Learn how to style your bedroom in a small apartment

Learn how to style your bedroom in a small apartment

Having a small space does not imply you can not display your style. Although decorating a bedroom requires a little bit of extra thinking and creation. Styling and adding a luxury touch to a bedroom in a small apartment takes as much effort as it takes to decorate a large one. 

A small apartment requires the creativeness of design and a decent eye for what works and what does not. When you are working with the fewer square footage you need to think about the space. Have an idea of how you are going to work to make the best use of the space in a not so spacious house. 

Here are some ideas that will help you maximize the space you have available in your bedroom. Help you to decorate it beautifully.

Pros and cons of small apartment 

The small apartment contains a bedroom, kitchen, and living area in a single room. This type of apartment is popular among single individuals such as students and working professional who is living away from home. Living in a small apartment have some pros and cons with it, such as


  1. Cheaper than a bigger apartment.
  2. Best for living on a small budget.
  3. Require less time and effort to clean it.
  4. Decrease in electricity bills.
  5. Located in a convenient area.
  6. Less spend on furniture.
  7. Good for singles or couples.


  1. Small in size.
  2. Not good for more than two people.
  3. Socializing can be hard.
  4. Limited space to put things.
  5. Decorating it can be difficult. 

Make a gallery wall

The small apartment has less space for you to put things, but no house is complete without a gallery wall in it. So you can make a gallery wall in your bedroom to put all your artwork and photos etc. Due to a lack of wall décor, your bedroom fell unfinished. 

Creating a gallery wall is not demanding on resources and it can be a focal point of an Interior in your bedroom. The gallery wall will reflect the style of the room as well as your style, which is perfect for a bedroom transformation. To be able to make a gallery wall in your bedroom you need to pick your style of display. 

You can introduce a new style using just the gallery wall or this one can embrace that of the bedroom. Made a collection of the things that you love from original art to handmade prints or photographs. Then make a theme according to the selection you are happy with. 

This theme can be family memorable places, happy events, or any mix that means something to you. After that, you have to select the colours to go with your décor and go well with your bedroom. Make a layout and once you are satisfied, get your frames. 

Make sure the frames blend in with the wall. Then hang the pictures, with a spirit level you can make sure everything is straight. You can easily change or update your gallery wall with your new favourite whenever you feel like it.

Make a gallery wall

The magic of window 

The Small apartments provide you with small space that really can be suffocating. This is where windows play an important role. Windows exposes the direct sunlight from the sun to the room. In bedroom window should be positioned where it can help maintain privacy while also allowing for a cool breeze or present views.

Windows enable the entry of natural light in a room, for a small apartment, it is very important. Windows help keep the room cross-ventilated to keep the indoor atmosphere light and fresh. Windows are very energy efficient, they keep the heat outside of the home in summer and retain the heat inside in winter, which helps to save electricity bills.

Windows can offer a great deal of safety as they can be locked properly. Widows can also enhance the visual appearance of the room. There are numerous types of windows to choose from that allow you to choose the best to suit your style. You can opt for large windows that provide stunning views and make the whole bedroom look exquisite.

Keep it simple

'Less is more' this rule is applicable for most small apartments. With furniture, you don't want your room to be crammed. Just focus on the key pieces of furniture your room needs to function. A clever layout can make all the difference in a small apartment. 

We always push everything against the wall which makes the room uninteresting instead pull your furniture away from the wall and give those bigger pieces room to breathe - that way you can also make a room look bigger. When it comes to designing small space storage is the key. 

To out the things, you can always squeeze in more storage space anywhere in the house. You can install shelves and use the open and closed cabinets for maximum storage. For the items that can be hidden like blankets use a large floor basket for them.

You can eliminate dressed by adding a hanging shelf organizer to your closet for a small apartment. Organize your things in ways that you can see everything and that everything is easy to put away. You can also level everything that makes it easy for everyone to know not only where to find them but also where to put them. 

Think before you buy anything and consider where you going to put it once it's home with you.

Keep it simple apartment

Choose colours wisely

Start with the colour you love as this is the easiest way to choose the best interior paint colours. You are not bound by the traditional colour scheme when you start with the colour you love. You can use your favourite colour as your base colour and use it to create a colour scheme around it.

You find much-decorating inspiration from magazines and catalogues. You can choose a neutral colour as this adds tons of style but still keeps the room looking relaxed. You can get paint ideas from your print fabrics. 

