spacious drawers. These smart storage ideas save a lot of room and are still equally functional. 

Some bedside tables also come with inbuilt chargers, so you can keep the cords out of reach, especially with kids around. If you have to include a shelf or bookcase, go for a low-standing piece that does not draw much attention.

Pick relaxing and neutral colours


The colour of the walls decides the mood of your bedroom. Ideally, they should bring a sense of serenity and calm. Soothing, neutral colours are the go-to options for many interior designers. Colours such as lilac, light blue, pink, and cream, are ideal for a bedroom and beds with neutral colours really uplift the mood.

If you want to include your favourite colour, such as orange or green, go for a muted shade of the same. You can also experiment by using bold, dark colours on a single wall of the room. This is also an ideal option if you don't plan on repainting the whole room. 

Whatever colour you choose, make sure it goes well with the furniture and accessories in the room. Ultimately, the colour scheme should give you a pleasant feeling and not be gaudy.

Carpets and curtains


The choice of carpets and curtains can help you pull the whole look together. Unlike the walls of the room, you can go bold with the carpets and rugs. While they give you a warm feeling despite the cold bedroom floor, they can also create a statement based on what you choose.

Beautiful vintage or detailed rugs paired with carved wooden furniture can give the room a royal look. Or, you can keep it simple by choosing a monochromatic pastel rug that goes with the colour of the walls. 

On the other hand, curtains are not just for aesthetics. They also control the amount of light entering your room. Too thick a material and they might block natural light completely. Too thin, and the room may not be dark enough at night. It is essential to choose the right curtain fabric along with the colour. 

Just like wall colours, curtains also look better in neutrals. But a bold colour that isn't too bright such as browns or dark greens can also create a unique look. You can also add light, breezy curtains in between two thicker ones to use during the daytime. For a more chic look, use longer curtains and hang them slightly higher than the window sill.

Chandelier on the ceiling


Lighting plays an important role in how the bedroom looks. While daytime brings in lots of natural light, the placement of artificial lighting is also equally important. Pendant lighting that spreads across the room gives it the ideal soft lighting it requires. 

The best way to utilize your bedroom ceiling is to fix a pendant light or a chandelier. Chandeliers not only form the perfect light source, but they also look magnificent. The size of the chandelier depends on the size and height of the room. If you have a low ceiling, a large chandelier will make it look crowded. Instead, a smaller, elegant piece makes the room look spacious. 

Even though it provides enough lighting, chandeliers need not be the only source of light in the bedroom. You can also add smaller, softer lights on the walls to make the room well-lit. Adding more details through stickers and designs besides the chandelier also makes the ceiling more fun. After all, no one wants to stare at a blank wall as they sleep, right?

Luxurious bedding


No matter how much you accessorize the bedroom, your bed is the main piece of attraction. And beds do not have to be boring! Right from the kind of frame to the mattress and bedding, you can choose everything. 

Most people prefer a wooden or metal bed frame in a platform style. But if you want something more comfortable, you can also choose an adjustable frame. Mattresses are also available in a wide variety, but the most important part of the bed is the fabrics. 

Fabrics cover the entire bed and are the first thing people look at in a bedroom. Good quality linen fabric can add luxurious design touches to your bed, and the best part is that it doesn't burn a hole in your pocket. But choosing bed linen doesn't only come down to the type of fabric but also the thread count. Ideally, good-quality cotton or linen bedsheets (you can choose silk or sateen sheets as well) should have a thread count of 200 to 800. A high thread count doesn't signify a better quality sheet. 

Adding more layers to the bedding makes it extra cosy. Make sure that the colour of the bed linens is compatible with that of the walls. You can also choose various textures to increase the visual effect of the room. 

Adding texture isn't limited to the bed fabrics but also the upholstery and curtains. You can experiment with different fabrics such as velvet and fur to bring added comfort.

Details and accessories


Most people forget to add a bit of nature to the bedroom. Houseplants and flower vases, just like any other accessory, add to the bedroom's aesthetics. But unlike other accessories, they give a more soothing, serene feeling. 

A simple succulent or a potted tree can give your bedroom the much-needed touch of greenery. Moreover, houseplants also purify the air around you. 

Apart from this, you can also use scented candles to add another sensory layer to the room. Apart from the visual appeal, the right aroma can make any room better. If you don't want to use scented candles or love experimenting with more than one scent, you can use essential oils with mild fragrances. They are also proven to produce relaxing effects on the body. 

And for lovers of art, a single piece of artwork on a bare wall can create a statement. Remember, the scale of the artwork should go hand-in-hand with the size of the bedroom and the furniture.



A bedroom is not just a room, it's an experience. While most people picture their dream bedroom, many believe that they can't afford it. By following the above tips, you can design your bedroom without consulting a professional designer. 

What's more? You can decorate the room to your taste and make it just like how you pictured it to be, without spending a fortune on it!



Still, confused about designing your bedroom? Read these FAQs to know the answer to common questions. 

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