Hybrid mattresses - the best of both worlds

Hybrid mattresses - the best of both worlds


Enjoy the best of both words with a hybrid mattress

If you're the kind of person who likes to have their cake and eat it, then a hybrid mattress could be the perfect choice for you.

 That’s because a hybrid mattress combines two or more support systems. They they have an innerspring system combined with memory foam or latex, giving you the best of both worlds – the sumptuous support of innerspring coils combined with the cradling ability of a comfort layer.

A hybrid mattress is preferred by many because it combines more materials and layers than other types of mattresses. This includes a top layer, a transitional layer, and a support layer. Together these layers work together to ensure you enjoy a blissful night of sleep, every night.

Three layers of comfort and support

Top layer

To give you the cradling comfort you deserve, the top layer of a true hybrid mattress should have at least two inches of memory foam or latex to cradle and hugthe shape of your body, while relieving pressure points on dense areas like shoulders and hips. The top layer also helps ensure that your back and spine stay perfectly aligned while you sleep.

Transitional layer

The transitional layer of a genuine hybrid mattress typically contains a rigid or semi-rigid rubbery foam substance made up of air bubbles called poly-foam. This clever layer of support provides extra padding and cushioning between the comfort and support layer. It ensures that your mattress is more responsive and supportive, reinforcing good spinal alignment and promoting a restful sleep.

Support layer

The support layer of a hybrid mattress comprises a coil system of individual coils wrapped in individual pockets. The pocketed coils reduce motion transfer and noise, which means that you or your partner won't be disturbed or woken up as you move around in your sleep. The support layer also helps to keep hot sleepers cool due to allowing air flow.

Why choose a hybrid mattress

A hybrid mattress can offer unparalleled comfort and support whether you sleep on your front, back, side or all three.Also, couples, plus-size individuals, and those prone to overheating while they sleep may find hybrids the perfect choice.

Hybrids are great for motion isolation too compared to traditional mattresses, which is perfect if you or your partner toss and turn. Thanks to the thicker layers and firm support system, hybrid mattresses are very unlikely to sag, while the open structure of the coiled support layer allows airflow to keep you cooler.

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At Crafted Beds, we know what a big decision buying a mattress is. So, our expert team is on hand to help you make the right choice to ensure a blissful night’s sleep for years to come.

To find out more about hybrid mattresses or to speak to one of our mattress advisors, please get in touch.


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