For more ideas look outside as bringing the outside in is a popular inspiration for the colour scheme. Exterior-inspired colour schemes are meant to be restful and relaxing. To get the most realistic view of your possible choice be sure to sample your favourite paint colours. 

A lighter and darker shade of the same colour can make a lot of difference in your wall. Choose the right paint and gather inspiration from catalogues before you head to the paint store. Having too many options is the hardest part of choosing a paint colour and before buying always sample your paints.

Don't be afraid to use bold colours 

Many people opted to choose the white colour as this makes the small room seem larger. But with carefully chosen colours and carefully places furnishings can create an inviting space with style. You may think bright colours are an eyesore but they can bring life into a small space adding vibrancy and energy that especially comes with colours.

It is important to consider the room's natural light to get the full benefit of your paint colours. You can paint the dark colours and ease into lighter shades in a room which will make it feel spacious. In a small space, you can paint one wall a different or deeper colour than others. You can use different shades of the same colour to unite all the rooms.

Your rooms will feel more lively and vibrant if you decorate them with bold colours. You can use two or more combinations to add depth to your walls. Always remember to keep the brush clean and separate when experimenting with this method to prevent colours from mixing. The most popular colours for small spaces are deep forest green which is known to be a healing colour.

Use different texture

Adding texture to your room means creating visual interest. You can add a different texture to your room by layering various textiles, materials, colours, and metals in space. 

You can add texture with pretty textiles and add colours to all-white rooms. Carefully chosen furniture can also add texture to your small room. There is good antique furniture in the market that can help in adding texture. 

You can make a book yourself as it can add a lot of warmth and texture to any room. You can play with patterns as a printed cushion or rug can make a great difference. Curtain and blinds work as decorative elements when done the right way. 

You can play around with colour, patterns, and fabric when it comes to the window treatment.

This will add a little zing to your room. Use thinner material for casual looks and thicker material to increase the luxe factor. 

You can play around with lights as cove lights give off a very different mood compared to pendants whereas warm and cool lights provide a very different ambience. When you are incorporating texture think about how the lights cast shadows over the objects in a room.

Use different texture

Add some plants

Surrounding yourself with green plants and bringing plants into the bedroom has many scientific benefits. Plants help us to calm down, help the air quality better, and may even boost life expectancy. Although putting plants in a small apartment is very difficult when you can barely fit in a TV, a bed, and somewhere for clothes. You can put fake plants in your apartment.

If you don't have a lot of floor space you can use the green wall which is an interconnected system. Of plants that hang vertically. It is also available for people on a much smaller budget. You can start an indoor herb garden if you love cooking. 

There are various indoor growing plants from strawberries to herbs that you can grow. You can hang multiple plants on hanging planters that look chic and also maximize space efficiency. Some trees can flourish in small spaces and won't take up too much floors space like European olives, tree ferns, etc.

You can put some small plants like succulents and air plants on your desk or nightstand. As the space is really small you can put some cute plants in unexpected places like near your bathroom window or even on your wall with a vertical wall garden.

Add some plants

Soft lights

Small apartment with little square footage has less overall natural light. If you out oversized lamps and the ceiling lights can make the space feel overcrowded and uncomfortable. Soft lights make Your warm and fuzzy springs to mind when you look inside this home interior. 

Super bright lights will wash out the room entirely but you can go with dim light as well because you won't be able to see anything.

So you should think about some small room lighting ideas that should work for any small space. Using geometric hanging lights is a great way to add some character into a room that can easily double as a piece of art. 

You can use a more minimal ceiling fixture that makes an impact because of its interesting design. The lights with a dramatic shape will also draw the eye upwards without taking up a lot of space.

You can consider floor lamps with a cantilever arm that can sit next to the nightstand. If you don't have room for a nightstand but you still need the light it is also a great option. Floor lamps are easier to see up since to set them up won't need a ladder or extra effort to install.


Living in a small apartment saves you a bunch of money. Since small apartments take less energy to light up, heat up, and cool down your space, the monthly bills will also be less. Having a small apartment makes you more creative. 

You have to use your creativeness to find out solutions to issues such as storage space and maintaining privacy. A small apartment needs less time to clean and organize your stuff which saves you more free time to spend with your loved ones. 

Although the small apartment has little space if you decorate with care the size issues become particularly unnoticeable.

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