How to decorate a perfect bedroom for twins

How to decorate a perfect bedroom for twins


Home - A place that we call our own, a place where we enjoy the most, a place where we have the most freedom to be ourselves!

And a bedroom - A place where we share secrets, share love, share feelings, open up ourselves or maybe retreat to a dream.

When it comes to designing a home and a bedroom, we take precedence and pride in making each space our own through unique ideas and designs.

Especially a bedroom, a place where we escape from the outside world, the space that provides the opportunity to shut down everything that we carry on our heads in the outside place.

Designing a bedroom consumes both physical and mental energy, but once the design and the decoration are done and it resonates with our ideas, our bedroom becomes the place that refuels our desires and recharges our body to prepare for the big days!

Okay, decorating one room is fine, but decorating a twin’s bedroom?

We think that’s the most mind-boggling process every parent goes through! Should the bedrooms resemble one another with a unique idea? Or should they give off a different aura all together?

Should the twin's room be identical, as per the children’s preferences or should it be like the opposites (The sun and the moon theme for example)?

We know, so many questions are unanswered!

But, that’s why we are here today, with a complete guide on how to make your twin’s bedroom come alive and thrive for the next few years.

So, take your notepad and a pen, and let’s get straight into the subject.

Pick a theme or pattern


Picking the right theme is a great start to begin the decoration of your toddlers' room.

When we think of kids, our brain usually associates the kids with themes like fairy tales, princes and princesses, mermaids, colours and alphabets, or anything that the littles kids love the most!

And when we brainstorm the theme ideas for children, we might think of superheroes, Harry Potter, or similar things like that.

When the bedroom decoration is for a bit older kids or young adults, the theme can be around Twilight, their favourite basketball team, world travelling, books and fictional characters, or just neutral colours.

So, depending on the different ages and likings of the kids or the children, the themes vary. But you can decide to have a single theme for both the kids which will help you to create a coherent look and emphasize the unique individuality of both the kids.

For example, if you have a boy and a girl, and you choose a theme of princes and princesses, you can decorate the boy's room with the horses, princes and the kingdom, while you can resort to creating a princess, rapunzel, butterflies or garden vibe in your girl’s room.

Or if you have two girls or two boys, then you can go for a mermaid theme for the girls, and a superman/batman theme for your boys or vice versa.

If you do not like the idea of creating a single theme, choose different themes for both the kids. Like you can go for a world traveller and a book reader theme, or dark vs light colour theme, or a basketball player, and a food lover theme...

Tip: Any theme you create, just keep the interests of your toddlers or children and add their characteristics to the theme. After all, designing their bedrooms while adding their essence will bring the best results, don’t they?

Neutral colours


If you do not want to associate your kids with the traditional ‘Blue for baby boys’ and ‘Pink for baby girls’ colours, we recommend you choose a neutral colour palette.

When the subject is about decorating twin’s bedrooms, we also need to give a thought about defining the territory for each kid. 

A territory that feels the same while being different. And by choosing neutral colours, you will not only encourage your babies (no matter if it is a boy-boy, girl-girl, or boy-girl) to associate themselves with something and feel together but also detach when needed and feel independent.

Set a boundary by painting the different rooms and their walls with neutral colours and make sure that the two paints pair nicely. Like we mentioned above, they should be similar yet exclusive!

For example, if you want to paint the bedroom for a girl and a boy, and you can choose the theme of Pantone’s twin colours of the year 2021 (Illuminating and Ultimate grey).

Or if you are expecting two baby boys, you can go for neutral colours like medium blue and medium brown to keep the look compact and appealing.

Neutral colours aid in a peaceful environment and promote serenity and calmness, so neutrals are a great way to go.

You can take a look at Pantone’s colour chart for more colour options here.

Separate their space


Once the theme and the colour palettes are decided, you can further separate the space for each kid and then build up the decor according to their territory. 

It will be easier for you to decide better on how to proceed when the rooms are divided into halves or if both the kids have different rooms.

If the twins have the same room with separate halves for each other, the best way to separate their space would be to choose different colours or two shades of the same colour to create an identical look.

If you are using two different colours, make sure that the colours are not too distant from each other, and instead complement one another’s look.

Or as mentioned above you can go for different themes or different characters from the same themes to separate the territories of your children.

Also, differentiate the pattern of each of their rooms, make sure the beds, pillows, duvets, and accessories go well with the theme and colours chosen and help to separate the kids' rooms without actually differing too much or too little.

Speaking about the accessories, let’s dive to the next section to know a bit more about them in detail.

Add accessories


Adding accessories such as shelves, and toys, will not only add pinches of individuality to the room but also makes it easier to separate one room into two for twins. Accessories make a huge difference and hence this part should never be missed.

And when it comes to accessories, we think about luxury, decorative items. But that’s not what we need here to create a clear boundary. Something as simple as cushions, rugs, and beds can create an ambience that feels unique and divides the two rooms.

