How to Have a Dash of Luxury in Your Bedroom?

How to Have a Dash of Luxury in Your Bedroom?

We often define a place as the sanctuary, a personal gateway point that pulls us back from the normal hustle and bustle of life and puts us to sleep under the blankets of solace! A zone where we like to retreat into the bubbles of relaxation, happiness, and rest. And for anyone reading this, we surely know that these words directly drop you in the middle of a cosy and luxurious bedroom imagination. 

Sure enough, a bedroom is not just a place in the corner of a home that stands tall to protect us in sleep; it's an emotion! From homing the designs we love to functioning the way we want, this place holds the stories and secrets we want to keep to ourselves. And we all, at some point in our life, would have dreamed of a luxury bedroom that showcases some simple furniture like lamps to intricately designed walls in a way that paints the picture of our style and statement in every mind that visits the bedroom. 

So, have you been prepping up all your life to design that bedroom you can call your own finally? Or are you waiting to give your old bedroom a new look by drizzling some luxury aspects here and there? Whatever you are trying to achieve, we understand that adding a dash of luxury to your bedroom can be a perplexing situation. 

But do not worry because CraftedBeds has brought this guide to provide the best information to help you make your dreams into reality. This guide features some of the top tips and tricks you can apply to bring the luxury aspect to your cosy bedroom. Keep reading to find your perfect luxury bedroom idea - With this guide, you are one step closer to your bedroom visions, we promise!

Experiment with wallpaper or textures on the walls

Choosing the perfect walls for your bedroom is one of the toughest decisions. Once the decision is made and the process is done, it cannot be undone easily, at least not without wasting a ton of energy, time, and money! So, this process can be hard for anyone, but the coolest part of choosing wallpapers or textured walls for your bedroom is that you can play endlessly with the colours and textures.
Be it a minimalist setting that you want to achieve, or maybe you want to bring a dramatic scene across your bedroom, your walls will tell the story of your choice. And once the walls are right, choosing the other things becomes a breeze.
In contrast, wallpapers add artistry and design detail to your bedroom; textured walls enhance the room's atmosphere through their presence. Now here comes the questions. Should you choose wallpaper or textured walls for your bedroom? Let's look at the below table to understand which might suit you the best.

Textured paints Wallpapers
Textured paints can be either oil-based or water-based paints. They are also available in different forms like emulsion, distemper, or enamel paints. These paints can be applied to the walls as solid colours to bring the texture and patterns on the walls.  Wallpapers come in rolls that can be pasted to the walls using a strong adhesive. Here you can choose from different prints, textures, and patterns to suit your preference, and create a style statement that you always wanted in your bedroom.
Cost - Textured paints are a cost-effective option when compared to wallpapers. Textured walls can be applied with minimum tools and hence do not require a lot of money to get it right.  Cost - The cost of the wallpapers depends on the type of wallpaper one chooses. And unlike textured walls, wallpapers require specific tools and requirements. And this adds up to more cost.
Maintenance - The textured walls can get chipped or dirty and hence you need to repaint them. But, there are washable paint options available as well.  Maintenance - Its easy to repair the worn-out part of the wallpaper if the same kind of wallpaper is available. And since wallpapers are scrubbable, they are easy to maintain.

Add some art deco to your bedroom

Once again, finding the best art deco idea that will bring the luxury and fashionable aspect to your bedroom is a tricky part of the whole bedroom decoration process. But the art deco styles like adding big mirrored furniture to the bedroom, bringing in geometrical and angular shapes, mesmerising flowers, lines and patterns or even deciding to add a headboard to your bed can elevate the glamour of your room in just seconds. So, what ideas can you consider? 

Here are some suggestions from Crafted Beds experts -

  1. Go for polished wood floors and walls.
  2. Add deep-coloured accent walls to your bedroom.
  3. Add a giant mirror/s to your room - Paired with grey flooring and fancy lamps; this can complement your bedroom in the best way possible.
  4. Add brick wall-styled wallpaper to bring that bold accent.
  5. Add wild patterned rugs to your floor.
  6. Remember black and white colour combination is always a winning pair.

Choose a high-quality bedding

What brings the best out of our beauty? Of course, we wear the outfits to our work, parties, or maybe a video call meeting. Depending on the size, fitting, and colours, these outfits can speak for us on behalf of our style. Similarly, choosing high-quality bedding or a luxury mattress for your bedroom can speak for itself about the beauty and aesthetics of the room.

The fabrics that we pick and choose for our precious zone can bring both comfort and superior air without a doubt. To determine the right bedding style for your room, you need to master two tricks which we have mentioned below -

  • Fabric - Cotton, linen, or chemical fibres, whatever you embrace, whichever material you love, make sure that it brings the most comfort and never misses to add that piece of luxury to your bedroom.
  • Colour - Colours can make or break your interior design statement. Good colour patterns not only add extravagance to your bedroom but also bring serenity and aid in a peaceful sleep throughout the night. 

If you would love to hear our suggestions, you can always choose black, white, and grey colours, which are the symbol of eternal classic style and luxury. They will never let you down, and that is for sure! Overstuff your pillows

Overstuff your pillows

Overstuffed pillows project your room to resemble the look of an expensive hotel room. And who doesn't love that aspect of their bedroom? There is surely something luxurious about overstuffed, plush pillows, which can transform your bedroom from a regular style to a sumptuous hotel decor. You can fill your pillows with inserts larger than your covers (For example - If you have an 18-inch (46 cm) pillow, stuff the pillow with a 20-inch (51 cm) pillow insert). And then you can place the pillows on your beds, armchairs, and sofas to bring that opulent look and make yourself feel that you are resigning in the room of a 5-star hotel!

Style the nightstand

If you are anything like us, or your normal friends, your nightstand is a symbol of furniture that houses and displays our everyday, everyday, essential items without regret. All your night creams, charging cords, water bottles, half-finished novels and newspapers, keys, and you name it, are placed all over your nightstand. Aren't we all guilty of this?

But now, let's rethink this whole situation. Nightstands enhance the aesthetics of our bedroom in the most elegant way possible. And it is our responsibility to let the nightstand do its job! 

The pro tip is to keep all your necessary items inside the drawer and pleasantly hide things. Only choose to display things unique and eloquent to the rest of the bedroom style. You can also use a tray to store small items and beautifully display the tray. This shows your presence of mind and 10x your bedroom characteristic and purpose. 

Be creative with curtains

And we come to the essential part of every bedroom. How can we imagine a bedroom without a curtain? Curtains are the focal point of any bedroom, and the way you choose your curtains can have a huge impact on your bedroom's aesthetics and functionality. Creating a look with your curtains that sings the melody of your bedroom vibe can be in your hands. 

Curtains give a soft, cosy look to the bedroom to highlight the spaces in large bedrooms, and have a myriad of creative ways to enhance the look and feel of your bedroom other than just blocking the site of your bedroom from some peeping Toms! 

A good choice of fabrics, patterns, and colours is all you need to properly decorate the space of your dreams. When choosing your curtains, always make it a point to stick to a theme that will complement the rest of your bedroom look. Make sure that the colours, patterns, and fabric choices are subtly echoed in your other choices, like rugs and cushions.

Choose the right lights

A dark room is everyone's popular choice when retreating to bed and staying asleep for the rest of the night. But about the mornings spent in the bedroom? The meditative sessions, the reading time, the dressing hour, and maybe even a little bit of cute romance. These activities need a well-lit room - A light source including lamps, chandeliers, and natural light.