Arranging some toys, and books on the shelves, having table lamps, study chairs and tables. All these simple but necessary things can clearly define the characteristics of each of your children without much effort.

For example - Arrange one of your child’s rooms or part of the room with comic books, stationery, and a school vibe, while the other child can have trophies, jersey’s, balls, and something more to show their outgoing nature.

What more? You can even go further to decorate each of your child’s bedside tables with monograms designed with their initials or colours if the initials are the same.

This way, adding up accessories that define the nature of the kids will help them get an idea of their part of the room, while also having the opportunity to associate themselves with something.

Include symmetry


Want to achieve an identical look for your twin's bedroom?

Okay, let’s speak about achieving symmetry. Symmetrical balance is like achieving a mirror look. Matching beds and armchairs, or any visual pairs contribute to this look. The beds, the night tables, rugs can be matched to bring a sense of order and clean design to the twins' bedroom.

But be careful about matching everything too much, or matching too little. Symmetry look and decoration is all about achieving the right balance. Too much symmetry can make the design feel predictable and too little symmetry can feel lopsided or one-sided.

To bring the look of symmetry to a room, here are a few steps you can follow -

    1. Take into consideration the placement of the windows in the room and the shape of the room, to ensure the lighting doesn’t ruin the symmetry look.
    2. The first step is to create the look of symmetry through colour - Choose similar colour beddings (either neutral colours, or bold accent colours that compliment the look of the bedroom), curtains, and other clothing items.
    3. The next step is to create symmetry through themes. Select one theme, and create a pattern throughout the room.
    4. Or you can create a symmetrical look through accessories, like books, and table lamps.

Bunk beds


Of course, who doesn’t love the idea of bunk beds in their rooms (especially kids and children)? Bunk beds are a great way to separate your kids' sleeping places while also not letting them have separation anxiety! 

Adding more practicality and fun to the room, bunk beds save space, add more flexibility and are the perfect choice for twins who want to be together and share their rooms.

But you need to ask yourself a few questions before proceeding to buy bunk beds for your children, and they are:

    1. Do you need bunk beds to save more space for your kids?
    2. Do you want to have the flexibility to separate the beds as your kids grow and want to separate their rooms eventually?
    3. Are you worried about the bunk bed heights and accidents or is your kid afraid of the heights?
    4. Do you need bunk beds that have extra storage options?
    5. Do you want to spend more or less on bunk beds?

These questions will help you to decide whether you need a bunk bed for your kids and weigh their advantages over their disadvantages and make a knowledgeable purchase.



How to add more fun, humour, and brightness to the room of your twins?

A wallpaper accent wall is your answer!

Wallpapers add a statement to any room with minimal effort. What more? You can choose from a variety of wallpaper options like bold, floral, or even themed wallpapers just made to reflect the interests of your kids.

So, whatever your wallpaper choice is, they are sure to increase the elegance of your room, more than what painted walls can do!

We recommend that you go for a replaceable wallpaper so that you can change the theme of the room whenever you want to or whenever your childrens’ want to change the aura of their room.

Because you twins grow, their interests and personality grow as well. Keeping this in mind, you can go for something that fits them well throughout the next few years or go for themed wallpaper that is removable.

Well, we spoke about the wallpapers, now let's quickly get more information on the storage ideas for your twins' bedroom.

Storage area


A good amount of storage space in the twins' bedroom is never a loss! With two babies running all around your home, and their bedrooms, you need to make some space in their rooms to keep diapers, socks, onesies, get the idea.

Not only this, you will have to make some space for the kid’s books, movie collections, a place for their toys and stuff. So, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of storage space dedicated for their stuff in the rooms.

To get more storage space, choose beds/bunk beds with storage options, and try not to cram up the space of the bedroom.

If you have small bedrooms or if you are planning to make for everything in one bedroom, make sure to get rid of certain things like clothes and toys as the twins grow up.

This way, you can ensure to keep the space of the bedroom for necessary stuff only, making the place more compact and clean.



Nothing is more satisfying than watching your kids grow, in a space that you have created for them. And nothing beats the happiness of having a baby. (Except if you are having twins or triplets!)

So, give your two packs of joys the welcome they deserve, create a space that they will grow up to remember, design a space that they can call their own, decorate a space that is meant only for them.

We hope that this guide helped you to get great ideas and plans about how you can decorate your twin’s bedrooms. Aren’t you inspired? 

Then what are waiting for? Go make that bedroom and welcome your babies home with luxury and love. Let your warmth and parenthood thrive through the small acts that you do for your kids.

Congratulations dear mother and father, for bringing those bundles of happiness to your home and the world!

With that being said, we will be going, probably to create another guide on room decorations, but if you want to read more of our blogs to escape further into the world of knowledge about topics like various bed frames, sleep, decorating a bedroom without a headboard, and more!


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