So, how can you choose the right light for your bedroom to light up space and bring vibrancy? Here are some ideas that you can consider 

    1. Pendant lights - Pendant lights are those that you see in magazines that hang down from the ceiling using a chain or a long rod. These types of lights bring a contemporary look to the bedroom versatility.
    2. Chandeliers - A formal type of ceiling fixture that is undeniably glamorous, adds more drama but is also elegant and luxurious. And what else do you need to finish the look of your contemporary bedroom decoration?
    3. Recessed lighting - Also called downlights or pot lights, these work very well for large rooms that are mainly designed to give a big room vibe and go well with any type of ceiling fixture.
    4. Bedside lamps - Although this is a basic necessity, most people ignore that a bedside lamp, if chosen right, can add a powerful punch to your decor. Being practical with bedside lamps is good, but also consider going with the look that always praises the look of the things in your bedroom.
    5. Flush mount ceiling fixtures-These ceiling lights are the best for bedrooms with lower ceilings. They create a luxury bedroom ambience that will jazz up your mood instantly.

Add some greenery

Greenery is one of the quickest and trouble-free ways to upgrade your room from average to luxury-looking. Get some real plants and make sure that you place them somewhere they are visible. These plants will surely give you positive vibes when you wake up.

A touch of green stuff is a must to make the room look expensive and luxurious. Living plants and flowers will add life to your room. Don't forget to get some pretty vases and fill them with flowers. Now, put some green plants in a classy ceramic or metal container. This will not only improve the look of your overall bedroom but will give you fresh air.

So, it is a win-win situation. You can place these plants in the unused corners of your bedroom. If you have a window sill, You are lucky!!! Because you can place tiny and colourful pots there. It will beautify your windows instantly.

If you are not lucky enough to have space for plants, you can use shelves or study tables. If it doesn't work out, you can consider floating shelves or plant hangers. These hangers will give a luxurious feel, and at the same time, they will also embellish the mundane walls of your bedroom.

The best thing about adding green plants to the bedroom is that they are nice and low maintenance. They just need water and air to live and a little care. They are also great at reducing stress and purifying the air.

Use mirrors to create space

Mirrors act as statement furnishings in bedrooms. The only thing that you should take care of is the correct place to add a mirror. Choosing the right type of mirror will transform your bedroom into a luxurious one. If your room is small and doesn't have windows, you will probably want to get a cut and framed mirror. It will make the room feel bigger. Mirrors are pretty good at reflecting natural light. 

Make sure that you don't place a mirror in front of the light. It will illuminate the dark areas of the bedroom and make it brighter and better. If you have a really small bedroom and you haven't bought a closet yet, you can buy a mirrored one. Or you can simply replace your old closet. 

They make bedrooms look more glamorous and are also handy for checking yourself out before stepping out of the house. Though it is always best to choose a full-size mirror that will help you with everything, you can also place small mirrors on your dressing table, next to your bed or on a nightstand. 

It will help you with small tasks like hair styling, putting on some jewellery and a touch-up. You can also use multiple mirrors of different sizes and shapes. And make a collage of them. Hanging those mirrors on the walls will give character to your bedroom and also makes the walls look attractive.

Add personal touch

A bedroom is your personal space where you feel safe and relaxed. So, why not get a little creative by adding personal touches? The best way to add a personal touch to your bedroom is by deciding on a great theme. Get a theme that reflects your personality and choice. 

Decide what the thing that you love to always be around is. And then move forward accordingly. Create your bedroom in such a way that you love to spend time in it. If you don't want to change your bedroom entirely, then you can just add a few things that show your interests and hobbies, such as pictures, showpieces and wall hangings.

The most basic way to personalise your bedroom is by decorating it with photos of your loved ones. This will allow you to enjoy the memories you have with them. If you are someone who enjoys travelling a lot or if you have a dream place, then what could be a better way to add personal touch than this? Display the pictures of your favourite vacation and hang the posters of your dream place.


Investing in the stuff that looks expensive and shows your class never goes in vain. One thing that you should keep in mind is that you don't need an interior designer to get a luxurious bedroom. Just follow the above tricks and live in the lap of luxury bedroom that you've been dreaming about in no time.

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